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Based on the up-coming film anyone intrested in doing a game based around the Earths Mightest Heroes?
Id like to claim Natasha/Black Widow but everyone ellse is more ore less up for grabbs.
The Setting would be akin to the ultimateverse with them working for SHEILD but takeing elements from the original comic storylines written by Stan Lee back in the 60s.

krakenknight@hotmail.co.uk, has talked about playing Captain America/Steve Rogers.

tenshimuse42: Has shown intrest in Iron-Man/Tony Stark:

lastofthegreatmickeys: Has talked about playing Thor.

I`d like to reserve Spider-Man for Gladiator and Nick Fury for Nos.

But the following Avengers are free and will be needed.

Hulk/Bruce Banner.
Hawkeye/Clint Barton.
Giant-Man/Ant-Man Hank Pym ore Scott Lang.
Black Panther.
Captain Marvel.

Wasp/Janet Van Damm.
Mz Marvel/Carol Danvers.
She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters ore Betty Ross.
Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew.
Jewl/Jessica Drew

Those are the only ones off the top of my head. Oh and potentially Teen versions of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.
But please can we (for now) have a X-men free Roaster as enough groups on here focusses on Marvel`s Merry Mutants.
Set in modern day we would play themes of how this very powerful team would survive in such a mistrusting world.



You already have me in on this, my one irritation is the lack of tier 1 superheroines.


I would like to Claim Black Panther as of now.

Tk U.


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REAL NAME: Natasha Romanov.
AGE: 26
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bi-Sexual (But only sleeps with women for cover)




POWERS/ABILITIES: Injected with a version of the "Super-Solider" Serum at birth, Natasha posses great strenght and speed. Her hand to hand combat is second to none. Advanced weapon traning, computer skills. Speaks 13 languages.
Expert Taction with advanced leadership skills. Can undergo hours of torture and would never crack.

WEAKNESS: Telepathic assualt, she would be effected by any mind altering inderviduals and/ore drugs. She would be vunerable to advance heat ore ice attacks. Energy attacks and magick.


It was rumored that Natasha Romanoff (Romanova) was somehow related to the last ruling czars of Russia, but was never proven. Nothing else was known about her family prior to World War II. Natasha`s great grandfarther was obsessed with createing a version of the Super-Solider Serum that created Captain America. This obesseion caused him to loose his beloved wife Olga to the Terrorist Cell known as Hydra.

Natasha`s farther hated his own farther and fled the country and Hydra`s reach when he was 15. He met Iriana his beloved wife two years later they married and had many children. Natasha was the only girl born to the family. with 5 brothers much older. However when Natasha as only 5 years old Hydra agents tracked her family down to their home outside Moscow and killed her brothers and set her home on fire.  Her mother threw her out the window to a Russian soldier before dying in the fire. The soldier’s name was Ivan Petrovitch, and he watched over Natasha for her entire life, to this day remaining by her side as her chauffeur. When Natasha was 16 she set off to finde the men who took her farther and killed her family.
Natasha discoverd the truth she along with her brothers had been injected with her grandfarthers serum.
She found her farther Shot and bleeding to death in a hotel in the Capital, he begged Tasha`s forgivness as he diead.

But she had a new mission to locate her Grandfarther and to bring down Hydra.
As Natasha grew and matured, she proved to be an amazing athlete and scholar, while gaining distinction in the USSR as a ballerina. Eventually, she married Alexi Shostakov, a distinguished Soviet test pilot.  Ivan trained her, educated her and watched over her. As Natasha turned 18 she started to let go of her hatred for Hydra. She enjoyed been married.
However her happyiness was short lived:

Soviet government intelligence (KGB), decided that the skill set of this couple would make them superb special operatives, and split them up while Alexi was away on a mission. Trained as the Red Guardian, Alexi became the Soviet Union’s answer to the United States’ Captain America.

Natasha was told that her husband died in an experimental rocket crash, and was drafted into the KGB. She became their best operative from being trained in the infamous Red Room Academy, becoming excellent at fighting and information gathering. During this time she had some training under the Winter Soldier. It was there she was first dubbed the “Black Widow.”

