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Started by Daughter of Artemis, September 22, 2011, 05:33:29 AM

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Daughter of Artemis

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to come and read. I hope that you’ll find we have similar interests.

First and foremost. I’d like you to be aware that unless otherwise stated I am looking for female characters to play opposite my own female characters. There are some ideas here that I will consider playing opposite a male character, there are very few of them as I prefer F/F.
If there is an F/M storyline I like playing a sub character otherwise neutral. For F/F storylines it varies.

For my old Wants Page:

---------Basic Plots all of which will be extended,
expanded, can be modified and adapted as we see fit. ------------

[F/F or F/M]
[Non-con, F/F, bondage, forced-masturbation, sex toys, pain4pleasure

Modern: The daughter of a very rich and powerful man is taken from her home against her will.  F/F

Ancient Greece/Rome: A rising poet is brought to the home of a woman who wishes for her to recite her poetry and once there isn't permitted to leave. F/F

Medieval: Two Lords are battling for a plot of land that borders their two territories. Seeing no other way for his/her rival to give up their pursuit of the land the daughter is taken and used as a bartering tool. But what happens when (s)he finds that the Lady is far too precious to be returned? F/M, F/F

*I would prefer to play the kidnapee rather than the kidnaper but that is subject to change if given the right motivation to do so.*

Varying, Romance, light, Bondage

1) Elizabethan era: Inspired by the scene from Elizabeth: The Golden Age where Queen Elizabeth is distraught over the fact that Bess is pregnant. Would entail hidden relationship between Queen Elizabeth and her Lady in Waiting, Bess.

2) American 1800’s: Directly before, during, and/or after the Civil War the only child of a well to do white business man in New York falls in love with the daughter of her family cook, an African American woman. [Hidden relationship, longtime friendship/relationship] Can be darker. Up for discussion.

Witness Protection Program
Varying, Non-con, Romance, Bondage, Kidnapping, Light or Dark

1) A woman (25+) is the key witness in a Federal case against one of the few remaining crime families in NYC. When there is an attempt on her life she is put into the witness protection program. Effi is the go to assassin of the crime family who has never failed an assingment. Until now. After meeting the woman Effi has no desire to kill her but no desire to let her go either. **See this story being on the darker side**

2) A student at a small town university falls in love with the new girl in town. Everything seems fine, they develop feelings for one another and are headed towards a relationship. Which is big in the small town she’s from as there are slim pickings for lesbians there. Several months into their relationship everything changes. People are shooting at them and trying to kill them both. They’re forced to leave town and stay on the run from the would be assassins while learning that everything hasn’t been all that it seems.

Light, Dark, F/F, Forced Heterosexuality, Romance, Courting/Mating

1) There have been two rival witch families fighting for centuries. Set in modern days, the only way there is to ensure the continued riegn of one family over the other is to attack the rival families children and either kill them or brainwash them to join with them. Frankie has just turned of age and is been given her first assingment. To kill or brainwash the youngest member of the rival family who has just inherited her powers. Frankie’s target? Her longtime best friend and current girlfriend.

2) A female member of a werewolve pack cannot help the sudden desire to mate with a woman she just met in a club. During their evening together she marks the woman as hers and bonds them together without truly realizing the consequences as now the human woman is in danger as they were never meant to bond.

3) The fiance of a were-wolf pack is engaged to a young human woman who no longer wishes to be with him. Unwilling to remain she flees, never having known of his 'secret'. She makes a new life for herself and unwittingly falls in love with her new boss, a strange but powerful and beautiful woman. Secrets, it seems are had all around, as her boss turns out to be a were-wolf herself. When she began her relationship with her boss she'd only thought she'd have to fear what would happen if they broke up, not what it meant to be dragged into a fued between packs and torn between her new lover and her old one she's left fighting for what she truly wants. The sad part is, she's  not sure what it is she wants...yet.

4) A woman who was once the envy of all women was cursed to spend her life unable to look into another's eyes for eternity. Medusa was her ame, after being hunted for centuries she's disappeared, having lived alone for hundreds of years she is now being given one chance to break her curse. She must find love, and she only has one full year to do so. Her snakey hair is returned to it's pristine shinning glory, but she can still not look her prospective lover in the eyes (she'll wear sunglasses for the entirety of the story) or they'll turn to stone--their souls stolen much like Medusa's ordinary life had been. . (Can be modern or played in the past)

Planet of the Apes
Light or Dark, Non-Con or Con, Exotic, BDSM, Human Slave/Prisoner

1) Another re-do of the 2001 film. Putting a woman in Mark Wallbergs place with the plot varrying greatly from the movie as the woman is given to Helen Bonham Carter's character to serve more ways than one. [;-)] The problem is that the female pilot doesn't want to serve a chimpanzee, she wants to go home to her reality, can she be convinced to do elsewise?

2) Takes the world of Planet of the Apes, humans are servants and considered lowly creatures compared to the chimpanzees. One girl is given to a wealthy chimpanzee family where the oldest daughter takes a great liking to the girl. [Can be dark or light depending on the partners preference] Is the human used as a toy and servant or taught and cared for and still used in a more consensual way? 

Everything Else

Now that you’ve read my ideas/cravings at their basic extent here are some important things I’d like you to read before getting in touch with me.

1) I like roleplays that are detailed and are as grammatically correct as possible. I’m not the best speller and I’ll put a comma or two in the wrong place that’s fine. I just don’t like txt lingo. Hell I don’t even use txt lingo when texting!
         I tend to write at least one-two paragraphs sometimes less or more it all depends. I expect my partner(s) to try and match me. One line or sentence is fine so long as it’s thought out. One word posts are not okay. They piss off my muse and I won’t feel up to continuing with the roleplay which is something I hate. Which brings me to…

2) I love discussion about the story. Tell me about your ideas and I’ll tell you about mine and the RP will benefit from it, I assure you. :-D

3) In my profile you can find more information about my likes and dislikes and other roles I am interested in.

So, thank you once again for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from some of you soon. :-D

--Daughter of Artemis

So, if anyone is interested please PM me. :-D Look forward to hearing from you.
"Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

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I'd be very interested in the modern one you mentioned.  If you'd like, I could send you a writing sample.

Daughter of Artemis

Added 3 and 4 to my supernatural ideas.
"Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Daughter of Artemis

Added Planet of the Apes rps.
"Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

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