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Author Topic: Mystix's Pleasure  (Read 7257 times)

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Mystix's Pleasure
« on: September 29, 2011, 09:16:19 AM »
Welcome to my thread, I hope you can find one way or another to pleasure me after viewing this thread.


I am a big fan of NC sex and multiple partners so you would find most of my plays revolving around this fetish of mine. However, I hate keeping my play at the stage of NC (unless its a one shot story) so you will noticed that my character gradually turning into a consensual party as the story proceeds. If you get turned off by these, you can skip my thread. Remember to check out my Ons and Offs thread.

Something notable about me:
No one liner reply please. This is a roleplay, not a chat.
Please be literate.
I am turned off by childish behavior of any male character so please refrain from doing that.
I love to have my RPC as tall & busty Asian lady.
I'm living in Asia and my time zone is GMT+8.
I'm not on E 24/7 so do not expect me to reply immediately after you post. I have a personal life out here too.
I usually reply 3-4 times a week and more if the ideas are flowing through me fast enough for certain plays.
I hate people whining about why I reply other story more frequently than yours.
I am willing take up more than one partner for an idea.
I am open to a lady writing for a male role. However I only write as a female for my plays.
If you are not serious in starting a play with me, don't bother messaging me.
Once I started the first post, I expect your first reply within 2 days unless you had specifically told me that due to personal reason, you are unable to reply. Otherwise, I will take it that you are no longer interested in starting the story with me.
If I did not reply for some time, check my A&A for any absence notice and drop me a pm to let me know. I might have missed your post.

These are my completed roleplays:
Screw Your Cami Secret (One Shot)
Sleep with me?
Dress me up (One Shot)

Please do not post on this thread. PM me if you are interested. Thank you for your co-operation.
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2013, 08:06:04 AM »

A Lesson for the Niece
Her parents divorced when she was 12 and none of them wanted to keep her so she was being sent away to boarding school. Now at the age of 20, she had returned but her mother decided to send her to her bachelor uncle's house since both the parents had remarried and they didn't want to have her in their new family.

Her uncle gladly accepted her into his house but when he started noticing her ripe body and the way she's always in those skimpy clothes, he couldn't help feeling aroused by her. He managed to hold himself back until one night, when his buddy came over for beer and football match, his niece appeared in the living room to join them and was not wearing any bra under her thin top. The men was paying more attention on her rather than the match. When the buddy started flirting with her and she was responding positively under the effect of alcohol, the men had better ideas how to spend the time on this boring night.

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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2013, 02:55:26 PM »

Happy Birthday! (NC-Drugs)
On her 18th birthday, her best friend brought her to a local club where she was challenged to a truth or dare game. She chosed a dare and was asked to approach the group of guys at the table next to them, asking if they could join them and hetting them to treat the girls to a round of drinks. What they did not know was that the drinks were spiked.

The next morning, she woke up and found both of them lying naked in a hotel room alone with hole their holes aching with pain.

(I will be writing for the birthday girl and her friend. The number of guys is preferably around 3 to 5. However, the age of the guys should preferably be around late 20s to early 40s.

This is a one shot story. The waking up would be the end of this play. After she took the spiked drinks, she and her friend were acting out of their own mind. They would turned wild and get sexual with the group of guys that she had approached earlier. The guys having won their prizes for the night, brought the girls to a hotel room where they continued to party and carry out a mass orgy, turning turns to fuck the girls for hours non-stop.)
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2013, 09:55:02 AM »

Trouble Bound to Come
Their brother and sister-in-law passed away in a car accident. They left their only child to their care. Both men knew that trouble was bound to come into their home since they didn't know how to raise a kid. But they did a good job in raising her up since she was 8. They had loved her like their own and both men were bachelor despite their regular short term relationship with other women.

Time flies before they noticed it, their sweet young niece had grew up into a beautiful and sexy woman. They didn't even notice it when she came home the night she lost her virginity to a senior in high school.

One night, the uncles came home earlier than expected and heard moans coming from above. At first they were shocked and furious, thinking that she must have brought boys home while they were away but when they pounced into her room, they were shocked to find her masturbating in bed. It was at this moment that they realized that the 8 year old little girl is now an 18 years old fully bloomed woman. Trouble finally came but in a different form. 
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2013, 10:12:10 AM »

Upskirt Trouble
The family went on a holiday and she shared a room with her mother while her sister shared a room with her boyfriend. They managed to get connecting room so that they could look out for one another. When her mother and sister were out at the spa having a three hours spa retreat, she stayed in the room watching video on her ipad. She didn't care much about how her skirt had flipped up her butt when she plopped down onto the bed, her panties revealed almost completely. No one is in the room except her and even if her mother saw this, it wouldn't pose any problem at all. But when the connecting door opened and she didn't hear a sound as she had her headphones on, she only noticed that she wasn't alone in the room when she felt the hand squeezing her butt.

