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Author Topic: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)  (Read 1181 times)

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Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« on: September 29, 2011, 08:25:39 PM »
Story thus Far...

The war of Heaven and Hell has always waged, since the first days that God went to his slumber leaving the Angelics in rule over the people of the world, breaking their ranks in half; Lucifer and his army wished to leave the humans with their free will, Gabriel wished to force their ways back to the Lord. With the Right hand and the Left hand now in discordance, and no God to declare the rightful ways, Lucifer left Heaven with his army to better defend them from the Earth.

Humans lived simple lives, whether they were believers or not-- though a sect of the populace, lead by two reincarnations, knew the truths of their world; their world was between two others who were engaged in a war that would decide their fate. Lead by the Hermit, the Keeper of Knowledge, who knew of all things of this world and the next through her many lives, and the Heirphant, keeper of Wisdom, who was her voice to the others and led the sect, this group was now on the look out for the Chosen. Those of the world that had the gifts of the Neutrality, to bring them into the sect, and ultimately defend the rest of the unknowing from the war that was knocking on their doorstep, even as the two sought them out.

Now the search was on, dreams of wars and death, and of meetings with these two Sages, to decide the fate of the world and all life within it.


Character sheets

Name: Salvitas
Age: Looks to be about 20
Tarot Card: Hermit
Bio: At a young age, she knew her calling, and sought out the hidden Sect, nightmares and dreams plaguing her with visions of other worlds and wars, of beautiful warriors covered in blood, and of a salvation only she could bring. All her life she had known of things no child should know, and through her knowledge knew not to breathe a word of it. None believed her save for a boy, who could feel the truth of her words, and helped her seek out the sect. with his help, she found the Sect of Neutrality, and joined their ranks as the Leader. She is now the Keeper of Knowledge, who knows all, yet does not speak of it, save to one.
Personality: Silent and bitter, she hides her face from the world under a deep cloak, never seen without the man by her side. As the Hermit, she disdains others and chooses to seclude herself, though because of the War approaching, she must actively search for the Chosen with her partner. Though she rarely speaks, it is when she does that her voice seems to have an unearthly quality to it, ringing into the souls of those listening, her words always truths.
Abilities: She has a few abilities which marked her as the true Hermit; her voice, when she speaks, can affect those around her in ways that others would not be able to, either good or bad. With the knowledge of the worlds at her disposal, she could very well destroy or save the world, as well as her abilities to see Auras of those Chosen, and manipulate her own at her will. Others that can see Auras can not see any from her, and with the years of training she has had alone on her journeys, she has mastered the form of using her Aura as weapons, sending tendrils out to attack or save, creating shields that almost nothing can pass through, and even manipulate others Auras to her will if need be.
Strength: With all the knowledge of the world, her greatest strength is knowing. Besides that, she is extremely well equipped to fight with energies, using them to her will as easily as others breathe.
Weakness: She is not physically strong at all, thin and frail looking in her youth, so hand to hand combat is most definitely not a strong point with her.
Extra: She is the only of the Chosen that can remember her past lives, all the bad and all the good. She is prone to seemingly random bouts of anger, though the Heirophant tends to deal with her during these times.


Name: Luminar
Age: Looks to be a little over 20
Tarot Card: Heirophant
Bio: Orphaned early in his life by unknown causes, he traveled the world, looking for something he never knew, though something kept pulling him on wards. It was in a small village that he saw the young girl pleading with adults that something was coming, but they all looked at her as if she were insane. He came over to her and led her away so they could speak, and he was surprised to hear the stories that came from her rang true to his own feelings. Taking her with him, together they sought out those that would understand, finding the Sect. She had known who he was and what his purpose was with just one look to him, and though she explained how she knew, he only knew it was the truth. They entered the Sect and have never been parted since, always waiting for the next sign that the war was upon them. Now after 10 years of waiting, she knew the war was coming, and they had to find the rest of the Chosen.
Personality: Very opposite to Salvitas, he is almost always smiling, and is willing to chat with just about anyone. Out going and self confident, he is the muscle of the group.
Abilities: He has the ability to learn extremely quickly, and with years of training is proficient in fighting, defense, and just about every weapon known to the world. He is also the only person that can listen to Salvitas speak without being affected either by anger or sadness, given that her form of speaking is blunt enough to be a weapon.
Strength: Physically dominant, he is extremely strong and fast, capable of wielding any weapon he comes across easily, as if he had lived with it attached to him his entire life.
Weakness: He has no control over the great Aura that surrounds him like Salvitas has, thus being weak against most energy based attacks.
Extra: He is almost never seen without Salvitas, and it's only when he's alone that he seems lost, unsure. Any other time, he could tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and what you will get.
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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2011, 09:20:22 PM »
Name: Wolf
Age: Around 21
Tarot Card: Death
Bio: He was an orphan of the poorest side of the city, since then his life was quite hard, he learnt to steal and to fight in the dirty streets of the city and he was pretty bad for the first and pretty good for the second one. After a time he became one of the best fighters of the zone spending most of his time in underground matches. But a year ago he started to have some dreams - nightmares- that seems extremely real. Somehow he understood that something was happening,a dn it was related to a rare symbol he got as a tatto in his back.
Personality: Calm, cold and sometimes rude, he loves fighting and oesn't care too much abut the rest.
Strength: His physical strength is amazing and is very good for martial arts defetaing larger opponents as a usual things. Soon he will use that skils for a new kind of combat, now using the Deead man's scythe.
Weakness: He is very stubborn and sometimes just an idiot. That's not good neither in combat or in social life

