Icarian Love 2

Started by Sabby, December 04, 2007, 04:47:00 PM

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My first game here was a forbiddon love story between a sweet but sheltered young man, and a high class coutesan. The boy was a prince of his nation of winged Egyptions, the Icarians, and the two winged lovers defied an entire empire and fought for a world where they could love each other, and not be hunted for their taboo.

I want to try the same thing this time, forbiddon love between two Icarians, but this time, I'm open to suggestion for the setting, and I'd like the two young lovers to both be boys. It doesn't nesacarily have to follow the same path as a run away prince. It could be any number of things. Hit me up with an idea :)

Its light, romantic, and sweet ^_^ hope you find interest in it.


^^^ The Original Icarian Love