She was shocked to find her sister's boyfriend grinning down at her but when he continued to tease her body and suggested a quick shag before they came back from the spa, she realized that she couldn't say no to those hands.

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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #6 on: March 30, 2014, 10:29:19 AM »
Cruise Went Wrong

She was heartbroken and decided to take a short getaway from work and home. Booking herself on the Royal Cruise, she got a ocean view stateroom all by herself. She drank the night away in the club and was hit upon by a young man. He told her that there's a party going on in his cabin and invited her to join them. She was tipsy and hearing that she won't be alone, she went with him. What she didn't expect was the group of men (3 to 5) waiting for her inside the small cabin. They filled it up almost fully and there was no way she could escape. The man gang raped her that night, telling her that they will be back for more tomorrow unless she lure another woman for them. That's when she knew that her five days cruise wasn't going the way she had hoped for.
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #7 on: September 23, 2014, 07:18:44 AM »
An Internship

She received an internship with the top advertising agency and was eager to start work. On her first day of work, she was both shocked and disappointed with what’s going on inside the firm. She learned that the female didn’t really have a say in this company unless they are slutty enough to sleep with the bosses. Even the unwilling parties were not spared. The males groped the ladies openly and all the female staff could only shrink in fear or avoid staying in a room alone with a male of a higher rank than them.

During her induction session with her coach, she got her first taste of the eager grope on her ass and how her coach slipped his hands under her skirt. On her second day, he grew more daring by slipping his hands into her top and groped her breast. She couldn’t even complain to anyone except to bite her lips and hope that would make him stop there. However, her coach received a different impression of her response. He had thought that she didn’t mind and each day, he took a bigger step forward.
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #8 on: September 23, 2014, 08:14:09 AM »
An Engagement Party
She was at her best friend’s engagement party drinking and toasting when suddenly there was a splash of red wine onto her face. Shocked and embarrassed, she saw the wife of her boyfriend with the empty wine glass before her. After throwing vulgarities and swearing that it will not be wine the next time she caught her sleeping with her husband again, the wife left the party.

She was fuming and everyone was pointing their fingers at her. Her best friend was frowning at her for spoiling the mood of the party when the fiancé stepped up and led her to the washroom for her to clean up herself. In the washroom, he poured more wine for her and she was sobbing and pouring her heart out to him when she suddenly threw herself at him. The red wine stain on her was soaking through his shirt and the soaked through dress was revealing a pair of fine boobs and she was begging him to comfort her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and the thought of having sex with his fiancee’s buddy was just too hard to reject.

Long term plot for this could have her continuing to sleep with him with no strings attached and he could enjoyed the fact that she didn’t want any commitment from him but just fun and sex. They could even have sex on his wedding day or even in his house after he was married.
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #9 on: September 24, 2014, 08:42:28 AM »
Reunion with a Tomboy
10 years after they had graduated from high school, the class decided to held a reunion. It had been years since they last saw her after she had moved back to Asia and everyone was eager to meet up with her again when they heard of her coming back last month with a new job.

On the night of the reunion, the class was shocked when she walked into the club. Gone was the pixie cut tomboy who was always in baggy clothes. Standing before them was a pretty woman with long stylish hair and a dress so tight that all her curves were showing up at the right spot. The group of boys were definitely in a state of shock. Is this the same person who had slept with them in the same room, who eat and played soccer with them in the field?

That night, a few of them retreated back to the house of one of the richer guy and she was the only girl who followed them back. It was just like the past where they drank and talked of all kind of nonsense. Although the guys are definitely having a different feeling as she sat them bending forward and backward with a good view of her assets for them. One of them decided to play a game of truth or dare and as the only girl in there, she was given all kinds of dare that one would classified as obscene. 

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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #10 on: September 24, 2014, 09:26:36 AM »
Surprise Visit
They were high school sweetheart and married for 10 years. She felt that things seemed to have die down between them and he no longer have sex with her and she was puzzled and still she did not believed that he would have cheated on her. He was away on a business trip with his managing director and she thought it would be a good chance to give him a surprise by waiting in his room. After clearing up her identity at the hotel and managing to grab a key to his room, she changed into one of his shirt hanging in the wardrobe with nothing underneath. As she heard the cardkey slotted into the door, she sat on the bed with the shirt half opened, hoping that her husband would be delighted at the sigh of her.

