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Author Topic: Aadreal is hungry for some yummies  (Read 920 times)

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Aadreal is hungry for some yummies
« on: September 22, 2011, 07:10:46 PM »
Hello my yummies!

I only post in forums (it's easier for me and I like an audience), right now I'm in the mood to only play females but I am open to the gender of my counterpart.  Male, female, transgendered, hermaphrodite, and so on.  So long as I like the idea I'll go for it. 

If you have an idea that's not on my list or something on my Offs, feel free to send me a PM and I'll give it serious consideration.  I can post at least once a day and they are usually at least a paragraph.  I try very hard to be descriptive and give my partner something to work with and ask for the same.  Please check out my On/Offs and thank you for reading.


-A burglar (or burglars, I'm good with a gang bang) thinks the house is empty only to find a woman in the bed pleasuring herself.  Do they stay and watch? Do they force her to continue at gun point?  Take her at gun point?  Keep her for their own desires?  (obviously non-con is a potential here.  However I just can't write not enjoying sex over the long term so it might start as non-con only to end up with her begging for more)

-It was supposed to be their honeymoon.  Only he broke her heart and left her at the alter.  She had to get away and decided to go alone.  Random strangers in her bed may not heal her heart but it helps her forget the pain.

-The King is impotent and the lords are making alliances to see who will claim the throne.  Knowing this would send the nation into civil war the young Queen must choose.  Does she obey her vows and remains faithful to the husband she has come to love.  Or will she do what she must for the well being of the already war torn country.  Will the one man she can trust for the task be willing to betray his liege and bed the Queen?

-She's been his prey for a long time.  Stalked as she goes about her life.  But now the moon is full and she's all alone.  Does the wolf win and claim his mate or will the man suppress his base desires to win her heart? (animals are a no for me but a werewolf in wolf form is fine.)  The setting can be contemporary, fantasy, I'm pretty much open.  Or it might not be a werewolf.  Some other supernatural creature works too.  No vampire though, it's overplayed.

-Taken from her home and family as a prize she's brought before the chieftain.  Young and untouched she still struggles against her bindings, refusing to give into the fear.  Will he break her?  Will he keep her?  Or will he simply bed her and toss her to his men?

-It started as a drunken dare, put on the collar and pretend to be their slave.  Only she didn't realize just what was involved or how much she'd like it.  Now she's in a whole new world of possibilities, a tender new morsel just needing a firm hand.  One on one or part of a larger group.  Looking for an ease into bondage and submission.  Some humiliation and pain play is okay.

-something I want to try:  developing a romantic and sexual relationship with someone who is transgendered or a hermaphrodite.  I had the chance to write with someone who was a fully functioning female with a fully functioning penis as well and that was quite a pleasant experience, one I'd like to try again if anyone is interested.

Edit:  My plate is full of yummies but if interested, PM and I'll see if I can squeeze in some dessert once my One Shots are played out.
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Offline Orpheus

Re: Aadreal is hungry for some yummies
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2011, 09:05:49 PM »
The honeymoon one sounds like it could be fun, and could go a lot of different directions. PM me if you want and we can talk about what you have in mind, and work out details.