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Author Topic: The Poachers : the sequel [NC, EX]  (Read 481 times)

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The Poachers : the sequel [NC, EX]
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:41:37 AM »
The Poachers
[Non-consensual, extreme bondage, torture, MF/f, humiliation, filth, fighting, rebellious, struggling]

At just 23 year old, Cathy Oaks was proud to have been incorporated into the Alaska Rangers. To her this was a dream come true as she had always liked the wilderness and outdoor activities since her tenderest age. Already when just a little girl she wanted to save the whales, protect the baby seals and heal all wounded animals. These noble feeling had grown and evolved with age. She had become very active among the girl scouts of her region. She had attended and taught a number of survival courses and thus she had easily passed the Ranger examination.

She was no true Ranger yet, though. She was only an assistant, along with others, and she knew that only one of them would be granted a long-term contract. Cathy was willing to put all odds on her side to win the prize and become a true Alaska Ranger.

Luck was on her side: She was off-duty and, as often, was spending her free time roaming the outdoor with her camera, trying to capture wildlife scenes when she found a trap. It was one of those huge, jagged jaws, wolf traps. The type that left the kind of horrible wounds they had found on the dead, poached animals. Unknowingly, she had entered the Poachers' new hunting territory.

This was the chance of her life! If she could bring proofs of their activities and help to catch them, she was sure to get that Ranger position. Being off-duty, she had not taken her radio with her, and there was no network for her cell phone. She decided that her best option would be to take pictures and bring them back to the Rangers.

She took a couple of snapshots of the trap and then began to follow the traces left by the poachers. Her long experience with tracking animals was making it not too difficult. There were those broken twigs, prints in the soft earth, ruffled grasses and pine needles... She followed the traces for 30 minutes and found two other traps. She took pictures of them but did not disarm them. It was crucial that the poachers should not know they had been discovered. Otherwise, they would just go away before the Rangers could arrive.

The pine forest was littered with a carpet of needles that helped her to progress quietly, but all these tall ferns were preventing her from seeing more than about 50 yards. At some point she detected the smell of smoke. A camp fire! Following the scent she began to move even more cautiously.

And suddenly they were there! At the bottom of a small slope where ferns were lower. They were about 100 yards away, four of them, sitting around a small fire where they were roasting some piece of meat. Hidden behind the ferns, Cathy began to snap picture after picture. With her 400-mm zoom, she could clearly see their faces, as well as the trapping gear hanging from their backpacks, close to them. They were done!

She was taking the last snapshots when she saw one of them point his finger into her direction. All their faces turned instantly. Cathy immediately pulled back her camera behind the ferns she was hiding in. Her heart was beating fast suddenly. Obviously they had seen or heard something, but surely they could not have seen clearly what it was!


This story can be found here. I loved this story... It was my favourite! Alas, Ivygrowth, my co-author, never came back and the story is at a stall.

Would anybody take her place? Please PM me if you are interested to continue this story with me. You may be male or female, but you need to have a cruel, creative mind.