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Author Topic: Reggie ready to roleplay.  (Read 596 times)

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Offline reggiethelastTopic starter

Reggie ready to roleplay.
« on: September 13, 2011, 09:29:42 PM »
Hey, I’m Reggie and I’m looking for a couple partners to RP with. My time is pretty limited so that’s why I’m narrowing it down to only one or two people. I haven’t RPed in months and I’m looking to get back into it. I’m a full time college student with two part time jobs and a social life so I won’t be able to be on constantly. I’m looking for someone who is very understanding when it comes to that. I show my partners the same respect whether they’re busy, in a middle of an emergency or just want to take a break.

Literacy wise I don’t think I’ll disappoint (hopefully). I may not be able to write pages and pages but I do try my best. Usually a low post for me is two paragraphs and that’s when my partner isn’t giving me much to work with or the roleplay is losing steam for me. I’m only interested in Hetro pairings and I’m not interested in rape or incest type pairings. I like smut as much as the next guy but unfortunately those RPs lose steam very quickly and I’d love something a little more complex. I have some basic pairings we can work on together and more fleshed out ideas as well. I’m always willing to listen to input or suggestions.

That’s pretty much it about me. I hope I have a few of you interested. Here’s some of the pairings and plots I have in mind. I’m mostly craving something crime based at the moment. I’m willing to RP over IMs, PMs or threads.

Established universes:

Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Star Wars


Some very basic pairings here.
American Soldier x German Woman/Nurse
American Soldier x French Woman/Nurse
American Soldier x Russian Woman/Nurse
Nazi Soldier x Jewish Woman
Nazi Soldier x French Woman
Nazi Soldier x Allied Nurse

Gangster x Witness to murder
Gangster x Waitress
Gangster x Club singer
Gangster x My Don's daughter
Gangster x Enemy's Don's daughter
Gangster x Police Chief's daughter
Gangster x Club girl
Gangster x Police Officer/Detective

Cowboy/Outlaw x Saloon girl
Cowboy/Outlaw x Farmer's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Sheiff's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Mayor's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Native American

Modern Day Ideas:
Wealthy Man x Maid
Cook/Waiter/Customer/Manager x Waitress
Employee/Boss x Secretary
Fan/Manager/Celebrity x Celebrity/Fan
City Boy/Country Boy x City Girl/Country Girl
Trucker x Hitchhiker
Pilot/Vacationer x Flight Attendant
Vacationer x Vacationer (Island Paradise, Europe, Cruise Ship)
Vacationer x Receptionist/Waitress
Movie or Music Star x Receptionist/Waitress
Neighbour x Neighbour/Neighbour's legal daughter (Married or Unmarried)
Famous Politician/Actor/Musician x Reporter
Cop x Citizen
Parent x Babysitter
Teacher/Student/Professor x Student/Teacher
Out of town Biker x Local Woman
Politician out on the town x Local woman
Father's Friend x Daughter
Brother's Friend x Sister
Husband x Wife's Sister
Husband's Brother x Wife
Boyfriend's Friend x Girlfriend
Friend's Boyfriend x Friend
Boyfriend's Brother x Girlfriend
Sister's Boyfriend x Sister
Repair/Salesman x Woman(Married or not)
Stranded (Jungle Island Plane Crash)
Directer x Actress


Post Apocalyptic:

A nuclear war has wiped out large portions of the world’s population and now the most valued things are clean water, gasoline and bullets. After about fifty years or so a lot of settlements are established. However since there’s no longer a government many gangs run free. Some smaller, some larger. Some just armed with baseball bats, some with fire arms. Some of these gangs just seek survival and raid settlements for food and water others seek power and actually get slaves. 

1.My character has been a drifter for a number of years. Barely surviving but so far he’s gotten lucky. He’s also not afraid of the gangs but for the most part he looks out for himself. A long his travels he stumbles upon a settlement that’s being raided by a gang. He watches from a distance until they leave then he goes to check out what’s left that he can grab. While searching through the building he finds your character who is the only survivor who was able to hide during the attack.

2.My character is a head of a small but well known gang. They’re well known because instead of going after settlements they attack other gangs. This is difficult since we are on the smaller side but we’ve managed to get by. Eventually we attack another gang’s camp who happens to have slaves. After a violent battle with large losses on each side my gang comes out on top. I free the few slaves who are still alive. You’re one of them.

3.My character lives in a small shed just outside of a rather large settlement. It’s one of the few that has actually built order and protection for itself. Only a few gangs are foolish enough to attack it and all the ones that have so far have lost. I keep to myself outside of the settlement and only come in when I need supplies. Not much is known about my character except that the gangs are terrified of me. All is good until a much larger gang has an eye on their settlement. They attack in the middle of the night and kill many people. You’re the daughter of the leader. During the attack your father is killed  but eventually the gang is driven back. After the loss of your father your uncle takes control but hasn’t a clue how to protect it’s citizen if the gang returns which it will. Then you remember about the man who dwells outside the walls.

Modern Day Crime:

1.There’s a large gang who’s destroying the city. Half the police are on the payroll and witnesses are getting killed like flies every day. Murder, drugs, prostitution, protection rackets, loan sharks, theft, arms trafficking become more and more common. You’re a rookie on the force and since your new the police chief trusts that you haven’t been corrupted yet. He decides to send you under cover to get as close to the gang’s leader as possible by any means necessary.

2.You’re a talented and beautiful lounge singer. You work in a well known club where you have a lot of admirers. One of which is my character. I end up coming back night after night just to see you. Eventually I explain that I want you to work in my club and by coming with me you could even get to go to Hollywood however you explain you’re on a contract. I tell you with I’m with some powerful people that can get you out. Little do you know I’m apart of a powerful crime family and little do I know that the club you work in is owned by the rival family. You just got caught up in between a bloody gang war.

3.My character is a new cop there is a new gang in town who’s trying to take over. My first assignment is to take down it before things get out of hand. The leader of the gang becomes aware of who I am and what I’m trying to do. He decides he needs counter intelligence and sends you (his girlfriend/sister/daughter/gang member) to try and get everything I know so he’ll always be one step ahead.  You’re trying to take me down while I’m trying to take your gang down.

4. My character is an ex cop. Thrown off the force due to excessive violence and drinking. Now I’ve become a private investigator working free lance mostly getting divorce cases. You play as a prostitute or a gang member from one of the local gangs. Your gang uses you and sets you up. Now you’re upset and wanting revenge on the people who you used to trust. Wanting to take them down won’t be easy and due to your past you can’t go to the police so you come to my character for help.