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Author Topic: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}  (Read 10439 times)

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Offline kckolbe

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #25 on: September 14, 2011, 09:43:06 am »
I have the rules for both, but prefer third since it has my favorite class, the ronin courtier.

Offline Idariel

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #26 on: September 14, 2011, 09:45:07 am »
I would love, love, love to play in this world ... I have only just been introduced to it, but it has quite captured my imagination!
Thank you Kolbie, PumpkinSeeds, for letting me know!!

<blush> I ... um... don't have the books at all, at the moment.
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Offline LightNight

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #27 on: September 14, 2011, 10:04:03 am »
4th as its the only rules I got on hand.

Offline Pumpkin SeedsTopic starter

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #28 on: September 14, 2011, 10:15:51 am »
4th edition is the one I have on hand.  I possibly have the 3rd somewhere but not certain.

Offline Lady Kitsune

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #29 on: September 14, 2011, 10:30:33 am »
4th I think.

Offline LordAnubis

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2011, 11:51:39 am »
I have both, but more 4th than 3rd.

Other than some of the advantages being a little Eh, I like 4th's balancing more than 3rds

Offline Altair1983

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #31 on: September 14, 2011, 05:44:09 pm »
I am okay with either one.

Offline arikelillusion

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #32 on: September 14, 2011, 07:47:18 pm »

Offline kckolbe

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #33 on: September 15, 2011, 04:18:41 pm »
Wow, 4th is pretty anti-ronin.  They don't even have the Kaeru family, and the options for being ronin are ridiculously weak.  Having no family and no class only gets you 25, which comes out to 24 pts for the two traits you miss out on, with 1 point left over for the seven starting skills, 2 emphases, and a technique.  Pretty lame. 

Offline Kirinis

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #34 on: September 15, 2011, 04:22:36 pm »
All right, I'll stick with 4th Edition then.  For those of you who don't have the Core book, I'll walk you through character creation via PM or if you can find someone else willing to share it'll be fine.  I'm almost done boiling up the campaign, still hammering actual time frame.  But start considering character concepts.  The theme will be you're all part of a newly formed band of Imperial Legionaires.  You can be any clan or ronin if you choose.  Since I'm not certain this will take place during or after the Destroyer War yet, don't select the Spider Clan or any of its classes for your character.

Offline Altair1983

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #35 on: September 15, 2011, 06:47:31 pm »
kckolbe um just wanted to point out on True Ronin Option one that 25 is additional to what you get for base creation in experience cause i have stated out a Ronin with option one and im 6 points away so far from insight rank 2 their is a huge possiblility for versatilty so its not as weak as you think. Actually i think its one of the better options for Ronin especially if your going with the back story of being born ronin it fits quite well and the alternate paths for ronin are not that bad either.

Offline kckolbe

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #36 on: September 15, 2011, 06:58:12 pm »
I realize what you are saying, but I was comparing a true ronin to a clan member with a school.  You are short six points, a technique, and have no gear.

Offline LightNight

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #37 on: September 15, 2011, 07:15:16 pm »
Nice to here, now I need to think of a new char idea. -thinks-

Offline Altair1983

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #38 on: September 15, 2011, 07:38:50 pm »
Gains no family bonus or School; gains an additional
25 Experience Points during character creation
c Must purchase the Disadvantage Social Disadvantage:
c Starting Honor: 3.5
c Outfi t: Ashigaru or Light Armor, Tattered Clothing,
Daisho, Traveling Pack
c Must seek out higher-Rank Ronin Paths when increasing
in Insight Rank
This is on page 234 of the fourth edition book, that is a pretty decent equipment set for a ronin.

Offline kckolbe

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #39 on: September 15, 2011, 07:42:20 pm »
I didn't notice the daisho, so that's not bad for a courtier (could sell the katana).  Still, 25 points does not in any way compare to two traits, 7 skills, 2 emphases, and a technique.  It's just such a huge drop.

