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Author Topic: Skyrim: Prologue  (Read 1426 times)

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Skyrim: Prologue
« on: September 23, 2011, 07:19:07 PM »
The short summer air was still nippy and cold from a hard thawed spring and even harder winter. Today the prisons slept full with new arrivals, it was squat, squashed and cramped as civil rebels and innocent bystanders were locked away behind cold bars. Many of the people were being questioned by the guards in their thick armor. The innocent were handed a sorry and allowed to go. It felt the line was taking forever, for those claimed themselves innocent. All though were those who slumbered in the prison that were not so innocent. These were common criminals, others less so common, and others were mere myths and whispers coming to the surface.

They watched those who howled in protest with hungry eyes. Like wolves locked in cages, their eyes snarled like wicked beast. All though some simply refused to go in the line. Rothion for one hand sat back and watched the line of protested shrieks, at least now he had a free bed and roof. He'd claim and even prove his innocence by tomorrow. But he still felt uneasy staring at the few others in the prison. It seemed as if an eternity had slipped by, the line of people claiming their innocence and wrong doing were gone. Only criminals and a coward lay together in the night of the harsh Skyrim lands. Everything seemed to be winding down until the doors opened.

A man rushed in, he was large and muscular more like a giant than a Nord. His skin was pale, but his hair was thick and wiry. Black hair grizzled and matted in both sweat and old blood, his eyes were sharp and stern. Behind were low commoner guards, whom both didn't look surprised of the large man's presence, but also as if they were enjoying themselves.

"Which ones of you took it?" he snarled, "I know it must been one of you."

"Excuse me," Rothion said calmly.

"What do you want, criminal scum?" he snarled.

"Well actually," Rothion paused, "I have never committed a crime in my life, I quite prefer not getting involved in needless violence. But I digress, coming in here with an accusatory tone will not help you find anything. What are you looking for exactly?"

"Aren't you a little dandy fellow Breton," the man venomously, "It must have been you then. It's the only explanation."

"Won't you ever shut up," said a voice coming from the door, "I said these people could help us. Not that these people were thieves."

"Reaver," the man growled.

"Remember I asked for your help," he paused, "I never said anything about me helping you. Hello hello, people in this....hideous place."

A man came into the light. Those of Imperial or Nordic blood would recognize the shrewd businessman Jacques Reaver. His curly blond hair descending down to his shoulders. His bold red clothes and that smug smile on his face.

"It appears one of dear lords is missing an amulet," Jacques said, "I don't know where it is and I'm sure since many of you were caught on the streets you have no clue what I am talking about. Listen to me prattle on it's droning. I make you an offer, join The Grey's Company and find the amulet. You'll be allowed out of these cells and you might live a little longer or not. I really don't know. But make your decision fast because I'm getting sick in this place."

"What is The Grey's Company?" asked a woman in the back of the cells.

"Name?" Jacques asked.

"Leonora Jensen," she snapped.

"Yes, Ms. Jensen what were you asking I didn't hear you the first time around," Jacques said.

"What is The Grey's Company?" Nora asked tight lipped and annoyed.

"Why yes, that is a valuable question," Jacques paused, "The Grey's Company helps find things, protect things, or well those matters cannot be discussed in front of guards. It is funded by I Reaver. The Grey's Company is like any noble one of the guilds, just more noble. Basically, I collect you, you work for me, you become heroes or that's the marketing of it all. Don't join. You don't get out of here it's as simple as that. I have been asked by one of my noble associates to find this heirloom amulet. Don't worry you get paid before one of your greedy driving type have slippy gold fingers."

The light flickered. No one liked the option of working with Reaver, but no one liked the option of living in a cell for the rest of their life either.

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2011, 07:52:16 PM »

The moment the offer appeared a Breton woman's form rushed to the bars of her cell, her hands gripping the bars instinctively before one hand waved through the gate while her high pitched voice almost screamed.

"Me ! I will find this amulet ! Grey company sounds fine to me if it can get me out of this wretched place !"

She had only been in the place for a few days, but depression of those within already was beginning to take it toll.

