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Author Topic: Seeking a third - Sadistic dominant male wanted!  (Read 525 times)

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Seeking a third - Sadistic dominant male wanted!
« on: September 22, 2011, 11:53:01 PM »
Hello Elliquiy~
Carlcjjohnson and I have this story we want to play, and we need a third person to help us do it right. If you are a creative person interested in playing a sadistic and dominant male character, then please do read on…

The plot essentially is this: Georgiana and Tom McEvoy are a pretty typical couple struggling to make ends meet in their middle class urban lives. Of course, it doesn’t help that Tom has a gambling problem. Add to that the problems they’ve been having in the bedroom and the normal stresses of Tom’s demanding job, and he racks up quite the debt. He tries to keep this a secret from his wife, but eventually that becomes an impossibility.

You see, Tom owes all of this money to a pretty powerful kingpin. A man who essentially owns the city and runs it out of his famous nightclub, Inferno, a heavy BDSM establishment that’s almost a society unto itself. This kingpin knows Tom’s been getting himself in deeper than he can handle, and he’s been letting it happen. For some reason or another (maybe he dated her in high school, or maybe she serves him his latte every morning and always turned him down for a date), the kingpin has his eye on Tom’s wife, Georgiana. He’s borderline obsessed with the woman. He wants to consume her in every possible way. And with Tom’s debt, he becomes in a position to do just that.

The kingpin offers the McEvoy’s a way out of their debt. A service contract, whose terms outline that Georgiana is at the kingpin’s beck and call (outside of her work hours) for the next however many months to a year (depending on how bad Tom’s debt is). Basically, the kingpin gets to do whatever he’d like to her now. And he does just that. From his own private desires to elaborate stage performances in front of the entire Inferno audience, the kingpin essentially makes Georgiana his sex slave.
We will need someone incredibly creative in the departments of humiliation and sadism to play the part of the kingpin here, because his player will be leading a veritable carnival of sexual escapades centered on his dark and obsessive love for Georgiana. He has a cast of fetish performers, many rich and powerful friends (all of whom you would control) and an endless supply of dungeon and fetish gear at his disposal, and he’s been so bored for so long…

Georgiana loves her husband. She will do this thing for him, to free him from debt and to save their home and their way of life. After all, the kingpin is a pretty attractive man. It couldn’t be that bad to have sex with him for a while (or so she reasons). But despite her love for Tom, she’s pretty mad at him for the situation he has put them in. Lying and gambling again… and now she’s left to clean up the mess. She’s resentful, and she wants to ensure this never happens again. So when she goes to negotiate the terms of the contract with the kingpin, she adds her own caveat to the agreement: whatever the kingpin does to her, her husband Tom will be made to watch.

Still interested? Applicants should be literate, willing to discuss ideas with all parties involved, flexible on posting schedule (we can’t always be posting every night, we all have jobs). Also, please include a small sample of your ideas for this story by telling us a minimum of three things you might have your kingpin do to the poor and lovely Georgiana. Please send your PMs to BOTH carlcjjohnson and myself (Rochester), and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!! <3

PLEASE NOTE! This is NOT a one-shot sex scene. Georgiana and Tom will go to work every day, and go home late at night and the kingpin's influence will affect their marriage. Georgiana will develop a taste for the BDSM she has been subjected to, and, eventually, a pretty powerful sexual addiction, while Tom will develop a guilt complex and eventually have an extramarital affair with the kingpin's dominatrix sister (played by myself). There's a lot going on here, so please keep that in mind when you consider applying. :)

I didn't think I would have to add this in, I thought it would be a given, but apparently not. Applicants must at least GLANCE over Carlcjjohnson's Ons & Offs and my own (linked in my signature). Jeez.

Ideas can range from very general to very specific. (IE: pretty general 'Georgiana is made to service groups of the kingpin's friends at cocktail parties', all the way to the very specific 'He has her tied in a shibari harness and suspended from the ceiling onstage and a line of men take turns eating her pussy while a camera projects a live feed close-up of her pussy onto a screen that takes up one wall, and they keep a tally chart of her orgasms on another wall'.) Just as long as we get a pseudo-clear idea of what it is you're getting at, it's fine.
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