Black Widow’s first field assignment was to assist Boris Turgenov in the assassination of Professor Anton Vanko for defecting from their country by infiltrating SHEILD. It was on this mission she met Nick Fury. It was he who made her see how corrupt the KGB was and what greater calling she had in life. Natasha and Fury took down one major Hydra operation in Greece and it was there she met her Grandfarther, a witherd old man still cooking up serums for this terriorist cell. Natasha finally got the truth, The DNA of their family was a genetic match to that of the Royal family of russia, they were strong and lead long lives 9bar any interventions) hwe`d been blackmailing his son for years. When he refused to hand Natasha over to Hydra when she was five Hydra killed the entire family. Enraged Natasha killed her grandfarther, she thank`d Fury for helping her put old Ghosts to rest. She swore her loyalty from him and defected from the KGB weeks before her 21st birthday.
She has since been one of SHEILDS top agents.

PERSONALITY: Cold and hard to read. Natasha is a fantastic actress and knows just how to manipulate those around her. However since joining SHEILD she has sworn her Loyality to the United States. Given her history however she is perfect to be assigned as a double ore even triple agent. Natasha has been betrayed by family and her former husband. Liead to constantly and brought up in the world of lies and deceat. So to earn Natasha`s trust is a huge undertakeing. In battel she reamins calm and collected at all times. She showcases sarcasm at time to time. Natasha does have a sense of humor.
Women seem distrustful of hr more then men so Tasha has very few girlfriends: Although she would less likely to want to shopping for shoes but rather for guns. Natasha enjoys regular exercise and sports. Livining in New York has beacome her new home and she rather enjoys it. On a Sunday you can finde her at the Museams ore Art Gallerys across town ore the foreign Cinema showcase in the Villiage. Natasha would consider Fury a "Friend" even though he is first and fore-most her boss. Sexually speaking Natsha has twice now had experinces with women on SHEILD undercover missions however she still prefears the company of men. Natasha dosen`t really date. The concept thus far is lost on her.

Nick Fury appointed her to keep an eye on Stark after he signed his company over to Pepper Potts, and had her posing as a replacement to Potts when she became CEO. Her identity remained secret until Fury revealed who she was during a meeting with all three present.

Romanoff attended the next Stark Expo, where Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries, unveiled his new Hammer drones and the War Machine armor worn by James Rhodes. Stark also arrived uninvited in his new and improved Iron Man armor to warn Rhodes about an impending attack from Ivan Vanko. It was then that Vanko surprised everyone by remotely gaining control of both the Hammer drones and the War Machine armor. While Stark led the immediate threat of the machines away from the expo, Potts and Romanoff confronted Hammer demanding to know Vanko's location. Romanoff put him in a neck lock and broke one of his glasses' lenses to force his confession. She then had Happy Hogan drive her to the nearest Hammer Industries facility, where Vanko was controlling the drones.

Once at the site, Romanoff left Happy to deal with a lone security guard while she penetrated deep into the facility, systematically disabling many more of the security force. Vanko had already abandoned his control systems and left by the time Romanoff found them. She quickly set about restoring control of the War Machine armor to Rhodes and was also able to radio tactical data, initially warning Rhodes and Stark of an incoming wave of drones, and finally another armored battlesuit, this one worn by Vanko.

She is one of Ten People in the Whole World who knows about "Project Avenger" To which she is expected to join.


Firearms and various miniaturized tools and weapons, such as communications equipment, tear gas pellets, various drugs, an electrostatic discharge weapon, spring-loaded cables and surveillance devices. The Black Widow's wrist cartridges contain various tools of the spy trade: tear-gas pellets, a radio transmitter and spring-loaded cable. She also uses a device often referred to as the Widow's Bite that is capable of emitting highly potent electric shocks with a maximum of about 30,000 volts.

KNOWN ENEMIES: HYDRA, Madam Hydra, Yelena Belova, The Winter Solider.


