Whimsical Silly Serious or Kinky (M/M)

Started by meowpiepanda, September 17, 2011, 05:30:10 PM

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The characters here can definitely be altered for the sake of a role play.  These are just ideas to start out with.  Also, if you don't see something you like here but you feel that there may be compatibility between us feel free to PM me. 

Obviously I generally assume that the forums here are where we will be using these ideas.  IM role play is enjoyable if you want to jump around and use different ideas rather frequently, so if short term stories are more what you are looking for than such a setting is okay.

I have trouble finding representations of characters I like and have even more trouble drawing them, so no images for now.

Feel free to check my Ons and Offs.

Starting Ideas and Future Brainstorms:

I am best at coming up with more complex plot concepts once I get my feet wet.  It's difficult for me to define a world completely from the beginning, so look at these as only general ideas.  Once we start communicating and get started my ideas will become more complex.

Soft Rope:
This is a consensual bondage plot.  I want to play a character who discovers he loves to be tied up and bound, almost as if it's more secure for him.  He has a strong fetish for sensory deprivation as well.  I was hoping to find someone who would enjoy exploring this attraction with him, someone he loves and trusts and will push his buttons out of respect instead of doing it to embarrass or offend him.  They'd eventually discover that not only is bondage and sensory deprivation fun in sexual settings but when they are just hanging out as well.  Perhaps they have a few friends who are trusted and casual enough that they may become involved, but that idea is entirely up to your preference.

Let's create a world comprised of a series of dreams and nightmares.  I'm thinking optional continuity and general whimsy filled with completely unrealistic to concrete worlds and events.  I don't think the waking world would even be addressed (though it can be), and characters can be frequent, always different, or usually the same.  Perhaps it's the dreams of one person who takes on any number of roles in sleep?  Do we need to say?  Let me know. 

I'm looking for someone to play an angel who is cold cruel and controlling.  Someone who loves mind games, and can pretend to have that sweet angelic personality just to watch the man who worships him fall apart when the truth is revealed.  Tear him apart but never let him go, and show him the truth about heaven and hell: that all that matters is who is in power, that god's will has nothing to do with it, and that angels are some of the most wicked creatures ever to have existed.  Be horrendously jealous and controlling to the point that my character is afraid to leave the house, but don't be afraid to humiliate him.  Take him to heaven and show him hell.

This doesn't actually need to be super sexual, though it certainly can be.  Similarly, my character wouldn't be ridiculously naive.  He'd be faithful, likely viewing your angel as a hero, but his personality would be human not "super uke."

Drugs have always been interesting to me, and I really want the chance to explore a role play scenario centered around making up different crazy effects.  They can be whatever we want:  addictive, arousing, hallucinogenic, or they can even occasionally have no effect at all.  We could play a chemist and his friend or kidnapped slave.  The friend would just be down for a thrill and be willing to test any drug.  The slave would have no choice.  I figure this can range from being very sexual at moments to just being about the simple fun of going on an adventurous trip around town, or around the house/compound as the case may be.  If we want something a little more dramatic aspects of addiction can begin to show and worsen as time goes by.  Drugs can have negative affects as well, causing fits of insane behavior, or even health issues if you're willing to tackle that.  The fun part about this is that we can so easily make adjustments according to our moods.

I'd prefer to play the test subject in this scenario, but I think it would be fun if both of our characters partook on occasion as well.

I'm curious to try a city where sex is a more casual thing.  Cut off from the world and void of the very young, this is an exclusive place where sex can be as public or private as one wants, and something as simple as ordering a cup of coffee can be... difficult to focus on.  Travel in and out of the city is only possible once a decade, and as people leave it is replenished by volunteers masters and slaves.  Some who were brought against their will are freed once they arrive, forced to make the best of the next ten years before they can leave again.  People who have been there a while tend to enjoy watching unwilling newcomers become shocked by their surroundings.  The various stages of acceptance and enjoyment that follow can be enticing for a bored resident to watch.  I would like to play one of these forced newcomers if you'd be willing to help him become for accustomed to life here. 

The Lush Desert:
Who could have conceived such a lush vibrant place could exist among the hard barren wastes?  The traveler knew that he was lucky to have stumbled upon it, and even luckier to have gained passing through the great gates that penetrated the strange fog which surrounded the unfamiliar canyon.  Green painted nature's vast walls, the massive cliffs providing a surprising sense of security.  A massive waterfall seemed to feed everything here, and when he stood at its base it looked so high that it looked as if it had come directly from god.  He was asked many questions once inside, about where he came from, the loves of his life, all manner of human curiosities.  One man in particular seemed to enjoy showing him around, a tall handsome man with a beautiful body and eyes that sucked the wearied traveler in with remarkable intensity.  Best of all the man showed no contempt for the traveler's admission toward homosexuality.  He actually almost seemed excited, and that was a very good sign. 

Suddenly the guest was shocked to find himself suddenly and rather forcefully pampered and dressed up.  They performed a ritual and had him drink some sort of potion, the sharp, thick liquid arousing his senses the moment it touched his lips.  Finally the grand prince was ushered in, and the traveler was shocked and enthralled by the discovery that it had been the very man he'd been talking to.  When they told him he was to service the man the rest of his days he felt the need to argue, but the thought of spending eternity with this gorgeous prince was a choice he felt he could make.  The taste of ecstasy upon his lips seemed to ease the sense of mourning for his freedom, and completely seduced he continued to drink.

It was subtle, designed to change him in a way he would never even notice.  He drank from the chalice and reflected upon his past, noting that his new life may very well be considered a better and more prestigious one than he ever had before.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, and compliance would come naturally.  After all, he did like the man very much, and the desire he held for him had been intense from the start.  He took another sip of the enchanted wine and relaxed, deciding to enjoy the festivities for now and worry about the woes of slavery when he was subjected to it.
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