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Author Topic: I gots plots. :P [MxF] [FxF]  (Read 713 times)

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I gots plots. :P [MxF] [FxF]
« on: September 13, 2011, 02:02:51 pm »
I just figured I'd post a big collection of pairings and plots, compiled into one simple thread. I'll update this regularly with new things I come up with. Let me first just say that these are all based on story development and character development first. Other than not expecting instant sex, I only ask that people write at least a full paragraph per post (WAYYY more preferred though). As for characters, I prefer Dominance in both of them, or atleast a desire to be dominant. My character's will often end up the submissive ones in the end (unless you'd prefer that role), but I like the intensity of mutual conflict appearing regularly before one can assert their dominance over the other. In MxF, I typically like playing the male, but in some cases I'm willing to play the female if necessary. Settings I like; Fantasy, Sci-fi, Modern, Alternate History, Historical, Futuristic, Star Wars, Tamriel(Elder Scrolls), Thedas(Dragon age), Post Apocalyptic.

Anyways, to the plots.

Pirate & The Prince [MxF]
Set within the kingdom of England in the late 1500's, A pirate captain named Captain Gash is notorious, as the most fearsome pirate in all the seven seas. Nothing had ever gone wrong for him and his crew, they always succeeded in raids, and pulled off the largest heists imaginable, with no casualties in most cases. That all changed, when the king is tipped off by someone the captain trusts. He sends his naval fleet, which finally pins the pirate crew down. Gash and his notorious crew are arrested, Gash and his daughter are taken before the court to face their charges. The king sentences them to death, but the prince takes a liking to the dirty pirate girl. Despite the king's disdain of the idea, the captain's daughter is spared from death, only if she takes the prince's hand in marriage. The girl of course, has no intention of sticking around. She deceives her way to freedom, arranges to have her crew bust out of the dungeon, and attempts to save her father from the gallows. Her plan is moderately successful, as her crew wreaks havoc and fights their way back to the docked ship. Meanwhile, the captain's daughter, fails to save her father, but makes it back to the ship. The prince ends up a stowaway, so enthralled by the pirate girl, that he unthinkingly follows her on board. Rather than kill him the young captain decides to take him in as one of the crew, despite how pampered he was. The cocky prince will need to be taken down a peg, but in time they grow to mutual lust then love. All while the mysterious informant is revealed, the new captain seeks vengeance, sending them on a hopeless chase around the world.

The Honeymoon [MxF] or [FxF]
There is an organization, of excellent spies. They're mysterious, sometimes simply investigating crimes,  all the way to committing murders. Sometimes, they  investigate them. The organization's top operatives are tied for a title of "the best" within the organization. Both are swift, deadly, intelligent, discreet and cunning.  Whenever pushed to compete, they tie, be it in fighting, or any physical contest, all the way to tests of things as banal as luck. This competition is one of many reasons that they hate eachother. When a string of murder's takes place at a resort, targeting only happy couples, the two best operatives are undoubtedly utilized. They must go to the resort, and posture as a happy couple, while trying to avoid their constant bickering reaching the public eye. Over the course of the investigation, things slowly change between them. By the time the case is solved, they are together, but still must compete for the top spot, presenting new challenges for them to overcome when facing each other. From here, things can continue on to other cases, but the first one will take a good deal of time anyways. 

Bang! Bang! [MxF] [FxF]
A soldier is sent on tour, deep within a desolate jungle, far from the battle field. Holding the small village seems to be no problem at first, the only thing they have to overcome is boredom. But the military occupation leads to the most terrifying expierience of the soldier's life, as a vicious band of slave trading, drug dealing, overall criminals raid the village nearby. The solider's are taken off guard, one of which is spared, as the leader of the criminal band takes a liking to them. The leader of the  criminals decides to keep their new military pet, and utilize their skills in the fight, as well as using them as a general tool for pleasure.

Pairings [MxF] or [FxF]
  • HumanxVampire
  • VampirexVampire
  • VampirexVampire Hunter
  • SpyxSpy
  • HumanxElf
  • AthletexAthlete
  • JedixJedi (I have plots for this)
  • JedixSith
  • AthletexTrainer
  • AssassinxTarget
  • Dragon Age: OCxOC
  • Elder Scrolls: OCxOC
  • WerewolfxHuman
  • Native AmericanxCowboy/girl
  • KnightxNoble
  • Rebel FighterxNobility
  • Fallout: OCxOC

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Re: I gots plots. :P [MxF] [FxF]
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2011, 07:14:20 pm »
Added new plot