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Captives? M seeking F

Started by vanTheMad, September 29, 2011, 01:45:24 AM

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I'm looking for an NC, potentially Exotic RP with a really dominant female character. The general basis of the plot would be my character (a warrior or chief in a primitive village or tribe) would be captured in battle against a superior nation's general or something of that like (the female character). My character is a captive, kept as a slave for the female general, but not really happy with the situation. She could use sexual tricks as a way to humiliate him, simply be keeping him as a fuck-doll, or maybe even taken with the hopes of rehabilitating him into a suitable person to be her husband.

I'm also open to other NC and reverse-role NC games like this, if you have any ideas in your head.

PM me if you are interested, I'd really like to see this idea get off the ground.