"I can summon creatures ! I am a powerful sorceress, I have been falsely accused for gosh knows what, none explained. But if Joining the grey company gets me away from those believing im guilty or feeling this place is what I deserve, I'll sign up... just give me the chance.... and a chance to have a shower for the love of the nines ! Oh and my horse and my personal possessions that were so unjustly taken from me ! I Sorceress Sandra Ulun accept ! "

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2011, 10:35:15 PM »
Leonora had her back against one of the side walls of her cell, her hands were crossed in front of her chest as her eyes were closed. She still could not fathom the idea that she was caught and thrown into this prison cell, this was a heavy blow to her pride. If she had never stepped into that tavern to undertake that job then none of this would have happened to her. The whole high-ranking mission she was sent on turned out to be a set up, and she was going to kill the Khajiit who orchestrated the whole thing if she ever saw him again.

The Imperial woman had chose to remain quiet this whole entire time until a man in another cell spoke up and started talking about 'The Grey's Company' she grew interested but that was all. The whole thing was giving her a headache, the other prisoners were starting to become annoying, and she swore by the Night Mother herself that she was going to get out of here, intact and with every last one of her possessions back inside her satchel.

She hated to admit it but the only way she was going to get herself out of this hell-hole was to join this so called Grey's Company and find this amulet. Nora was good at finding things so she figured this was not going to be a problem for her.

With her eyes still closed she sighed out and rubbed the bridge of her nose with her thumb and index finger before she spoke up again, "Count me in," she said firmly. "I'll find the amulet and you can keep your reward...I don't need your gold." Nora could not believe she was asking for help, it's something she hardly never did, but she could not find or figure out an alternative.

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2011, 12:13:05 AM »

Leonora was also present in the cells and had not spoken much since this moment. Sandra had vocalized her displeasure of being imprisoned threatening all sorts of creatures being summoned, and in truth some may have been strong enough to set her free, but her own threats had redoubled the guards enough that attempts to do so afterwards would more likely find her body blooming a bush of arrows before her ritual ended. Knowing this turned her previous statements into immediate regrets.

Leonora seemed more sensible, considerably calmer, perhaps she had been at the receiving end of similar injustice before or had known about it before this chapter in her life. Still from what little Sandra could tell of the other woman, she seemed dignified and tight lipped generally, could move like a panther but didn't seem to have the same need of stalking her cell impatiently which Sandra adopted but often just closed her eyes and adopted some meditation position ... well it seemed so from the angle the Sorceress could make of her.

How could others be so calm and matter of fact about such things Sandra had no idea. Sandra was about to add more to what she already said then thought better of it in fear that someone too vocal could make the Grey Company decide against having her within their ranks. So instead the sorceress rubbed the places her jewelry used to reside in anticipation of having them returned.
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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2011, 11:05:19 PM »
As some of the other prisoners frantically threw themselves at the bars of their cells and begged to be part of the company Reaver was hiring, regardless of whether they could actually be useful in such a venture, an argonian in a leather hood stepped forward a bit more quietly and rested his hands against his iron cage. "You wouldn't need extra help if this was just to find a lost object, right? So you want those capable of tracking down and almost certainly fighting whoever took this precious amulet of your lord's," the red-skinned lizard asked without a hint of sarcasm in his voice, actually sounding rather polite when he addressed the notorious businessman. He had heard much about Reaver during his many years in Cyrodiil, not all of it good, but he could not let himself judge a man until he had witnessed his actions for himself. Until he learned more, Reaver was another child of Akatosh to be blessed.

Whether he received an answer or not, the being from the Black Marsh nodded his head slightly, almost as if affirming his own thoughts and assumptions on the matter. "If you believe you can convince the Nords to allow me freedom, then I will do what I can to track down this treasure. I do hope, though, that you will tell us whether it is common thieves we are hunting after, or something more dangerous. Not for the benefit of criminals, but so we might have a better chance of success," Sageclaw continued in a soft voice that barely carried over the frenzied begging and near-threats of the more desperate men around him, sliding once more to the back of his cell and leaning forward against the winter-cold stone as he peered out the tiny crevice in the wall that passed for a window. "If you allow me to go, please also retrieve my bow from the warden. I don't wish to get a new one and have to learn its feel in the middle of combat."

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #5 on: September 26, 2011, 01:39:27 AM »
He looked at the woman, Leonora.

"Oh I don't pay in gold," Reaver said with a laugh, "As I said when you join the Grey's Company I own you. What I pay you in is far more valuable than gold. They say information and protection pay more than gold. And I'm a firm believer in that statement."