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Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #40 on: September 16, 2011, 06:20:38 am »
Name:      Suzume Kyou
Clan:      Sparrow
School:   Suzume Bushi School
Age:      20

Description:   The lythe beauty of a young man of the crane clan hides very nearly the full strength of the Crab’s young warriors.  Kyou is both of these things, yet neither.  Though he maintains manly stoicism, his eyes offer warm camaraderie and compassion.  He does not anger at petty things, but can be provoked to violence for the suffering of common folk that many would overlook.  Some might think his poverty marks him as a child of heaven wallowing in the mud with peasants.  Kyou smiles in quite pity.  He knows his place in the celestial order better than such fools.  He stands above those he rules, yes, for he is their protector.  They stand beneath him to lift him on their shoulders. 
   Kyou does not voice such radiacal ideas.  He fights for his country, hoping for a chance to stand against the taint.  At court he brushes clean his hakima and tells stories, offering charming smiles to the girls while his eyes promise that there are secrets in his tales he has yet to reveal. 
   There are always more stories to tell. 

Honor:      6.5

Air (3)
3   Reflexes
3    Awareness

Earth (3)
3   Stamina
3   Willpower

Fire (2)
2   Agility
2   Intelligence

Water (2)
2   Strength
2   Perception

Void (2)

Athletics         1
Battle            0
*Caligraphy         1
Courtier         0
Etiquette         1
Iajutsu            0
*Investigation         2
*Kenjutsu         2   (Katana)
Kyujutsu         1
Lore: Bushido         1
*Lore: Heraldry      1
*Lore: History         2
*Lore: Theology      1
Meditation         1
*Perform: Storytelling   2   

(4)   Benten’s Blessing
(7)   Paragon of Compasion
(3)   Voice

Flaws (Max 10)
(4)   Cursed by the Realm: Sakkaku
(2)   Idealistic
(2)   Lechery
(3*)   Overconfident

1:   All Things In Time: 
--The Suzume watches the flow of combat to discover the perfect time for his assault.  At the beginning of each Combat Round, before the first character has taken his Turn, you may reduce your initiative score by 5 to add 1k0 to all your attack and damage rolls for the Round. 

Defense:   20
--Damage Reduction   3
--Increase the target number of all athletics and stealth rolls by 5. 

Hakima and Robe under Light Armor and Wooden Clogs.
Straw Pack, Cloak and Hat
Gourd of Water and Gourd of Sake

Attack Roll   4k2
Damage      6k2

Attack Roll      4k2
Damage   5k2
Range      20’

Attack Roll   3k2
Amunition:   20 Willow Leaf Arrows
Damage   5k2
Keywords:   Large
Strength   3
Range      250’
Special Rules:    Increase the TN of all attack rolls by 10’ if used from horseback. 
« Last Edit: September 27, 2011, 05:28:46 am by Muse »

Offline LordAnubis

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #41 on: September 16, 2011, 02:29:38 pm »
Also, the Ronin Family is the Oriole Clan now.  The Tsi family was made a minor clan in the transition from 3rd revised to 4th edition.

Offline kckolbe

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #42 on: September 16, 2011, 04:15:47 pm »
I saw the Tsi family, but it was the Kaeru family I'd been speaking of.  I didn't see Yotsu either.

Offline Pumpkin SeedsTopic starter

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #43 on: September 18, 2011, 07:53:07 am »
Hey, currently I'm working on a Daidoji character.

Offline LightNight

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #44 on: September 18, 2011, 09:16:00 am »
I'm as well working on char just trying to work out the small things.

Offline Altair1983

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #45 on: September 18, 2011, 09:37:02 am »
I have my stats together just getting my history settled and typed out hopefully will have that together soon.

Offline Idariel

Re: Legend of the Five Rings - Samurai Fantasy- {Interest Check}
« Reply #46 on: September 18, 2011, 09:49:34 am »

Hello! Here is my lovely character, though this is still a work in progress as I am working with Pumpkin Seeds, who is going to play Riel's Daidoji. Please let me know if I need to change anything, or misunderstood!