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2011, 03:09:06 PM »
Salvitas sat in the chair that they had deigned for her, Luminar at her side. With their hands clasped together, the girl closed her eyes to see the world in colors, seeking out the next of the chosen... Sweat beaded on her brow as she pushed faster and faster through the throngs of auras, looking for the one that stood out, extending her aura's tendrils far past her body, out into the world. Luminar was sharing her sight, sharing his immense aura with her, though he was about to tell her to pull back, when there, they saw the dark aura of a chosen. With careful motions, she made the tendril touch him on the back of the neck, linking with his mind.

~Meet us at the cross roads at midnight. We have your answers.~ The voice in his mind would be calm, collected, and obviously female, though the connection lasted only a fraction of a moment. Luminar caught her as she slumped a bit, shaking her head. "This one's stubborn, but he will come eventually. We will take our stroll at midnight. Then we will decide from there the next actions."

Luminar gave a smile, nodding. "Not a problem. If you would like, I can meet him, while you rest. But no, you wont do that, will you." he gave a sigh, letting her rest while h went off to grab some food and drink for her. Searching was a lot harder than fighting or using her aura, he knew that, but she was getting better at it each time. The only problem was she could never tell when she was reaching her limit; that was why Luminar had to be there when she searched.

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2011, 09:15:40 PM »
- AGHHH!!!- Jack touched his head iwth his hands, and yelled wildly while an excruciating pain dirlls his head. It was intense pain, but it leaves as fast as it came. But this time was different than the others many times it had happened. This time he heard a whisper of somebody saying: ~Meet us at the cross roads at midnight. We have your answers.~, it was a whisper but he was sure he had heard it.
They might have my answers,but whoever who had been this soon, I'll have his heads -
He took his helmet and his motorbike, and go to that place, somehow he knew exactly where it is, his nightmares had been too many and, although he didn't want to admit it even to himself, had been too frigthening.

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2011, 12:58:12 AM »
Salvitas gave a smile as Luminar left, her hand lingering with his touch. "He will come... Then we may prepare..." she said lightly, closing her eyes to rest. Others came into the room to ask questions, for her to sign this or ask that, which she curled her lip and spoke, making those around her cringe. Luminar came back thankfully and took up his role in doing all this meanial stuff, that she really had to love in doing; but it was all part of the play that she was just an actor in. As soon as all was put to rest, she would take her friend out, and together they would greet the new one.

Come midnight, Luminar and Salvitas roamed the crossroads, her dressed in robes with the hood pulled to cover her face, Lumina in his standard dress of gilded robes, his hood down, his eyes seeking. He knew she was doing her best to be out doors, her natural adversion to it long grained into her soul from the years of her past lives living alone, abandoned. But since they had met, he had seen her laugh-- once, though such a rarity was almost lost to the years-- and had seen her cry. It was those small moments that he knew she was still human, though her eyes told a different story. Just one look to them and you could see the many years she hid behind her smooth face, her staring scowl, all the torment and loneliness she hid from those who wouldn't understand. No, if there was one who could sway these new powers in the world, it would be her.

With almost sudden inclination, she stopped, looking off to the west. "He comes...." she said as quietly as the breeze that swept past them, but years of listening to her gentle speech lent him ear to her words. With a bowed head, he stood next to her to wait for their new arrival. He would have many questions for sure; it was whether or not she decided to give the answers was the true question. A quick look to her, past the hood and careful mask she wore, gave him the sight of the young girl, worn with age, eager to meet a new face, while at the same time scared to. The last of the Chosen they had met refused them. Refused her knowledge, refused their truths, to believe his own lies. She was hoping that this one would be different. Hoping that this one would believe, before it was too late. Surly the nightmares had driven the last mad by now; she could stop them with this one. All he need do is ask.

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2011, 11:16:56 PM »
Jack stopped his motorbike near the crossroads, he  could see two figures ahead, as much as they could see him.
He approached to them, ironically wearing a black jacket and with his helmet with a skullbone figure, he did look like pretty much like the dead.

He walked to them, with a metal chain hanging of his right hand, like a non talking menace. As a underground fighter and a hooligan he was used to menace for things instead of talking before.