But she was shocked when the man who came into the room was not her husband but a stranger! After that moment of embarrassment, she found out that he was the MD and her husband was still tied up at work. Yet she could not understand why the MD had came into his room.

The MD knew that the husband was having fun with another woman in his suit and he had agreed to exchange room with him for the night. Yet here sat the beautiful and almost naked wife who thought her ‘faithful’ husband was still at work. He felt the attraction to her and upon hearing her story of how she wanted to rekindle the fire between them, he decided to give her what she want but of course, not without much persuasion to let her submit herself to him.
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #11 on: September 24, 2014, 09:26:56 AM »
First Date
She had always been a bit shy and even at 20, she had never had a single boyfriend. Her friend decided to set up her with a man that she had gotten to know through Facebook. The guy was 30 but had a stable career and looked decent. Based on her chat with him for the last one month, this guy shown nothing but sincere and honest. Although she was keen on meeting a guy she didn’t know, her friend had vouched for this man and promised her that if things doesn’t goes well, she could always stand and leave.

After they had arranged to meet up at a local coffee house, her friend began dolling her up. The clothes were uncomfortable for her but she knew she looks good and fun. Not her usual boring self at all. When she finally met up with him, she noticed that he was as true as her friend had said. Decent and smart looking and was a great person to chat with. When he suddenly received an urgent call and had to return home, she thought of nothing when he invited her over so that they can have dinner together later.

His house was clean and tidy and she was surprised to find out that he had a roommate who was in the house too. Together they sat down on the sofa and watched a romantic movie on demand and she thought of nothing until his hands landed on her lap and began to wander up.

The idea here is that he will persuade her and tell her that it’s just gonna be some touches and nothing much. She will be rigid but she didn’t thought he could rape her with his roommate in the house. Little did she know that the roommate already knew his plan and was awaiting for his turn in the room.
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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #12 on: September 24, 2014, 08:01:27 PM »
Her Secret Part Time Job
During the day, she was a nerdy admin assistant. Everybody in the office think that she is a virgin and no man would want to lay a finger on her. However, once the clock struck six, she was always the first to leave. What they didn’t know was her transformation when the night falls. Gone was the nerdy girl with thick glasses. In her place, a sexy and beautiful woman appear.

She enjoyed sex. More than anyone had known. In order to satisfy her own needs, she had picked up a job as a call girl. She knocked on a different hotel room every night and men was willing to pay a high fee for her services.

On this night, she received a call as usual and when the door opened, she was half relieved to find a handsome middle age man standing before her. Sometimes she was digested by those dirty old man but still they paid her well. It is always a bonus to have someone good looking. While the guy was taking his shower, his phone rang and as she took a peek on the screen, she was shocked to find the face of her manager staring back at her and the name “Wifey” blinking on the screen.

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Re: Pleasure the MystixLady.....
« Reply #13 on: June 01, 2015, 05:10:09 AM »

Graduation Gift
She had always been a nice girl who doesn’t flaunt herself in public nor flirt with the guys in school. All that her peers knew was that her father was a pastor and her mother is a nurse. Her innocent image in school definitely attracted quite number of guys.

Their homeroom teacher decided to throw a party in his big house on their graduation day. When she turned up at the party, everyone had a shocked. Gone was the guy in jeans and sweater. There she stood in front of her in a cross back skater dress with a bustier top. No one could have ever guessed that she had hidden such a great figure underneath those sweats.

Men swooned over her and girls were envied of the attention that she was getting. However she only had eyes for one man in the room. Her Homeroom Teacher.

She lingered around him and constantly giving him her attention. Initially, he was skeptical about her true intention but little touches here and there made him sure that she wanted his advances on her.

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Re: Mystix's Pleasure
« Reply #14 on: June 01, 2015, 11:02:59 AM »

The Twisted Role
They used to be lovers. She was the one dictating their relationship. It wasn’t long before he realized that all she ever loved about him was his money. Who would had thought a hot high school girl like her would ever fell for a nerdy college man like him except for his rich background. Yet he couldn’t let go of the relationship until she dumped him for a richer man.

Years had passed and he had taken over his father’s company. Gone were the nerdy look and there he stood, a suave man in his early 30s with a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. He had never thought that they would met again.

Now in her late 20s, she had went through two divorces and inherited a pretty sum of money. She had went from modelling to become an actress. Unfortunately, she always landed in a supporting role and never the main. A new project was auditioning for the main cast and she was determined to land herself in that role. She found out from her agency about the sponsor’s details and decided to pay him visit.

It was a shock to both of them when she turned up in his office. It didn’t took him long to discover her agenda and now that her fate is in his hand, this time round, he would have the final say.