That will be a lot of fun!

Thank you, so very much, to both kckolbie and PumpkinSeeds who helped tremendously with Riel.


"Be more concerned with good actions than with great ones."

Clan: Crane Clan, Doji Family
Class: Shugenja Class, Asashina School: Honor 6.5
Sex/Age: Female, 19
Hair: Silvery-white
Eyes: Silver
Height/wight: 4'6 (1.36 meters) and 70 pounds (31.75 kg)

Character Pictures

Name: Doji Riel
Riel is a true child of Crane, still and quiet, elegant and gentle. She feels the wind in her bone and body,  and often wonders if true shape-change or flying would not be possible, after all. She is sometimes distracted by the beauty around her, and when painting has been known to tune all else out.

She has trouble hurting or destroying beautiful things or people, even if she really ought to; indeed, she is very idealistic and softhearted, expecting the best of everyone. She holds honor more dear then all else. She has never killed, and hopes to never kill, for she deeply believes that negotiation is the wiser, more honorable course, and that through talk and negotiation all things can be overcome.

She despises being dirty or disheveled, to the point of not concentrating well and making mistakes with her magic when she is not properly put together. She thinks of this as a struggle with the earth elements, and worries that she will take more training and practice then most to raise her Earth Ring, and to master Earth magics.

She is tiny, much smaller then most, and must rely upon her water magics and Yojimbo in a crisis. She is fragile, and suffers mood swings with the weather, growing less constrained and more wild on windy, stormy days, and quite placid and boring on calm ones.

Like all little birds, she enjoys bright and pretty things. Being of the Doji family, she was raised amongst art and beauty in even the simplest items. She has enjoyed her trips to court, though her  craving for a life of elegance and grace is equaled by her fascination with the peace and tranquility of the Crane Gardens.

She has spent her whole life focusing upon the magic within her, and striving to understand the ideals of her clan and family. She is a little uneasy to find herself out of the safe and known temple environment, and is more relieved then suspicious of her Clan choosing to safeguard her body and honor by providing a Yojimbo for her.

Her family sent her to the school as soon as her gift with spirits was discovered, around age five. She has thrived there, though she has been a touch too focused on her studies to be properly well rounded. It is hoped by the clan that this experience with the Legion will balance her.

Ref 4  Aware 4  (Air Ring)
Agi 2  Int 2
Str 3  Per 3 (Water Ring)
Sta 2  Will 2
Void 2

She can cast 4 air per day, 3 water, 2 earth, and 0 fire.
She has 3 air scrolls, 2 water scrolls, and 1 earth scroll.
Memorized Spells: Tempest of Air, Earth's Stagnation, Path to Inner Peace as well as Sense, Commune and Summon from her school.
Affinity/Deficiency: Air/Fire
Technique: The Soul’s Grace – The Asahina have harnessed the power of the kami for art, not war. You may spend a Void Point to reduce the total of all opponent's damage rolls inflicted within 20’ of you by 0k1 for a number of rounds equal to your School Rank.  (Using this technique again before its duration expires “resets” the duration but does not increase the damage penalty).  You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Defense keyword.

Skills and Flaws:
1 Artistic Skill: Painting 
1 Calligraphy (Cipher)
1 Etiquette
1 Lore: Theology
1 Meditation
1 Spell Craft
1 High Skill

Compulsive -2
Small -3
Idealistic (with softhearted) -2
Cursed by Fortune: Ebisu -3

Outfit: Robes, Bo, Wakizashi, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack, 10 koku