"So... you 2 are the  cause of my nightmares..or maybe you two are those who are going to tell me how to make them stop..seriously it's better that you were one of those options"

He said wile he keep approaching to them, he has only came to ask that question, if it was the first answer, he'll beat them until make them stop doing that, and if it was the second one, he'll beat them until theyu told him how to make them stop, and if it was none of those he'll beat them for wasting his time... at least that was what he thought.

Now, all were face to face "So.. no answer...", say impatient, as he barely had ended of asking some seconds before, he started to balance the chain...

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2011, 12:17:34 AM »
Salvitas gave a sigh "Strike if thats what you choose, you will be soon to find that it will get you nowhere. I am the cause, the cure, but only you can be the waste of our time. Now what do you choose?" Her voice was latent with power that compelled him to listen, while at the same time it would either placate him or make him more angry. It surprised Luminar that she had spoken, expecting to handle the talking like always, but he could tell that she was itching for a fight as much as he was. "So what will it be, Jack?" she asked, lowering her hood, her silver eyes swirling, age in her youthful face.

If he chose to fight, she would simply deflect him with her aura, making his attacks seem to falter before her. If he chose to listen, then it would be better off for all of them. Luminar took a step back, to show that the man would have to fight the girl, not him on this one. He had no worry for her safety, knowing her capable of felling him with little to no issue by manipulating his aura. But this man's aura was dark and writhing, a true power to be faced against. How he would take to her voice would be the deciding factor in all of this; if he chose to fight, she would not hold back on him. If he chose to listen, they may all live in time to see the world end.

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #7 on: October 04, 2011, 10:01:08 PM »
"I asked first bro'.. but if you don't want to give me an's ok I got other ways to make you talk..." Jack stopped talking for a seconds when he saw the guy stepping back and exposing the girl *Does she know I could attack her?* he asked himself, he wasn't used to fighting girls, but it doesn't mean he hadn't, since there were only-girls gangs, anyway he had learnt that a good offesnive is the best defense. "Get away little girl, I don't want to hurt you... but tell me the cure for my nightmares right now".

He start to aprroach to her, step by step, very slowly as he was tying to avoid fighting, but he keeps geting closer, seeing that the girl wasn't stepping back he understood she waasn't unwilling to fight, he tried to avoid the fact that she was a cute girl and think about her only as her opponent.

"So... are you going to talk?"

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #8 on: October 05, 2011, 02:01:17 PM »
"Only if you will listen. Which you fail at doing thus far. The name's Salvitas, and this here is Luminar, we are... of a special Sect of the Sect. Its our job to recruit those Chosen in Roles to stop an impending war. Not a simple human war either, but one of the sky and earth; heaven and hell, with all mankind as the prize. You've seen it in your nightmares, you know I speak truth. If you take your place as the Card of Death, and join us, your nightmares will cease. If you choose to not believe me, and walk away, then you will be driven mad by the visions, and perish." She let the man get only so close before she simply raised two fingers in a slight upward wave, him unable to walk any further forwards, tendrils of her aura wrapped around his legs binding them.

Luminar watched the man approach her with a small smile; she never tolerated people within a certain boundary, with Luminar himself the only exception to that rule. He was surprised to see however that she only stopped him, and hadn't thrown him like she had the last one that neared her. He had to chuckle a little. This was her version of being nice. He knew that the boys comment of calling her a little girl had pissed her off a bit, but Luminar thought it was funny, his smile growing. Hopefully Jack's fighting spirit would stay in tact after their training...

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #9 on: October 12, 2011, 10:44:26 PM »
Jack still hold the chain in his hand tightly, but when he saw her eyes, Salvitas' eyes, he simply felt some sort of confidence, as if you were talking with an old friend, he never had felt that, but he was listening her words. Somehow her voice also seems familiar.

But as soon as she sends her slight wave to him, his headaches came back worse than before, anyway it was something different about it too, he could think yet, and somehow he couldn't stop hearing a voice in his head "Kill them, kill them". As he feels it he also felt that some sort of power was awakening inside him

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Re: Spirit War (closed-- akirakanedaXNuncia)
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2011, 09:42:38 AM »
Salvitas felt the connection between their auras, though her serene look turned to a frown as she took a step back, hearing the words from within him. "You can control it. Don't let it take you over, Jack" she said slowly, Luminar realizing what was going on, and stepped to stand next to the girl, hand at the ready for his sword. It happened sometimes that the person would awaken just by meeting them, and if their will was not strong enough, then the power would take over.

Last time this had happened, in Salvitas' last life, she was torn apart by Death, the vessel not strong enough to hold sway over its power, its allure. And now she could see Death rising within the young man, though it shouldn't scare her, she had flashes of the past that held great amounts of that very fear, making her creep back towards Luminar. He hadn't been there last time when she went to meet the vessel of Death in that past life, and had found her only afterwards. He had vowed to never leave her like that again; and by her fear, he knew who this was, though she had known before.