Iron Man
Name:  Anthony "Tony" Stark
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Powers and Abilities


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I could maybe play Mockingbird. <3
I will look into this more when I am more awake. ~
I like my posts like I like my cock.
Thick, lengthy, and something I can choke up on.
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Last of the Great Mikeys


Real name: Thor Odinson
Alias: Thorlief Golmen
Age: Thousands of your mortal years.
Sexual orientation: Straight

Appearance: costume

Height: 195 cm
Weight: 133 kg

Powers: Thor possesses immense superhuman strength, being able to deadlift over 100 metric tons over his head; endurance, being able to exert himself at his peak for over a week without tiring; andresistance to injury, able to withstand bullets high caliber firearms, impacts that would demolish buildings and energy forms such as electricity or fire that would utterly destroy a mortal. He heals much quicker than a mortal and has speed and reflexes far in advance of a mortal at his peak, though not to the levels of beings such as Quicksilver. He ages so slowly as to be effectively immortal.

Weapons: Thor is the bearer of the mystical hammer Mjolnir. Mjolnir enables him to fly, control storms, direct thunder and lightning, and teleport.

Abilities: Thor is a born warrior. His battle instincts are perfect and his skills parallelled by few. He has centuries of experience battling powerful beings.

Weaknesses Thor is a very powerful being and is used to fighting solo. As such he tends not to blend well into a team, using powers without understanding their consequences. This can make him a liability to his teammates at times. Battles with him tend to have a lot of collateral damage. He also really likes glory and will "hotdog" a bit, showing off what he can do, though he tries not to do this too much.


(Based on Ultimateverse history in the early issues of The Ultimates. This may be revised and/or elaborated upon. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Note that despite the listed history, Thor really is a god and the son of Odin. I just liked the controversy of official record vs. reality.)

He claims he is the legendary Norse thunder deity Thor, sent to Earth by his father Odin. Official records say he is Thorlief Golmen, who stole his scientist brother Gunnar Golmen's super-soldier technology after suffering a nervous breakdown. Both accounts agree that he believed he was different from an early age, but only came to believe he was Thor after suffering a nervous breakdown just before turning 30, spending the next 18 months in an asylum. After discovering (or stealing, as the case may be) his powers, Thor began spreading his message of social change through lecture tours and books. He initially refused to join the Avengers, but did help them subdue the monstrous Hulk after the U.S. President met Thor's demand of doubling the U.S.'s foreign aid budget. Thor began working with the Avengers thereafter, forming a fast friendship with teammate Tony Stark (Iron Man). Though Thor declined fulltime Ultimates duty, he reliably aided the team against serious threats.


I would be interested in Ms Marvel. I'll try and have a character sheet up tonight or tomorrow.

Last of the Great Mikeys

May I point out that Thor would be willing to be shared by the Betty and Veronica duo that would be Ms. Marvel and Sersi?  ;D


 Black Panther:
Real name: T'Challa
Alias:  Luke Charles
Age: 32
Sexual orientation: Straight
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210 lbs

T'Challa's birth killed his mother, N’Yami, and his older brother, Hunter, blamed him for her death. His second mother, Ramonda, left the family when T'Challa was only eight, and when he was in his teens, his father T´Chaka was murdered by Klaw over the rare metal Vibranium that comes from Wakanda. Klaw was later driven away after almost being killed by T'Challa.

As a young man, T'Challa traveled to America and Europe for school, and came back to perform his duties in his tribe to become a man to lead the country. After beating the then current Black Panther and taking an herb to link him to Bast, the Panther God, the herb also enhanced him which made him almost superhuman as T'Challa became the new Black Panther, leader of the Panther Clan, and King of Wakanda. This made his adopted older brother hate him even more, and in turn became the leader of the Wakandan secret police, the Hatut Zeraze, and was called the White Wolf.