The information below is for me, because I don't have the books … while it isn't necessary to look at any of it, I would appreciate anyone who felt like looking it over for mistakes/misconceptions as I have copy/pasted it from the website and could well have information in the wrong places.
Crane Clan Background notes
The Crane Clan, Left Hand of the Emperor, was known throughout Rokugan for its skilled duelists and artisans. The Crane were also noted courtiers, wielding great power in the courts of the land. The Crane were founded by the Kami Doji. They pursued excellence in all things, and the traditions established by Lady Doji were now customary in the Emperor's Court. The formal dueling system, iaijutsu, was established by Doji's husband, Kakita. Their preferential status with the Imperial line was renowned and throughout history the clan had had fewer taxes and more gifts heaped upon them. They were the masters of the courts and had the status and wealth commensurate with such a position. [1]
The Crane consisted of four powerful families in complete symbiosis, no two families overlapping in duties. The Doji family were the voice of the clan and control most of the politics within Rokugan. The Kakita family were famed for their iaijutsu duelists as well as their skills as artisans. The Daidoji family were the military might of the Crane as well as handling the things too dishonorable or dangerous for the other families. The Asahina family were the only shugenja in the clan, and spent their time in peaceful meditation and creation of nemuranai. The Asahina were in theory a fifth family, as the Yasuki family were once Crane. Their path however led them away from the Crane to the Crab Clan shortly after the founding of the Asahina. [2]
The lands of the Crane Clan stretched for miles on every side of the previous capital Otosan Uchi. Everything from the foothills of the Mountains of Regret in the north to the Asahina fields of the southern peninsula were claimed by the Crane. Their lands also covered most of the coastline of Rokugan. The province farthest to the south was once owned by the Yasuki family, but it was split between the Crab Clan and the Crane after the Yasuki defected to the Crab. While tensions in this area had been mostly low due to the peaceful Asahina living nearby the Crane still maintained Niwa Shita no Kage Toshi as a defensive fortress guarding the Crane side of Shio Senkyo no Riku. The people of the Crane lived a good life. The fields were rich, the taxes were light and the magistrates that patrolled the lands pride themselves on their honorable and just nature. [3]

Crane Clan Lands
Lands to the North
The northern parts of Crane lands bordered the Phoenix and Dragon Clans, the lands of the Emerald Champion and what remained of Otosan Uchi. These lands had been mostly peaceful throughout history, with only a couple of exceptions. The area was filled with merchants who run a brisk trade with the Phoenix as well as with numerous shrines maintained by the Brotherhood of Shinsei. The lands of the Emerald Champion were technically owned by the Emerald Champion, but the frequency with which the Champion was a Crane meant the lands were usually under Crane control. [3]
Coastal Regions
The coastal regions of the Crane stretched across ninety percent of all of mainland Rokugans coast. This effectively gave the Crane a major hand in all seagoing trade. There were multiple established ports and marketplaces along the entire coast, making the Crane the most effective means of transporting things by sea. Trade roads also run down along the coast, and were heavily patrolled by the Daidoji. The majority of the Crane population lived along the coast, and the cities were packed with people from all corners of Rokugan. [4]
Western Plains
The western lands of the Crane Clan were one of the keys to the prosperity of the Clan. The fertile rice fields were cultivated by the farmers and heimin of the Crane, and although the lands had often been disputed by the Lion Clan, the Crane maintained they had been given to Lady Doji by the Emperor Hantei when the lands were divided. The Lion frequently made forays into the lands to plunder their riches. Shiro no Yojin, the castle that was once the defence on the western border, was taken during the Night of Falling Stars several centuries ago, and had never been reclaimed. The crops grown in the western lands of the Crane were one of the primary sources of food in Rokugan, and were exported to nearly every corner of the Empire. The richest fields could be found in Osari Plains, named for a farmer who stood against an invading Scorpion force centuries ago. To the south of the area sat the remains of Beiden Pass. For centuries the pass had been heavily contested by the Crane, Scorpion and Lion until its destruction. [5]
Near the border with the Scorpion Clan and the Hare Clan lies Western Work Village.[6]
Southern Border
The province in the southern Crane lands was Kenkai Hanto, home of the Daidoji family. Several bustling cities could be found in this area, and bandit activity there was virtually unheard of due to the vigilance of Daidoji patrols. The areas to the far south of Kenkai Hanto had sporadic swampy reaches, where a variety of creatures were rumored to have been spotted including kenku, nezumi and naga. A small grove of stones could be found to the far south of the peninsula. The origin of the stones was unknown, but they shine in the light of a full moon as if a beacon were upon them. [7]
Gardens of the Crane
The Fantastic Gardens of the Crane were delicate beauties that were spoken of throughout Rokugan. They covered huge tracts of land reaching up to thirty li (miles), having been converted from arable land into pleasurable gardens by past Crane Clan Champions. The Crab would complain and call it a waste of land, but the vast and rich lands of the Crane afforded some spare for beauty. The gardens were works of art, containing bonsai trees, flower bushes and trickling streams that create the illusion of careless perfection. They were the result of generations of gardeners who spent their lifetimes perfecting their art. In addition to being art the gardens often symbolized something mythical, spiritual or historical.

