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Author Topic: Two Blood Elves Seeking Dominate M or F  (Read 984 times)

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Two Blood Elves Seeking Dominate M or F
« on: September 18, 2011, 12:40:02 pm »
RP Type: WOW (World Of Warcraft)

Orc x Blood Elf x Blood Elf
Blood Elf x Blood Elf x Blood Elf
Forsaken x Blood Elf x Blood Elf
Troll x Blood Elf x Blood Elf
Tauren x Blood Elf x Blood Elf

Ratings: You playing 9-12 and me playing a 4 and 2nd Blood Elf as a ___
Post Requirements:Good Quality Writing (This is not a Smut RP...)
RP Requirements: Knowledge of World of Warcraft.   

A young Blood Elf Mage is caught helping a member of the Alliance by an Elder member of the Horde who decides that death would be to easy....

The tips of her ears flicked some in aggravation, why did she had to come all the way to Ashevnale just for some Bruiseweed. Why couldn’t her teacher just buy some from vender or have one of the other students, then again the young blood elf was the newest in her class. Barely two years into adult hood, even if most of her people still saw her as a child. Entering unfriendly land already put her on edge as she carefully and quietly gathered what she as sent there to get. Ears perked up, twitching every now and then to listen to the sounds around her. Knowing that the Night Elves, although brothering of the Blood Elves who where once the proud High Elves until there beloved Sunwell was destroyed, would kill her with out a second thought.

The history of her people was a long one, with many low points and sad tells. Though, the young Blood Elf still did not understand most of it, something inside her disliked her people’s rule under the Horde. Something inside her told her it was wrong to do what she had to in order to survive. How she had to “feed” off the magic of others around her, drain them dry of Fel energy in order to fight of her own withdrawal. Part of her wished she could rejoin what was left of the High Elves and live with out worry of the Night Elves moonwells. But such things where never talked about, knowing she would be punished for such thoughts. A slightly sigh leaving her lips as she stood up once more, dusting off her robes.

Placing the herbs into her side pouch and walking over to the water. It was crystal clear and acted like a mirror as she looked herself over. Long auburn brown hair feel down to her shoulders, some of it falling into her face. Such a young and lovely face at that, blessed with the beauty only elven females had. Yet, it was her eyes that drew attention to her both good and bad. Even from birth one eye had always been blue, something only High Elves had…the other green. No one, not even the elders of her kind, could explain such things. Some liked it, others hated her for it. Yet another sigh leaving her lips, the elf bending down to touch the water only to jump back up and a blood curling scream.

Head whipping around to see where it was coming from only to hear another. With out thinking the blood elf took off running toward the sounds. The closer she got the more the sounds of a battle could be heard and before long the fight was before her. Eyes growing wide at the sight of a Night Elf Druid and a very large Naga clashed before her. A Night Elf, her brethren by blood lines. The Naga allies and friends to the Blood Elves. Her teachings telling her to help the Naga but something inside told her it was the fellow elf she would help. Ether way both where more powerful then her. With out knowing it she found herself casting her Fireball, but she aimed it toward the Naga not the Night Elf. Why, not even she knew but she cast another toward the Naga. Finally watching as the Naga fell, the Nigh Elf doing the same but the victor of this fight. Wounded and near death while the Naga already welcomed it.

With out thinking the Mage found herself taking a knee next to the fallen elf, hands reaching into her bag for a vile of some kind liquid and was about to give it to the Druid just as fingers wrapped around her neck. A strong powerful grasp throwing her back, body hitting the sandy ground hard. Knocking the wind from her lungs. Watching as her attacker turned his attention to the Druid she was helping, a loud thundering voice feeling her ears and at once she knew he was talking to her. Even as the life was taken from the Druid. Ears lowering in fear as she did her best to back away from the male that had thrown her. The larger walking slowly toward her, the fear that was growing inside screaming at her to run, but all she could do was pull herself along the ground, legs kicking some to push her more backwards. Those two lovely eyes growing wide as he reached for his weapon, lips parting some to try and yell but no sound came. Panic and fear only growing as the Blood Elf saw how easy he handled the weapon.

It took a moment for her to take notice of who the male was, she had heard stories about the great warrior. Knowing that death was calling her name, and he would be the one to give death want it wanted. Head tilting back some to look up at the male, who in turn made about three or four of her, hand and arm rising up shield her face. Like it would do any good. Feeling the hand wrap around her hair and lift the elf to her feet. The girl letting out a fearful scream. Feeling the cold metal press against her neck and her warm blood dripping down her neck. Waiting for death to take over her only to find….nothing. The blade just rested there. His voice ringing in her ears, sending chills down her spine.

Why had the Elder not killed her? It wouldn’t have taken much, then his next statement. The shock that passed threw her body, emotions that no words could ever speak about only to be replaced by pain as she was thrown. The ground putting ripping into both flesh and cloth. Sand and dirt covering her. Looking up at the elder with tear filled eyes that held nothing but fear now. Face cut and bruised, her neck now holding a that new cut caused by his weapon. Robe torn, arms holding new wounds from when she landed. Looking nothing like the elf she had been only a few minutes ago. Body slowly moving so she was now on her hands and knees facing the elder. Looking over her shoulder to see where she could have ran if she dared such an act.  Knowing she was fast, but the warrior before her…she knew he would kill her if she tried. Having just starting her training it no doubt he was more skilled then her in every possible way.

If she wanted to live there was only one thing left to do. Lips parting as she moved slowly toward him, hand reaching out to touch his leg only to draw back in fear. Body lifting slowly so she was on her knees before him. Hands coming together as though she was trying to pray to some unknown deity, head lowering not daring to look up at the male. “P…P…Please, I didn’t know what I was doing! It…It will never happen again I swear! I…I’ll do what ever it takes to make it up to the Horde, just name it Elder! P…P…Please, it will never happen again!” Her words almost drowning in fear as she stuttered. Body lowlier some as her knees dug into the ground below. 

The Second Blood Elf is the First Blood Elf's Brother. His player will be posting how he fits in soon.

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Re: Two Blood Elves Seeking Dominate M or F
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2011, 01:07:58 pm »
Victanys inded enjoied the day, when hsi twin sister was sent out for herbs, he accompanied her, since they were new together tot he realm of magic. "this should be all we need right?" Bearing very similar auburn hair, though his eyes were both green, the male blood elf turned at the sound fo the scream and held his hands at the ready to defend his twin sister.

As they came upon the battle, he groaned at the connundrum, but cast a lightning bolt towards the  naga as well. Though he turned, seeing the Elder and knew his sister woud be punished, so he movd to try and protect her. But the elder, being more powerful easily threw him away with a dull crash and a groan. "elder! Please reconsider this!" He moved close to his sister, letting her plead but he nodded in agreement. "I as well Elder." He was just as much int he wrong as she was, for he had helped his sister defeat the naga and even tried to defend her against the elder. "Anything to make it up to the hoarde."

Victanys is here and that's whats going down from his POV