The more Wakanda became a technological global power, the more T'Challa realized the threats of the outside world. While developing nuclear weaponry inside Wakanda, he began to invite super-powered people to his country, beginning with the Fantastic Four,[2] as well as infiltrate groups like the Avengers in an effort to test the limitations of their abilities. Although once he found out what kind of people they were, T'Challa saw them as allies as well as friends.

Even so, he only allowed most members of the Avengers to know him as Luke Charles, an American teacher


As chieftain, the Panther was entitled to eat a special heart-shaped herb that granted him superhumanly acute senses and increased his already formidable strength, speed, stamina, and agility to the peak of human potential. He has recently approached the Panther God through mystical means who has made him stronger and more fit than ever before, meaning his strength and other abilities have been increased to Superhuman levels, the limit of these new powers are unknown but he was able to easily shatter machines as powerful as Doombots effortlessly with single blows.[3]

Alchemy and ancient magicks gave him resistance to magical attacks

Superhumanly Acute Senses: T'Challa can see in total darkness as if it was a clear sunny day, something at over a few hundred feet appears as though it is right in front of his face. T'Challa's sense of hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, enabling him to hear sounds that an ordinary human can't and to be able to hear sounds that an ordinary human can, but at much greater distances. T'Challa can memorize tens of thousands of scents and track them to the exact location, can smell fear, and detect if someone is lying by change in body odor. T'Challa's sense of taste is sensitive to the point that he is able to taste the exact ingredients of any particular food he is eating.

Peak Human Strength: The special herb has enhanced T'Challa's physical strength to the pinnacle of human perfection. While not superhuman, he is considerably much stronger than the average human and is as strong as a human can be without being considered superhuman. At his peak, marvel hand-books class him to lift just under 800 lbs.

Peak Human Speed: T'Challa is able to run and move at speeds superior to those of any Olympic athlete. He is capable of reaching speeds of 30 mph and higher.

Peak Human Stamina: T'Challa's musculature is considerably more efficient than that of an average human, or most other normal humans in general. His muscles generate less fatigue toxins than the bodies of most humans. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him.

Peak Human Durability: T'Challa's ability to resist and recover from physical injury or disease is also at the pinnacle of human capability. While he is susceptible to illness and injury as any normal human is, his ability to resist and recover from them is well above that of most other humans.

Peak Human Agility: T'Challa's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are also heightened to the pinnacle of human development. He is superior to any Olympic level gymnast that has ever competed.

Peak Human Reflexes: T'Challa's reaction time is superior to that of any Olympic athlete that has ever competed.

Clairvoyance (formerly): Many years ago, exposure to the Vibranium Mound gave T'Challa extra-sensory capabilities. He was able to see objects around him even while blindfolded. He also experienced visions of the future wherein he saw himself in conflict with the energy-vampire known as Kiber the Cruel. These powers disappeared shortly after his battle with Kiber.[4]


Genius-level Intellect: T'Challa possesses a genius level intellect. His genius is as such that he is one of the eight smartest people on Earth.[6] He possesses accomplishments such as a D.Phil. in physics from Oxford University.

Master Martial Artist: He has been groomed to be a warrior from birth. An expert in practically all forms of armed and unarmed combat, and a master of all martial arts including African and unknown forms. He is a master of stealth, disguise etc. He is considered to be one of the best martial artists to have ever walked the Earth. This is evident by him being able to stalemate and even gain the upper hand at times against opponents such as Captain America, Daredevil etc. in hand to hand fights.

Weapons Master: The Panther has mastered all known weapons.

Master Acrobat: T'Challa is a rigorously trained gymnast and acrobat.

Expert Marksman: He is a master marksman adept with hunting knives, firearms, and other projectile weaponry.

Master Tactician: T'Challa is a genius tactician, strategist, and leader who is practically peerless. He was taught tactics and strategies in his youth by his father who encouraged him to always think two steps ahead of his enemies and three steps ahead of his friends. His prowess is such that he is able to out think and out maneuver individuals such as Tony Stark, and other geniuses.[7]

Expert Tracker & Hunter: Even without his superhuman senses, he is a master tracker and hunter. He can pick up a prey's scent and memorize tens of thousands of individual ones.

