Sephiroth looking for a Jenova

Started by sephiroth, September 14, 2011, 08:38:04 PM

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Hi, I hope I put this in the right place. I am going for a try at some thing odd and different. Ok first If you don't like the idea you don't have to comment. I am looking for a post to post roleplay. Me as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and some one to play as Jenova from Final Fantasy VII. A mom on son thing, I don't thinks it's a bad idea knowing that Jenova is not Sephiroth's real mom. It would be a sexual roleplay. Maybe some bondage. If anyone would like to take me on let me know.  You can be a man are a girl to play her. Jst as long as you know how Jenova is.
why so serious? lets put a smile on the face!...

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