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Started by Darkling Muse, September 29, 2011, 07:47:11 AM

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Darkling Muse

Current Status: Sadly Unavailable!

Hello all!

Firstly let me begin by explaining how much I love to help other people explore their deepest darkling (!) imaginings. Perhaps it’s because I find the human mind fascinating, that I find social constructs of 'normal' human behaviour inadequate or perhaps because I honestly delight in bringing joy to others, in being the one to help explore, unlock and satisfy your curiosities.

Either way if there is something you have always wanted to try but haven't quite found someone to experiment with yet, perhaps I can help!

I enjoy the challenge of creating a character that fits into someone else’s world, of tailoring my writing to suit another’s so I enjoy a partner with lots of ideas and story lines that I can help to push forward.

I am open, I love pushing boundaries and I revel in the dark and the unusual... I dance in shadows and I’d like to dance with you...

Darkling Muse's Shorthand:
I love: N/C, C, Sub, BDSM, F/M, EX, Freeform, public
I dislike: Pure romance, Vanilla

Darkling Muse

Current cravings and explorational delves...

Note: For most of my roleplays I prefer to play as female but I am open to other gender types, particularly unusual or interesting pairings so just get in contact with me if you have something in mind!

Bestiality:  The ‘fluffy’ fantasy...
In this instance I am more interested in the animal being male and myself female but wouldn’t mind any gender of human partner being voyeur / instigator of this situation (if one is being played). Particularly tempted by Non-Consensual, perhaps humiliation or punishment based play but open to other ideas!

Torture:  The ‘oh, ah, ei, ow’ fantasy...
The details of the scenario here are really vast as this is my favourite (and often staple) of role play genres. Ideas range from unlawful imprisonment and resisting interrogation to exploring Stockholm syndrome and breaking for submission so if you have a specific idea in mind for this sort of scenario please let me know. A good ole medieval / fantasy dungeon setting tickles me good, with my partner playing the jailer or other authority figure.
Note: Vore and amputation is an off for me. One of my few and unlikely to change at this point in time!

Virginity: The ‘innocent fantasy.’
Ah yes, I do so love being deflowered! Con or non con, I currently like the idea of playing as a very naive girl with no real understanding of what sex is, how it works etc, perhaps being taken advantage of (this wouldn’t have to involve force per say). Generally speaking losing it with a romantic partner in a loving way at ‘the right time’ is a little too bland for me so please add a little chilli sauce before pming for this!

Exhibitionism: The ’Oh no! Are all those people looking at me?! Fantasy’
Few things are saucer than getting caught out and well... let’s just say I’m a fan of sauce! Whether the scenario involves a window cleaner innocently stumbling across a steamy session or a bar full of people getting an entertaining eyeful I love a good ole display and am up for con or non con plot lines. I also would enjoy branching out into group sex through scenarios based in this fantasy if you are so tickled....

Incest: 'The Bad Girl Fantasy' Not really interested in F-F scenarios here at the moment but wouldn’t mind dipping my toes in this genre, con or non con whichever you fancy!

For more of an idea of what colour buttons I enjoy having pressed please have a read of my ons and offs thread!

Darkling Muse

Just leaving this post free for when something nibbles me :)

Darkling Muse

Excerpt from the short fictional piece entitled 'Hutriel's Cauldron' by Darkling Muse

Here's a small taste of my writing style, without my poetic hat on :) I can often be found mumbling off into poetic prose as I love the challenge of depicting environment! However, I thought it best to pick something dialogue based as I have found this is often the evolving force behind good story telling and thus good roleplaying!

....Upon reaching her he ran a finger along her goose-bumped skin and watched the shiver of his touch pass through her as she awoke and took a shuddering breath;

“Aaryan” She whispered, her weak voice echoing around the damp walls.

He smiled wordlessly in reply and gently lifted her face with his inquiring finger, the cool metal plate of his leather vambrace resting on her shoulder as he raised her limp head from behind to whisper lovingly into her ear.

“Well,” He said warmly amused, “It would seem my Kitty can take cat naps anywhere… did you sleep well?”

She shuddered and opened her bruise-shadowed eyes to stare at the far wall, all her attention on the dangerous strength behind her. He, in turn, watched her swallow painfully, admiring the pronounced movement of her exposed throat, and moved his hand to softly caress the pale line of it as she replied:

“No,” she whispered into the empty room, stiffening as his fingers came to a stop across her throat.

“No?” He asked, surprised, his voice low and deadly.

“No…” She repeated, voice weaker than before as she tensed against him, body trembling with the strain of her rigid weight on her arms.

“Hmm..” He replied in a purring voice, his hand still resting upon her, “you know, a friend of mine once told me that the best way to get a good night sleep is to get a good nights fuck…”

She flinched away from him, breaking away from the touch of his fingers and the hot breath of his soft words in her ear. He smiled humourlessly and wrapped his large hand in a fistful of her hair to pull her back to him, hearing her breath hiss through her teeth as he did so.

“Not in the mood, kitty?” He asked, spitting her nickname through his teeth as he pulled her roughly against his hard chest.

“No!” She spat hoarsely, struggling against the feel of his body so close to her own but hampered by the chains securing her. He released his hold on her hair and hooked a strong, leather encircled, wrist around her throat instead, drawing her the rest of the way against him and stifling her struggles with one smooth movement.

“Strange…” He murmured as her struggles lessened in his arms, “There was a time where you fell willingly into my bed… Do you not enjoy my touch anymore little one?”

She thrashed one last time against him and then relented panting with exhaustion, her cold stiffened muscles helplessly relaxing into the warmth generated by his body, “No” she murmured dejectedly.

“That’s funny kitty” He murmured in reply “Because that’s not what your body is telling me...” He ran his other hand down the length of her body to demonstrate. “It’s cold in here isn’t it, little one?” he asked as his hand still moved against her flesh, “your body wants to be warm, its only natural… and I… am warm…” He smiled as she shuddered in his arms but didn’t try to pull away, “See. You may think you don’t want my touch but you do real-“ He stopped, cut off as she jerked suddenly, using the weight of her head to smash into his face.

He swore as he moved back a moment too late and her blow caught him across the nose.  Recovering with a snarl, he angrily tightened his grip on her throat, the metal plating from his vambraces digging into her soft flesh, making her struggle for air. “That wasn’t nice, kitty.” He spat, shaking her slightly, “I think you need to learn some manners.” Carelessly he threw her head forwards and stalked to the other side of the small room.

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