Multilingual: T'Challa can fluently speak his native language, English, and other various languages.

Master Inventor: He can invent various devices with special properties when needed. While not all of his inventions are as good as others made by Tony Stark and so on, he possesses engineering abilities and intellect that makes him a peer and has proven to be able to invent and create weaponry that rivals their engineering capabilities. T'Challa can also duplicate practically any other technologies after learning how they work or by glancing at the designs.

Highly Influential Connections: As king of Wakanda, the Panther has access to a vast collection of magical artifacts, technological and military hardware, as well as the support of his nation's wide array of scientists, adventurers, and superheroes.

Diplomatic Immunity: As the leader of a sovereign nation, He often visits the United States or the United Nations for political reasons. He enjoys diplomatic immunity during these trips, and his embassy is considered foreign soil.

Strength level

His strength is almost superhuman, Black Panther has demonstrated exceptional feats of strength like wrestling down a Rhino, knocking out a Polar Bear and even stopping a Elephant's charge. He's classed at the peak of human potential. Marvel handbooks class him strong enough to lift 750 lbs.

In spite of his enhancements, T'Challa is still an ordinary human being. He is susceptible to some of the same vulnerabilities other normal humans are.



Kimoyo card: An extremely powerful and versatile PDA. It functions similarly to the Avengers' communicards, but with many more practical applications. In one instance, the Panther called up a schematic of a jumbo jet's cockpit controls and took command of the plane, landing the plane safely in a river. "Kimoyo" is Bantu for "of the spirit".
Energy-Dampening Boots: Energy regulators create varying fields from the Vibranium in the molded soles of the boots, enabling Panther to survive a fall of several stories and land like a cat. Given enough momentum, the Panther can also scale walls or skim across water. The field can be also used offensively to shatter or weaken objects.
Vibranium Microweave Mesh: in his Panther uniform. The microweave robs incoming objects of their momentum; bullets do not ricochet off but simply fall to the ground when they come in contact with the weave. Likewise, the Panther cannot be stabbed, however, the costume (and Panther) can be cut if the attacker slashes along the uniform's grain.
Mask Lenses: Lenses in the mask cut glare and enhance the Panther's natural night vision.
Cloaking Technology: The cloak can be elongated, shortened or eliminated with a thought, and the entire costume can be covered allowing it to pass as normal street clothes.
Heavenly Armor: Lightweight body armor covering the user from head to toe in a similar fashion as Iron Man that operates by thought. It offers flight at high speeds, slightly enhanced strength,and more protection in combat.

Energy Dagger: with an ornate hilt carved of ivory or some kind of stone, and an energy-generated blade that can be set to stun or kill. The energy blades can be handled like either a physical knife or fired like darts, and regenerated repeatedly.
Anti-Metal Claws: Claws in the gloves are made of Antarctic Vibranium-based "Anti-Metal" that can break down basically all metals at the molecular level.
Ebony Blade

Other weapons available, such as swords, spears, shields, knives, clubs, quivers and arrows, a large variety of firearms and other weapons used for close range, and technological weapons and devices such as a large 'power glove.'


Ms. Marvel
Name: Carol Danvers
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Measurements: 34DD-26-34

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm)

Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Powers and Abilities:
Ms. Marvel possess superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, flight, physical durability, and a limited precognitive "seventh sense."
Ms. Marvel can both absorb energy and project it in photonic form.
She also demonstrates the ability to absorb other forms of energy, such as electricity, to further magnify her strength and energy projection, up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon.
When sufficiently augmented, she can withstand the pressure from a 92-ton weight, and strike with a similar level of force, it is theorized that this likely was not her limit.
Ms. Marvel can absorb magical energy but not without consequences.

Carol Danvers is also an exceptional espionage agent, pilot, hand-to-hand combatant and markswoman.