Reaver gave a careful smile.

"Why aren't you a cute exotic pet," he told the Argonian, "You're right...this is more important than what I have let on, however, I'm not willing to share my secrets until the deed has been accomplished."

Reaver placed his hands together and smirked, his blond hair passing his shoulders and his clothes in the shape of excellent wealth

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2011, 03:44:48 PM »
Jacques Corbeau had been sitting on the dirty, moist floor in one corner of the cell up until now. He had listened to the wealthy merchant's proposal and the reactions of his fellow prisoners. He had been trying to appear calm and indifferent, so that when he offered to help it might seem like this Reaver would benefit more from the arrangement than him. But, seeing more and more people joining up, he began to fear that soon there might be a surplus of candidates. And so he stood up, and walked towards the front of the cell. To hell with appearing indifferent, he had to act, now. Or else he might be left here to rot.

"So, you want a band of criminals to retrieve a piece of jewelry that's clearly worth a small, no, a large fortune, from people or things you do not wish to tell us about," he said in a loud voice, before pausing for a moment to wait for everyone to look at him. "Excellent! Get me out of here, get me my sword, my dagger and my other possessions and I'll do it."

Jacques had been locked up once before, but that was different. That time, he had been locked in the Imperial City Prison. This time, he had been imprisoned in Skyrim. And while the guards in both prisons may have been equally abusive, the prisons in Skyrim were a lot colder than those in Cyrodiil. Combined with the wet floor in the cell, this made sleeping at night particularly unpleasant. He couldn't stand the idea of staying here any longer than necessary.

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2011, 11:32:44 PM »
Nora's sharp blue gaze narrowed and looked at the man who called himself Reaver. The words 'I own you' did not ring well in her mind. She didn't like to be owned, by anyone for any reason. In a way he was right about information being worth more then gold, although she could do without the protection, she could protect herself just fine.

But what kind of information did Reaver have that would be any worth to her? For all she knew this could be another well devised trap that would get them all killed. They were prisoners after all, whether they committed a crime or not it didn't matter. They could easily be taken out now that they were inside these cells, and no one on the surface would even care or know that they died.

With her cold eyes she looked at each one of the prisoners that were starting to sign up to look for this piece of jewelry. Leonora didn't care if she was getting paid or not for this mission just as long as she got her possessions back and saw the daylight again. The air in this place was stifling and stagnate.

"You better watch what you say, Reaver...," she paused and leaned the side of her body against the bars of her cell, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "Choose your words more wisely before you speak next time, not all of us in here are falsely accused...," Leonora left it at that as she did not divert her gaze away from the man who seemed to have the power to get them out of here. She wanted to get her point across that if Reaver were to deceive them, that she would not be afraid to take him out of the picture...permanently.   
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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #8 on: October 08, 2011, 12:30:20 PM »
Reaver only smirked slightly. He turned his attentions to the woman who had spoken.

"Scum is scum," Reaver said, "Whether or not you have done something, doesn't matter to me scum is scum."

Reaver clapped his hands together and stared at the barbaic guards.

"Now then get my good friends their stuff and we will brief you the moment we cleanse you of prison air," Reaver said.

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #9 on: October 08, 2011, 07:05:47 PM »
In the dim light of the prison, doors were being opened. Their rusty bars scratching at the brick flooring laid out in perfect unison. Ushered out of the cells the guards form barricades so that neither could slip or run off. Each one of them was carefully given back their equipment while being watched simultaneously. As they were ushered out rather rudely into the bitter, brisk summer of Skyrim crystals of snow still drizzled from the gray skies. It was noticeable to all of them that Reaver had already known they would take his offer, as a couple of expensive looking carriages stood outside the prisons of the city.

"Stack up," Reaver said.

As each member of the prisons, whether they be criminals or not, lined up into the carriages one grabbed the doors of a black and gold trimmed carriage.

"No no," Reaver said, "This one is mine. You may go with any of the others."

In the end the three carriages were filled. One with Reaver alone with himself. Rothion ended up with the woman named Leonora and the Argonian. Sandra ended up with the Corbeau in another carriage. Rothion twirled his curly hair through his fingers and stared at Nora for a second. He stared out the window stroking his leather satchel before looking back towards her.

"You spoke well," Rothion said calmly and quietly.

