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Author Topic: Medeira's Search & Ideas {F looking for M or F}  (Read 1534 times)

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Medeira's Search & Ideas {F looking for M or F}
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:41:42 AM »

Oh, ho, ho, what do we have here? A search and idea/plot thread, of course! If any of the following pique your interest, I'd please ask that you take a gander at my Ons & Offs thread to get a feel for what I will and won't do, as well as what I'm looking for in a partner. Please don't let that scare you off, I promise I don't bi- wait, can't quite guarantee that. But I can guarantee that I'm pretty nice.

Just a few basics: I prefer to play over PM or thread and can usually manage anywhere from two to eight paragraphs, depending on what is needed. When my schedule is looser, I can get you at least a post every couple days, or perhaps a bit more. When I'm busier, I will strive to mange two or three a week to make sure that the play receives the attention it deserves.

And if you have any plots or ideas beyond what I have...feel free to PM me! We'll see if it works and maybe we can get something started.

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Re: Gimme' Gimme' Baby: Medeira's Search & Ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2011, 09:39:30 AM »
Plots & Ideas
I like to leave my ideas open ended so that any partner that would like to attempt them can feel free to discuss and add in flavor and ideas of their own. Hopefully you find something to pique your interest!

One Shots
Plots that would probably work best as a one shot, but could possibly be expanded to long term.

Currently no plot bunnies for one shots. Have an idea? PM me!

Possible Long Term
Plots that would work best as an extended, longer term game.

Modern: A Shot in the Dark
Solo, MxF or FxF
Darkness was the new, trendy, hottest club in town...for the underground set, at least. It was where the elite, the average, those that wanted a new thrill went for a bit of fun. Fill out a questionnaire, get matched and go on in. Locked in a pitch black room, the occupants never see the other, only able to use their other senses, touch, taste, smell, hearing to pleasure their unknown partner. In the darkness, voices even sound different. After your time is up, you have the option of revealing yourself to the other, or not if the experience was not as expected. It was her first time at the club, and her revealed partner ends up being the last person she expected....

The other person could be her father, her mother, her best friend or her worst enemy...a politician or a teacher. So many possibilities. To extend it, the story could be continued with how they cope with what happened and whether they let it happen again.

Modern: Modern Day Wrangler
Solo, MxF
All it had taken was one little screw up and Jolie was given the worst assignment that her boss could think of. Two years of stellar performance down the drain, it has now become her job to keep the rock n’ roll world’s latest superstar from taking himself out of the game with his wild ways...and the company down with him. Oh, he is certainly talented, but he took to the rock n’ roll lifestyle like a fish to water, jumping right in without looking back. As his handler she needs to try to get him on, and keep him, on the straight and narrow during his new tour. But everyone knows that will be harder than it sounds.

Modern/Supernatural: Missing You
Solo, MxF or FxF
It had been almost six months since Lara's boyfriend/girlfriend had died in a car accident and she wasn't even close to letting go. Living alone and working from home, it gave her a lot of time to wallow in the past and as the dreams started coming, she held on even tighter. Or were they dreams? It was a creature that fed on her loneliness and despair, coming to her in the night in the guise of her lost loved one. But the few hours in the night started not being enough, it wanted to posses her fully, as itself.

I'm looking for the 'creature' to be a beast or a demon, something not truly human. It could even be a type of monster. It would use her lonliness and memories to wheedle itself into her life.

Modern/Futuristic: Just Follow Me
Solo, MxF
I was looking back over some old posts, and I came across a prompt I did a writing for during my approval process. Realizing how much fun I had with it, I would love to create something with it.

"A knock at the door catches your character off-guard. Upon answering it, she is greeted by a man who says he's from the future—and he can prove it. More important, he says he has information that will save their life."

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
“Oh, hold yer horses, why dontcha? I’m getting there,” the voice that spat out the words was a little harsher than it was meant to be, but the cacophony of knocks that had quickly escalated to bangs at the door had startled her more than she’d have liked to admit. The poor plate she’d been washing had been the casualty of noise, the poor flowered china shattered on the scarred linoleum that her feet quickly left behind. That was mark one against the mysterious door knocker. With a huff and a roll of shoulders sore from hunching over the sink, kinks were worked out before she yanked the door open with absolutely no ceremony. The abruptness of her action made the mysterious door knocker tumble forward, her own arms flying forward to brace both she and him less they tumble to the floor.

She liked to think that she was an observant person, but any thoughts of his odd attire or frantic eyes were cut off by harried movements as her guest grabbed her shoulders and pushed her through the door before whirling around to slam it behind himself.  Hair bounced as he looked left, a looked right, his back braced against the portal as if the very force of his palms pressed against the wood would keep it closed from any invader that may try to enter. Not that it had done much good against him, of course. Dark eyes darted to each window in the small living room before he rushed over and pulled the curtains closed on every single one. Darkness fell around them both, their shadowy forms illuminated only by the aurora of evening light trying to filter through the darkening cloth.