Carol Danvers an officer in the United States Air Force and Security Chief of a restricted military base. There Danvers meets "Dr. Walter Lawson," who is the human alias of alien Kree hero Captain Marvel.
Caught in the explosion of a Kree device, she gains her superhuman abilities and becomes known as Ms. Marvel.
She is later approached by Nick Fury to join the Avenger Initiative.

Updated profile.


Hey all, work has been killer. Anyway can we get BIOS for caption America, Mockingbird and a completed one for iron man? X


Alias Names:Circe, Sylvia Sersi, Mesmer
Age: Over 5,000
Sexual Orientation:Bi-Curious

    140 lbs.
    Olympia, Greece; naturalized U.S. citizen
Place of Birth:
    Olympia, Greece

Powers:Sersi manipulates cosmic energy to grant herself virtual immortality and invulnerability, reshape the molecules of other people or objects, release heat, light and other energies from her eyes and hands, fly, teleport herself and others, and cast illusions.

History:Sersi is a member of the Eternals, a species diverted from humanity by experiments conducted by the Celestials one million years ago. She is at least 5,000 years old and became legendary around 1,300 B.C., when the Greek hero Odysseus and his crew, fresh from the Trojan War, came to her island Aeaea. Sersi transformed Odysseus' crewmen into pigs for attempting to menace her. Odysseus, however, managed to ward her off with the aid of the goddess Athena, and Sersi turned his men back to normal. Odysseus spent a year on Aeaea; she also encountered Odysseus' son Telemachus when he came following his father's path. Centuries later, Sersi still considered Telemachus to be the love of her life.

Over the centuries Sersi often interacted with humans, visiting Rome during the reign of Nero, helping Merlin expose an impostor (Merlin Demonspawn) in Camelot, visiting France during the French Revolution, and befriending the English poet Thomas Chatterton.

In recent years, the Celestials returned to Earth to judge humanity, the Eternals, and their other creation, the Deviants. Sersi became involved in the struggle, enjoying the adventure, but caring little for combat. By this time, Sersi had become a famous entertainer in New York, hosting parties at her loft for film stars, super heroes and other influential people. She often entertained with her powers, which her normal human guests believed to be stage magic.

Alias Jobs:Adventurer, dancer, actress, stage magician, hedonist
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Name Steve Rogers
Alias : Captain America

Age: Chronologically 73 Biologically 25
Sexual Orientation: Straight

    210 lbs.
   U.S. citizen
Place of Birth:
    Brooklyn NY USA

Powers: Super Soldier Serum Cap has improved speed strength and agility, he also possesses a vibranium shield that absorbs all force brought to bear against it. Cap also possesses a moral strength unrivalled in the modern day.

History: (Mostly taken from the 2011 film Captain America Film)

Steve Rodgers is a good guy, there is no other way to describe him. He was already Campaigning for America’s greatest son before the events of 1941 -1945 that made him an American legend.

In New York City, March 1941 , Steve Rogers was rejected for World War II military duty due to various health and physical issues. While attending an exhibition of future technologies with his friend James "Bucky" Barnes, Rogers attempted to again enlist. Having overheard Rogers' conversation with Barnes about wanting to help in the war, Dr. Abraham Erskine pulled strings to allow Rogers to enlist. Rogers was recruited into Project: Rebirth as part of a "super-soldier" experiment under Erskine, General Chester Phillips and Agent Peggy Carter.

Erskine subjected Rogers to the super-soldier treatment, injecting him with a special serum and dosing him with "vita-rays". Rogers emerges from the experiment noticeably taller and significantly more muscular. After the experiment, one of the attendees shoots and killed Erskine, revealing himself as Schmidt's assassin Heinz Kruger. Rogers pursues and captures Kruger but the assassin commited suicide via cyanide capsule before he can be interrogated.

Now the only known example of the super soldier program Cap began his military service as a costumed USO attraction selling war bonds to fund the men on the front lines.

