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Author Topic: New plots from Rayne -F looking for M-  (Read 632 times)

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New plots from Rayne -F looking for M-
« on: September 18, 2011, 11:20:15 PM »
Hello all, I'm making another search thread here, ignore the one in my sig. Check out my rabbit hole and rp preferences though to see my on offs.
But, if you don't check it out, just know for my offs, I don't do vore, gore, scat or heavy violence/pain, torture etc.
For post lengths, I like to keep it under 3 paragraphs, but right now since I'm kinda busy one or two is best.

Anyways, onto the rps. I only do forums, but I'm happy to set this up over pms or im.

The Blood Donor-
In the mood for a bit of a vampire roleplay. My idea is that a vampire works at a blood bank -hey look free food-, when one day a girl comes in that attracts his attention. Sure, she's attractive... but the main thing that has his interest is her blood. For some reason or another, it just tastes better.
Eventually, he decides he wants this girl for himself and, after one of her donation trips, he kidnaps her and takes her to his home to keep prisoner and provide him with fresh blood whenever he desires. Of course, making the prisoner willing to stay always makes things easier.
-I'm not interested in torture or tons of pain, certainly no death. The idea is that she becomes a treasured possession to him, something he feels he needs. I'm very open to suggestions, ideas etc on this one.

She thought she could make a fortune. Break into the richest mansion in town and never have to steal again... but things went horribly wrong. The owner of said house caught her and, instead of turning her over to authorities, decided he might enjoy having a servant/slave/pet to entertain him.

In this rp I'd be interested in a twist, such as maybe the owner of the house is a vampire, demon or werewolf, but I won't require it. Just throwing it out there. This can range from non-con/bondage to something more extreme. However, be it stockholm syndrome or something else, I would like this to work around to a romance.


~The Farm~
  Its the nightmare punishment, being sent out to the family friend/ relative's farm to work for the summer. Especially for teens today, so used to being spoiled and having it easy. But... this farm is a bit odd. By day it specializes in breeding horses and dogs, by night it becomes a much more perverse place. And she's stuck there for the summer...

Extreme rp, up for including bondage, beastiality, non con. Very open to any sort of ideas.


Corrupting Disney:
Taking Beauty and the Beast and kicking it up a notch. Or Alice in Wonderland. I could see either of them being fun.

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Offline tsc

Re: kinks, plots and pics -F looking for M-
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2011, 01:05:09 PM »
I'm interested in the 'Karma' idea, with the owner being a vampire or demon (or heck, maybe some sort of demon that needs to drink blood...).  We can work out through play exactly what he is.

Character info:

Name:  Thomas Bywater
Apparent Age:  mid-30's

Appearance:  Moderately tall (about six feet), Thomas has a strong face with deep brown eyes and hair that's almost black.  A small goatee distracts from his abnormally pointed canine teeth.  He dresses well, but casually, generally in slacks and a crisp white shirt.

The mansion:  Thomas' home is a bit over a hundred years old, but has been extensively modernized, with running water, electricity, etc.  It's set back on its own estate, it's "driveway" being a road that cuts a good half-mile through forest before emerging onto the well-maintained lawns.  The house itself has over forty rooms, only a few of which are now in any regular use.  The original builder was fond of secrets and a bit of a voyeur, and the house has secret passages and rooms, which Thomas knows well.

There's a separate gardener's cottage, and the garage is physically separated from the main house.

Notes:  Exactly what Thomas does that allowed him to afford to buy the mansion is a subject of some speculation in the neighboring town -- all that's known for sure is that he has infrequent visitors and lives alone.

I'm thinking that it starts with non-con/light bondage, evolves to love.  That's the way I tend to like things to go anyway.