Leonora only gave him a curt smile, as if he were trying to pick her up from the bar. All though attractive Rothion knew full well woman were not worth the trouble he was in. He only looked away outside the carriage windows and watched the mountains pass by in the background. It felt like an eternity before the carriages stopped moving on the uneven and rocky roads. They ended up in the quiet outskirts of a city called Solitude. As they opened the carriage doors some of them could only roll their eyes at the excessive waste of money and lavish design of a manor. Of course it had to be Reavers, of course it had to be loud and expensive. It showed off a great deal of his wealth and power.

"This is my humble abode," Reaver said stepping outside the carriage, "This is your new home while you work for me in The Grey's Company. You get the guess house. I'd never let you in the main home."

Reaver only smiled with the corners of his mouth before fixing his blond hair.

"Now then we'll talk your first mission," Reaver said, "When your mission is over, you get a free bed, and warm food. As you're already aware of this amulet is no ordinary amulet. See this amulet was stolen from Cyrodiil, from the Imperial City. Well this was years ago and it was taken off a corpse. I won't play any more games nor play coy. This amulet is known by many as the Amulet of Kings. It's been protected by my client's family for years now. And you need to get it back. Kapeesh. All righty head on out now. Bye bye. Don't be afraid to take the carriages as you please."

Rothion stared rather puzzled like the rest of them. Many of them had questions at the tips of their tongues and immediately they were sent off into the thick of danger without a clue or a word. Was this Reaver just jerking their chain?

"What if we have questions?" Rothion asked.

"Such as?" Reaver asked.

"Such as, who took the amulet?" Rothion asked.

"Take a look around at the wanted signs in town they aren't hard to miss," Reaver said.

"What if they didn't steal it?" Rothion asked.

"That's your job to find out, not mine," Reaver said.

"Right," Rothion said.

"Any other questions?" Reaver asked.

"How do you know it is thee Amulet of Kings?" Rothion asked, "How was it taken out of the Imperial City? How is any of this possible at all it defies logic Reaver."

"You ask to many useless questions," Reaver asked, "I know you're type. Smart and intellectual. It will get you nowhere."

Rothion lowered his eyes at Reaver.

"Yes, any other pointless questions?" Reaver asked.

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #10 on: October 09, 2011, 06:05:40 AM »

The Creature summoner found herself in a carriage occupier by another Breton which had an air of one familiar with magic but also a lazy easy sense of balance that only can come with being experienced in fighting toe to toe.

"Hi Im Sandra, sorceress Sandra" The Breton woman nodded her head then smiled .. "And sure has the nine thankful for my stuff to be back with their rightful owner, and out of that hellish place, lords the rats didnt eat our food, what makes them think we would ?"

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #11 on: October 09, 2011, 03:26:42 PM »
Corbeau sat inside a luxurious carriage. He did not know much about these things, but it was clear to him that this carriage was quite expensive. From the dark and shiny wood which he knew did not come from a Skyrim tree, to the golden decorations on the doors and the soft crimson fabric of the seats, everything seemed to be of exquisite quality. He most appreciated such a comfortable ride after the cold and damp cell he had spent the last week or so in.

Just as he thought he'd catch up on sleep during this comfortable journey, the woman across from him initiated conversation. Although annoyed at first, Jacques found her comment about the prison food quite amusing, and so decided a little chit-chat to pass the time wouldn't be such a bad thing.

"Haha, indeed. I couldn't even tell what that vile goo was made of, by sight or taste! I'm Jacques Corbeau... The Riddleblade. Or that's what I like to call myself, anyway. It sounds better than 'dirty-fighting illusionist,' right?"

He turned his head towards the window, looking at the snowy mountains in the distance.

"So, sorceress Sandra... What do you think of this Reaver? Personally, I don't mind doing this job for him. But at the same time, I've got my eye on him. He's  rich, and the law is much too flexible for the rich."

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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #12 on: October 10, 2011, 08:44:24 AM »

"Arrogant, used to exploiting others, which makes him exploitable if you pander to it and give him what he wants, but gold does that to everyone, gold is power, power is gold"

Sandra shrugged

"Riddle blade, I like that !" Sandra said happily while exiting the carrige

"Impressive !" she couldn't help but admire the mans abode. Why such men wanted more was anyone's guess, still it helped to be part of it. The paying part.