While touring to active servicemen, Rogers learns that long time friend Bucky Barnes' unit was lost in battle against Schmidt's forces. Refusing to believe Barnes was dead, Rogers mounted a solo-rescue attempt with Peggy and Howard Stark flying him behind enemy lines.
Rogers infiltrated the fortress belonging to Schmidt's HYDRA organisation, freeing Barnes and the other captured soldiers. After this Rogers confronted Schmidt who revealed his face to be a mask, removing it to display the red-colored, skull-like face that earned him the nickname "The Red Skull". Schmidt escaped and Rogers returned to base with the freed soldiers receiving a heroes welcome.
Rogers recruited fellow rescued soldiers, Dum-Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, James Falsworth, Jacques Dernier and Bucky to attack the other known bases belonging to HYDRA. Stark provided Rogers with a new outfit and a new, circular shield made of Vibranium, capable of negating large amounts of damage. Rogers and his team attacked and destroyed all of the known bases still unable to locate the main Hydra force. The team later attacked a train carrying Arnim Zola, Schmidt's chief scientist. During the assault Zola is captured but Barnes fell from the train and was apparently lost. Using information gathered from Zola, Rogers led an attack on Schmidt's final base to stop him using his powerful weapons against American cities. Rogers manages to board Schmidt's jet before it takes off and confronted him. During the fight, Rogers damaged Schmidt's container for the tesseract. Schmidt physically handled the tesseract, causing him to dissolve in a bright light. The tesseract falls to the floor of the plane, melting through the surface and falling to Earth.
Seeing no way to safely land the plane without risking the onboard weapons detonating, Rogers made a date with Peggy via radio before purposely crashing the plane in the Arctic. Stark later recovers the tesseract from the floor of the ocean, but the aircraft remains undiscovered and Rogers is declared inactive.

Rogers was frozen in a state of hibernation and only awoke in present day New York. Confronted by Nick Fury who informed him he had been "asleep" for nearly 70 years, Rogers was naturally distraught but took the revelation with the dignity of an American Soldier.
Since that time he has tried to understand the world of today but finds much of the moral decay of the ensuing decades disturbing, especially the discovery that there is at least 1 porn film soiling the costume he wears with pride.
Listless and unsure Rogers has spent a lot of time in isolation but now called into the Avenger initiative has come face to face with other heroes.


Name; Jennifer Susan Walters.

Alter Ego; She-hulk.

Age; 32 years.

Ferociously Bisexual.

Looks; She-Hulk, or Jennifer, as her name is, stands out from the crowd, not because that she's exceptionally well trained and in a shape that makes top athletes blush, or because of the fact that she has been observed quite often hurling cars through the air, but because of the fact that she is green. Her skin takes a comfortable soft and deep green tone, her hair is dark green, on the brink of black, indeed even her eyes are the greenest green one ever saw. She's tall, ranging above your average woman, but in spite of her muscular features, she has manged to keep it in balance, and maintained some lovely womanly features, making her an attractive, even if oddly coloured, woman.

Powers; She-hulk posses most, if not all of the qualities of her male counterpart, Hulk, meaning increased strength to a superhuman level, the ability to self-heal, even though this is rarely needed due to bullets and general stab weapons high in-effectivenes on her green armor-like skin. While Hulk's fighting style is mostly based on random aggresion and brute force, She-hulk has a few unique traits of her own. Basicly, she is not driven by fury, and she likes to keep her cool. She's smart and sharp, even in stressful situations. Unlike Hulk, she also posesses somewhat superhuman agility and speed, making her both quicker, faster and more agile.

Personality; Jennifer's career as a superheroine is driven mostly by her insatiable hunger for justice in an unforgiving world. She strikes down hard on criminals and the likes, and have little mercy so show for scum. On the outside she appears cool, fearless, and a bit of joker. She likes to tease and have a laugh, and in general she's a very likable person to be around.
On the inside though, its a different story.
Her very social, outgoing exterior is mainly a coverup to her greatest weakness, her insecurity. She is well aware that she's in no way like others, and she is also used to people's mixed reactions to her presence, some giving her a warm welcome, and some showing almost racist-like traits towards this odd freak of nature. While she might be a bit of a tease, and sometimes go below the waistline, so to speak, she has an awkward relation to love, and real relationships is one of the few things that takes her out of the game completely. One could say that romantically she's a bit of a virgin. Basicly, when someone compliments her and such on a more personal level, or shows actual romantic interest in her, she's as shy as a schoolgirl, something very not like her. Also, clumsiness might occur, on a superhuman level.
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Mocking Bird
REAL NAME: Barbara "Bobbi" Morse
AGE: 24




POWERS/ABILITIES: Trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, top of the class. Excels in hand to hand combat.