She didn’t know what she could blame her slow reaction time on, but it caught up to her with a flash. A cock of a hip, narrowed eyes tried to spear her quite unwelcome visitor with as much ire as she could muster, “What the hell are you doing? You just can’t storm in ‘ere and-” her tirade cut off before she could even get on a good roll by a hand over her mouth and whispered words shot out from the intruders mouth, very nearly tumbling over one another,

“Quiet you! You’re in danger. I’m in danger. Hell, everyone’s in danger. Do you think I would go through all this hoopla if it weren’t something important? Really, there is nothing more important than this. Life or death baby, life or death. Or, more exactly, your life or death. Oh dear, that makes it sound like a threat, doesn’t it?” As if realizing exactly how the situation seemed, his hand dropped from her mouth and he jumped back a step, palms held in front of him. But his mouth had curved into a self-assured smile, something caught between comforting and cocky with a fair bit of affection mixed in. Just one corner tipped up before he rushed on with what just happened to be an astonishing announcement, “I’m from the future and I’m going to save your life.”

What was a woman to do when faced with a possible madman locking her in her own home? Well, she laughed of course. It started as a small trickle, a tinkling of sound. Then a chuckle escaped before it escalated into full out laughter. Her sides ached after a few moments, making her body hunch over so that she could catch her breath. A single finger jabbed toward him a few times, “Good one. Who put you up to this? Was it Mick? Gettin’ into April Fool’s a bit early, ain’t he?” It was the only explanation she could come up with. It was asinine. Insane. So crazy that if not for her automatic incredulity...she may have believed him.

She could see the impatience, and perhaps a small sliver of fear flash through her visitor’s eyes. His face sobered so quickly that she was nearly shocked out of her joke. His head shook sending his hair shimmying around his head before a small sigh escaped from his lips, “You have to believe me. I know it’s a lot to ask. I storm in. I toss an unbelievable story at you. But it’s true. This time next week you’ll be dead and the future I come from will be in shambles, irreversibly changed. Time travels a tricky lot, you only get so many chances to get it right,” it was almost as if he were talking to himself, reminding himself of his duty. His body launched into motion, sending him pacing across the room in long legged lopes, fingers hooked together behind his back. She could practically see when he came to a realization. His face lit up and a grin flashed before he pointed to her purse, his gaze lifting to meet hers, “In there is a lottery ticket. You never tell anyone you buy them, your own little dirty secret. Your friends would laugh at you, wouldn’t they? You buy them at the same time Tuesday mornings as you head to work,” his grinned softened into something gentler. Something almost...intimate. It was then she felt her first real flash of fear. Was he a stalker?, he didn’t seem the type, but what did she know?

He shifted, his eyes dropping to the floor, “This Thursday, you’ll bring your ticket into the gas station to be checked against the winning numbers. But this time, the clerk won’t end up shredding your little ticket,” gaze lifting, his eyes locked directly onto hers, “Your lottery win will change your life.”

A line was being crossed. You were never supposed to tell anyone you meet in the past of their future. But if the future he knew was to be had to be done, “You’ll quietly give backing and start up funds to companies that change the world. Without you, no lenders would touch them. Transportation, medicines, technological advances at a rate that hasn’t been seen in decades. All because of your dirty little secret. Let’s just say...there are those that don’t want that future to become reality. Killing you is the easiest way for them to get you out of the way.” Before she knew it, he was standing in front of her, his hands braced on her shoulders and his face tilted down to hers, “You have to believe me.” It was said quietly, pleadingly, everything in him imploring that she just take a leap of faith.

All her adult life, she’d lived in a nine to five back and forth to work world. Go for drinks with friends, come home and clean up. A nice little bubble. Nothing special. Nothing spectacular.

“What are you to me?” It was a simple question asked softly, tentatively, but one she felt implored to ask. Not who are you. But who he was to her. The dishes in the sink fell further from her mind than they already had. The world around her focused on this single point in time, the one quiet question and the potential of the answer.

His smile quirked again as he stepped back, hands sliding from her shoulders, “You’ll find out soon enough.”
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Re: Gimme' Gimme' Baby: Medeira's Search & Ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2011, 09:40:17 AM »

Fantasy and fantastical beasts. But unfortunately I don't have any ideas or plots!

I love FxF but I'm really craving MxF right now. Aren't cravings strange like that?

Bad boys and good girls that aren't as good as they seem.

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Re: Gimme' Gimme' Baby: Medeira's Search & Ideas
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2011, 07:50:45 PM »
Taken & Archived

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

TAKEN Modern: Lost in the Jungle
Solo, MxF or FxF
Deep in the Amazon jungle, evil is eating away at the very fabric that holds society together. Riots start, governments start to crumble. A scientist and her partner, a world known adventurer are sent deep in the jungle to figure out what is going on. Will they be able to hold it together long enough to figure out what is going on, or will they begin to fall apart just like the rest? (This could also be adapted for a fantasy setting).

