Vigilante or Outlaw? [M seeking F]

Started by Dray, September 26, 2011, 11:59:49 PM

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Looking for a female writing partner who is literate, meaning rather decent at grammar and spelling and also can provide details, description, etc.  Also I prefer posts that are a few paragraphs in length, I don't do one liners or anything that.  I like some depth, give me something interesting to read and reply to.  Send me a PM if you are interested and we can discuss some of the details such as our characters, ons/offs, etc. 

Now onto the idea...and sorry it's a bit lengthy.  Also I apologize if some of it is not well written...wrote it early in the morning and I was just trying to get all the information down without rambling on about it too long.

The Back Story:
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So this idea revolves around a pairing of two individuals that went to middle school and high school together, dated freshman year in high school did nothing but little things such as going to school dances, holding hands, hugging and kissing in the hallway, going to school football games, etc.  They then broke off and tried to remain as just friends as they once were in middle school.  Of course it does not necessarily work out all that well.

As the years in high school go by, the male character starts to grow more and more distant as he goes through a lot of changes.  His eyes are opened up to the world, the real world.  He gains a new perspective and starts to form his own beliefs and finds his own sense of justice and judgment through experience.  By the time he turns 18, he is nothing like the naive, ignorant, and innocent young boy that the female character had dated just four years ago.  He was always the good and quiet kid in middle school, though now he had became more outgoing and voiced his opinion.  He was intelligent, and unfortunately also had a very smart mouth.  He spat out witty and sarcastic remarks often and also challenged others openly to word games and questioned their beliefs, methods, religions, and morals.  The once "good" boy ended up in a lot of fights, though being that he was not the strongest or most athletic around he usually ended up getting his ass kicked and the female character would often be the one picking him up off the ground once it was all said and done.  She would scold and question him, only to receive the same smart remarks he spat at everyone else and claimed he did not need her help even though he would still allow it and did not push her away.  No matter what happened, no matter how many times he was hit or beaten he always stood back up and had something else to say.

After High School he pretty much disappeared into the real world.  He had only attended one semester of College before dropping out and quit his part time job.  It was all so boring and pointless, he wanted something more, he wanted meaning.  Eventually after wandering the streets for some time he finds himself joining in one of the smaller local gangs.  Quickly he rises to the top with his determination and his intelligent mind and unique way of thinking always puts him one step ahead of the other dropouts.  He was a planner, a schemer.  His analytical and deductive skills were phenomenal.  He was the kind of man that knew how to sit, observe and wait in the shadows for the right moment to strike.  With this, he overthrew the leadership of his gang and took control.  As he had learned in high school, he himself held no strength or power other than his words so he used them to gather a number of gang members to join him and his cause.

His strong sense of justice and judgment leads him to targeting criminals.  He uses his own influence to try and purge the city of crime.  He targets other criminals and gang members with those loyal to him and his leadership.  Not only that, but he turns on those that even serve him if he finds them unworthy.  Taking matters into his own hands, he decides who gets arrested by setting them up...or if they are too dangerous or the legal system fails and they avoid going to prison then he may also decide who dies.  He gets a thrill out of control and domination, he loves playing the role of god.  He realizes that by doing this he is becoming one of the very outlaws he hates but that is the price he has chosen to pay in order to take the law in his own hands and become a judge of the streets.

It is not long before he is a primary target by the police and government due to his activities, growth, influence and connections.  He has been able to avoid being caught for years, always staying a step ahead and slipping away like it's all according to plan but then he decided it was time to challenge the legal system and turned himself in.  Accepting no lawyer, he represented himself.  His mocking tone and sarcastic examples filled the courtroom, while he could see it in many of their eyes that they agreed with a lot of his rabble...he was still of course thrown into jail.  Everyone was then waiting for the big plan and escape, he was the organizer after all though it never came and he served a years of jail, due to a lot of chargers not being able to stick for lack of evidence, and was let out early.

Now at the age of 25, he is out on the streets again and once again the local underground operations are waiting.  New crime lords and criminals have sprouted up.  What is the plan?  All these years the female character has been catching just glimpses of him on the news and she even swore she saw his face in a crowd before it disappeared with another glimpse.  Now all of a sudden when she goes to answer a knock at the door...she finds him standing there with a gleam in his eye and a smirk in his face.

The Role Play/Plot:
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Alright so it would start with him appearing at her front door.  Basically she has always been on his mind and jail allowed him to do a lot of thinking, so here he is.  It has been a few years since he had sex too...being imprisoned and all that so he will be pent up and full of sexual tension which could be another reason he came to her.  He could have decided that he wants her after all these years, and not some other girl after reflecting over their past.  There could be a lot of conflicting and confusing emotions of course.  One thing would lead to another and they end up having an incredible evening and night full of rough, passionate, and lust filled sex...which I would imagine would lead to her waking up in the morning questioning what was going on.  Perhaps she is filled with a little bit of regret for giving into her attraction and lust toward him...perhaps she is already dating someone else or even engaged at that point.

What was his next plan?  With her?  With his vigilant activities that were unorthodox and questioningly legal at best?  This is where the plot of the role play will come in.  A relationship blooms between them and he will immerse himself back into the city with his schemes once again.  I would like for his to be a romance with him trying to convince her to come with him, to just disappear into a life that was thrilling, exciting and adventurous.  Their relationship would also be all of those and so much more, after all he is an individual that gets bored easily and has a wild imagination.  So I would need a writing partner interested in having them explore sexual with several elements/kinks/fetishes/etc...and once again those would be up for discussion before hand.