EQUIPMENT: Battle Staves/Bo-staff.


--More to come...
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Hey Guys and Gals, Looking good. But I still need the History and power sections filled out from Iron-Man, Mockingbird and She-Hulk.
Marvel Wiki is the best source for that kinde of infermation.


Go and finde all you need to about youre characters.

Another note, we need a couple more guys. Mabye we can finde a Hulk player? and a Hawkeye?
I have an idea for our opening story too. Nick Fury is Missing...and Earths mightest heroes are given the task of findeing him.
But the more they look into things the worse it gets.

In terms of our Team thus far we have Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Mz Marvel, Iron-Man, Sersi, Black Panther, She-Hulk and Mockingbird. That is a GREAT combo of characters and powers. Im really excited to see how this game will go.
Any questions that you have for me?

Last of the Great Mikeys

I got a question. Who's our first enemy to be smited?


I'd like to claim Hawkeye for this thread :)

Hero Name: Hawkeye

Real Name: Clint Barton
Age: 28
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual




Powers and Abilities: Trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, top of the class. Excels in hand to hand combat and marksmanship.




More to come





Ok guys what do we think of Loki been the Bad Guy of the Story at First?

Lets make him a None Playable Character and have him and his Fost GIants attempt ot take over the Planet?
Another factor is what do we do with Nick Fury? Shall we say he too is a NPC for the time being?
Also the HULK as well. Does anyone know a good Hulk player? Ive been searching for one desperatly. 

Id like ot include these characters within the framework of the Story.
Mabye Loki for a itme takes Control over the Hulk and rampages through New York CIty.
I think Fury has recruited everyone for a Reason. Captain America for ladership skills, Iron-Man for Tech and money, Black Widow and Hawkeye for stealth. Mockingbird for her crazy ass fighting skills, Black Panther for his relaeationship with Wakanda, Thor and Sersi for their magical abilities and ties to other worlds, Mz Marvel for her increadible aliean abilities. With Hulk going apeshit under Lokis control Mabye his cosuine Jennifer Walters takes the Serum and beacomes She-Hulk? It would be great to get an origion story in here too.

This would have to be ok with She-Hulks player of corse.

Given our number we have enough of us to explore the romantic and sexual relaeationships with the characters:
So who knows what these heroes will get up to in the showers after missions. Hehehe.
Lets go for a REAL WORLD setting, with them fending off Paparazzi and such and haveing them attend meetings at the White House and Interviews with David Letterman.

Can Anyone ellse see Tony Stark hosting SNL? Beacuse I can. HAHA.
Real friendships and conflicts can be created with this cast of characters and i think we could have real fun here.
Im VERY excited aobut playing with you all.

The Base is the Classic Avengers Mansion. Which was formerly Starks mansion.


Is everyone happy iwth living there ore would some of you like youre chars to have their own apartments too?
Black Widow will defiantly have a room at the mansion as Natasha has never been a "Home bird".
Nick Fury Will operate from his Helicarrior, as in the comics.


Finally, what group shall we put this under? Small groups?

Rachel. xxx


I can get behind that although it will take quite a bit of coaxing to get Steve to loosen up a bit morally.

Last of the Great Mikeys

Oh, I do believe Loki could mess with Steve.  ;D


Quote from: Last of the Great Mikeys on September 30, 2011, 11:49:53 AM
Oh, I do believe Loki could mess with Steve.  ;D

NegaCap he's a morally loose hedonist :p
Regardless of what happens Cap is hard to resist.