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June 20, 2018, 04:58:45 AM

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Author Topic: A Special Craving Request  (Read 602 times)

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Offline AlexielTopic starter

A Special Craving Request
« on: September 29, 2011, 09:42:58 PM »
As the title says, this is a search for a special craving that I have at the moment. I don't usually post separate from my main search thread, but this is an exception to that. With that being said, I'll get to the ideas now.

FFVII: Unending Dreams - (Rufus, Reno, Sephiroth or possibly Genesis is who I would prefer to play alongside of.) The details for the roleplay would have to be worked out depending on which male character is used in it, though to be honest I've thought more about one involving Rufus than anyone else. I'd like it to go from, let's say Crisis Core to Advent Children, starting in or just before CC and moving through AC and into something we create. That isn't to say that I want to go through every single detail of both games as well as the movie, but just to roughly follow the story set in each, with twists of our own. (If you're like myself, there are things about each that you didn't like.) But that's as far as I'm willing to divulge, as it would take entirely too long to write out each males idea that I had in mind.

FFXIII: Another Thirteen Days - (Hope Estheim/OC or Lightning) {Hope MUST be at least 16 or older for me to even consider playing this out, he can still be the Hope from FFXIII but his age must be raised.} In this one, I'd like to get into the inner workings of Hope and his lady, starting from the moment Nora falls from Snow's grasp and continuing onward through the game. Perhaps this lady, if not Light, is a mix of Vanille and Light together, helping him, comforting him and encouraging Hope in the ways he needs to be. But taking it further, I want to step away from "Oh we have to wake Serah and take on the Sanctum Fal'cie." that isn't the main focus of this roleplay in the least. What I want is to explore a connection between two people who are swept up in the mess that is Cocoon. Hope needed a strong person to set him on the right path, he had to have a reason to live and keep pressing forward to complete his Focus, and the thoughts of his mind were never truly made known. This is that chance to write it all out, to develop Hope and his lady as two people who need each other to make it through all that goes on around them. (Personally, I think his deal with Snow was just suddenly let go without any real substance behind it. Yeah he saved Hope from dying, but Hope was still ready to kill him, then all of a sudden they're just best pals or idea what happened there.)

Revolution Redux - (Miles/OC or Charlie) {If you don't know Revolution, I'd really rather prefer you find a way to watch it or something before trying to take on this role, I'm not being mean, but I'd rather play alongside someone who knows how Miles truly works.} Either way it works, with an oc or with Charlie, I'd like to start off right after Ben is killed and the group sets out to go to Chicago to find Miles. Charlie herself has a lot of problems going on within her own mind, as does Miles, considering what we find out as the season progressed, and like it or not, there was a lot of chemistry between Charlie and Miles from the very beginning. I'd like to venture into that dark part of Miles that he only lets slip to the surface a few times, that sort of primal, dangerous nature that makes him who he is. Whether Charlie digs it out of him, or an oc, I want someone who could play a darker side of our hero when the story calls for it. Preferably with more fighting for their lives than what actually happened in the series, nothing beats a good fight scene in my book.

The ideas are open for changes and such, except for a few details from each that I would really like to keep in place, but we can talk about that if anyone is interested. I'm always open to my partner's ideas and suggestions so don't be afraid to suggest or ask something if you do pm me about one of these. Before pming me about any one of these ideas, please be aware that I am looking for a partner who can respond with at least three decently sized paragraphs per post. If that's not something you think you could stick with, I'm not the partner you should seek out, I enjoy full posts and details, so the longer the better in my eyes. Spelling is another thing I really look toward, nothing irritates me more than trying to read through a post with a mountain of errors, a few is fine because I make errors too, but please (I'm begging you) use spell check or read over it first before posting to minimize the number of errors per post.
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Offline ObscureObscenities

Re: A Special Craving Request
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 03:39:20 AM »
I actually like BOTH of your ideas, they are both intricate and great, and i always did like YYH i managed to download it all and watch it all the way from beginning to end and was so happy i did. I really wish the demon world part was longer of course, i loved Yusuke's dad. But, aside from that, of the two ideas, i certainly like the idea for Kurama the best, he is mysterious, helpful, and for a demon extremely kind. I enjoy him as a character and would certainly love to play him.

As for pounding out ideas further you have a great set as it comes together, and i may even end up re-watching the series just so i can play him more true to form. I love the idea of them meeting as early as the Saint Beasts, maybe even before that? When its Yusuke against Kurama rather then teamed up with him? Hiei is another great character, and of course Genkai topped it all off, being the perfect role model in truth for Yusuke and a character you could love to love and hate. Wise and knowing. Oh, and Jin is awesome too! Heh. Toss me a pm!

Offline AlexielTopic starter

Re: A Special Craving Request
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2013, 08:14:19 PM »
Removed old specials and added new ones. ^_^