TAKEN Modern or Fantasy: Nice and Easy
Solo, MxF or FxF
Traveling is expensive...and becomes even moreso when everything you have on you is stolen. My character would have some run in with trouble and unable to pay her way, would need to find some way or...someone to help her get through.

TAKEN Modern: A New Direction
Solo, FxF
"Screw him," Caelyn thought as the warm breeze rustled her hair, "I didn't need that bastard anyway."
A tropical island, a meek spirit determined to have an adventure. One night in the local bar changed it all with a drink, a flirt and an unexpected kiss from the beautiful bartender. The bartender had seen it time and time again, scorned lovers drowning their sorrows in the sun and alcohol of her island, the retreat she'd sought out years before. But for some reason, this young woman tugged at her, such a pretty little thing shouldn't be so sad.

TAKEN Modern: From the Beginning
Solo, MxF or FxF, Incest
Twins (fraternal or identical), they were as close as any siblings could ever be, though they've always felt there was...more. The connection between the two was stronger than mere siblings, they were the other half of one another, a piece that no other could ever fulfill. As teenagers, they dated others but it just wasn't right, both knowing that their one true love was their other half, their twin. But they also knew the craving to be with one another was wrong by societies rules and they never stepped across that line, no matter how much they wanted to. Now one is getting married and the other, scared, devastated and afraid of a future without their twin is determined to cross that line and claim them as their own.

I would love, love, love to do this as a sister/sister game, with my character being the one getting married, but I'm fully willing to adjust to other options such as brother/sister and the going after the other.

TAKEN Modern: Learning the Hard Way
Solo, MxF or FxF
Contrary to what the title suggests, this wouldn't be a school girl plot, but one about an intern at a prestigious corporation (specifics can be discussed). Fresh out of college, she needs the good reviews to put her on the fast track in her chosen career. But the boss she gets paired with is demanding, sometimes unreasonable and often has...odd requests. Will she do what he/she says to get ahead? I would love for this to contain some sort of non-con element.

 TAKEN Modern: Shopaholic
Solo, MxF or FxF
Deep in debt with no way out, Gia needs some money and fast. Never one to beg, she approaches her best friend/co-worker/boss for a loan, but instead of money in return, they want something far more personal...her, any way they can get her. Apprehensive, she tries to think of a way out of it, but she really doesn't want to give up her closet full of designer clothes.

TAKEN Futuristic: The Unmatchables
Solo, MxF or FxF
In a futuristic society, one can only marry when matched by the government matchmakers. But what happens to those that are deemed incompatible with anyone else on file? Sarah is one of those so called 'Unmatchables', a woman that has defied every computer program that has been set up to arrange her with her perfect match. Reaching the cut off date of her 27th birthday with no match in sight, she is taken into the 'Perfection Program', a fully intensive program intended to re-mold men and women so that they can find their mate. Paired with a teacher they are trained and perfected, but Sarah just didn't know how invasive it would be.

I love the story idea, but I don't quite know what I'm looking to go with it yet. For second character, I guess I'd be looking for the teacher, male or female that is assigned to Sarah and we can discuss exactly what kind of changes and training would happen through the program.

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Re: Gimme' Gimme' Baby: Medeira's Search & Ideas
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2011, 09:07:14 PM »

Afterlife, schmafterlife. feat. CaptainNexus616

Learning the Hard Way feat. Arkaniel

Shopaholic feat. MagicalPen

BTVS St Louis, Blood in the Streets feat. maniac

Leaving the below for reference.

A Shot in the Dark feat. Flying Ferret

Last Chance feat. Crazy Jay

Modern Day Wrangler feat. Legendary

Lost in the Jungle feat. Chrystal

A New Direction feat. Visna

Bump in the Night feat. bigwad73l
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Re: Medeira's Search & Ideas {F looking for M or F}
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2011, 12:17:42 PM »
Updated Plots with "From the Beginning".

Also updated and clarified a few older plots (A New Direction, Bump in the Night and Shopaholic [big change in that one]), as well as updated cravings.

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Re: Medeira's Search & Ideas {F looking for M or F}
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2011, 05:16:04 PM »
Removed taken plots: A New Direction, Bump in the Night, From The Beginning

Added two new plots, one possible long term and one short term: The Unmatchables and Yes, Ma'am.

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Re: Medeira's Search & Ideas {F looking for M or F}
« Reply #7 on: July 12, 2014, 06:40:32 PM »
  • Re-added plots that haven't been used in well, three years, but that I'm still interested in.
  • Adjusted cravings.
  • And just over-all updates.

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Re: Medeira's Search & Ideas {F looking for M or F}
« Reply #8 on: July 14, 2014, 03:32:26 PM »
Added two new plots:
  • Missing You
  • Just Follow Me