The sorceress soon found her horse handed over by one of the guards and within a flash was on its back pattings its neck. "Well they fed you better than they fed me gorgeous !" before kissing it on the mane. "Just as well."

With expert horsemanship the sorceress pranced her horse about the others getting out of the elaborate carriage, the prancing of the horse was not for show but to ease up some muscles that certain rates could knot, as well as to increase her own taste of freedom.

"Well we could go alone, but taking your carriages to finance the equipment and services we need does indeed sound a much better idea."
the sorceress dipped her head at the Reaver jokingly. "Alas others may wish to linger in them and I know someone of your power probably want them back so .. well I guess we have to wing it"

She was relieved her pouch of gold was returned, at the same weight she had parted with, honest men concerning gold were very rare. At this her smirk lessened and some respect for this arrogant noble appeared, still that wasn't enough to earn more than a glance so far... hmm he did give them an opportunity to get out of the cell however. And so soon free. Thinking of her manners she then rode closer to the reaver, but stayed on horseback, still not close enough to seem affronting

"Noble Reaver, thankyou, a guest house at such a place I am sure is something I will appreciate soon enough, The Grey's Company it is"
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Re: Skyrim: Prologue
« Reply #13 on: October 10, 2011, 09:15:13 PM »
Finally their possessions were given back to them, her eyes not only scanned her own valuables but the other prisoners as well. Her sharp eyes wanting to see what the rest carried with them, since she believed that a person's possessions could tell a lot about someone.

Her hands adjusted her katana which was slung back over her shoulder, snug within its sheath. Her main weapon was back where it belong and she hoped that it would remain that way. The woman then slipped her dagger within its sheath that wrapped around the upper thigh of her light obsidian armor.

Once her black leather satchel was given back to her she looked through it to make sure everything was there, which thankfully everything was. Her fingers glided against the old worn brown leather journal inside before closing it up and placing the thin straps around her shoulders, wearing it as a small compact book bag, that was not big in size nor bulky.

When everyone had their supplies back in their possession they managed their way outside, but Nora was  glaring the entire way as the guards rudely ushered them outside where the cold air hit her exposed skin. She shivered lightly as her icy blue eyes glanced up at the sky, before her gaze fell upon the carriages outside.

Bastard...Nora labeled Reaver in those moments as an overly confident and over excessive jerk who in the end got anything he wanted, and this was coming from someone who only just met the man. Leonora felt she was getting herself swept up into something she didn't want to deal with. She should have just stayed in her cell, to find her own way out, and not play into this man's wishes.

Glancing around at the former prisoners and the guards, thoughts of escaping and killing anyone that interfered came into her mind, she was free now, she didn't have to listen to Reaver anymore. It was rash, and while thinking more about it she realized that even if she did make it past the prison's territory she still would have to deal with the outside world and the news of her escaping spreading over the lands of Skyrim.

For now Nora would play Reaver's little game and search out this necklace or whatever it was they had to truly search for. Getting inside the carriage she sat down near the window, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she placed one leg over the other. Right away she felt Rothion's eyes upon her but didn't think much of it, for the most part she tried to ignore the man who happened to get stuck with her for the carriage ride.

When they finally arrived at Reaver's house, Nora's facial features went back to looking un-amused and for a moment she could feel her eye twitch. His house annoyed her and only confirmed that he was what she thought he was. It was to loud, too expensive, that Nora's wish for simplicity was completely thrown out the window of the carriage that she just got out of.

“Home? He's got to be kidding...” Nora mumbled in disgust under her breath that the possibility of Rothion, who she stood next to, could only hear.

Her arms were still crossed in front of her chest as she listened to what Reaver had to say, her eyes going wide when he spoke of the Amulet of Kings. She heard of such a necklace in stories she heard when she was around her Thieves guild brethren, but she never believed that it was real until now. Since it was years ago she heard the stories she tried to remember the power that the necklace was suppose to have, but no answers were coming to her right now.

Slowly her eyes lowered and rested on the ground before her, the only thing that she remembered from the stories was the look of it, but nothing else. She cursed under her breath, hoping that the story would come to her eventually.

But her thought process was broken and a sour look came upon her face when Reaver just left without asking if any of them had questions...

The only thing good about this whole event was the idea of warm food and a nice bed to sleep in.