Crane Clan Politics
The Crane are both respected and hated by the other clans. None however could dispute their economic importance to the Empire, essentially keeping the Empire going. The Crane attempted to keep relations smooth with all the clans, despite what they might actually feel towards some of the clans. [9]
Crab Clan
The Crab were viewed as brutish fighters; while strong and bold, they had forgotten everything but how to fight. In a way they had almost become a part of the Shadowlands, with dark magic and taint. Their sense of honor and civilization had degraded, and the Crane honor them as one would honor a dog who kept the wolves at bay. It would however be foolish to engage the Crab in direct conflict. [5]
Diplomacy with the Crab Clan had been a touchy business since the fourth century when the Crane-Crab War resulted in the defection of the Yasuki family from the Crane to the Crab. Because the Yasuki took up the position as the Crab's diplomats they were not allowed within the lands of the Crane, and the Black Crane Palace where the Yasuki would host visiting dignitaries was barred to Crane. To help remedy these issues, the Crab had a small number of Hida and Hiruma trained as courtiers specifically for negotiations with the Crane. Crane diplomats were also the only diplomats allowed directly into Kyuden Hida. Most of these were Daidoji, the only Crane the Crab respected, making the negotiations easier for both sides. [10]
Dragon Clan
The Dragon sat high in their mountains, contented in their mysteries. While most Crane could appreciate the focus and dedication of the Dragon as they meditate on esoterica, few could identify with their asceticism and introversion. The most recent conflicts with the Dragon had substantially infuriated a previously apathetic relationship.[5]
Lion Clan
The Lion despised the Crane for their intelligence and were jealous of their place in society. Like spoiled children, the Lion will came to blows over the smallest disagreement. While their devotion to Emperor and Empire was unsurpassed, it was mirrored by all who bore the mon of the Crane. [5]
Recently, and especially since Doji Domotai was heading the Crane Clan, the Alliance between the Crane and the Lion had softened this opposition.
Phoenix Clan
The Phoenix were like the Crane in many ways, and their understanding of society and civilization was matched only by their wisdom. Their ambassadors sought peace over war, and their magic was worth more than any boasting samurai. It was for these reasons and others that the Crane counted the Phoenix as allies. [7]
Scorpion Clan
The Scorpion was the Crane's most dangerous rival. Unlike the Lion or the Crab, who could be counted on to draw steel, the Scorpion fought with clever words, softly spoken lies, and subtle innuendo. Their cultivation of vice was renowned and their carefully wrought plans were the stuff of legend. Their lack of honor was a character flaw which could invariably used against them. It was with the Scorpion that the Crane skirmished most often, not on the field of battle but in the courts of the Emperor and nobility alike.[7]
Unicorn Clan
The Crane were very warm in their reception of the Unicorn when the latter returned from their travels. This had been rewarded by kindness, friendship, and trading of knowledge. The Unicorn offered military support bolstered by their impressive cavalry and received education on Rokugani etiquette and politics from those who best understand such things. [7]

Crane Clan Families: Asahina “Knowledge must be earned, not simply learned.”
The Asahina family was the shugenja family of the Crane Clan. They were also noted pacifists, and their beliefs often lead them to be less involved in matters of clan and imperial politics than the other families of the Crane.
The family originated from a Lion-Phoenix-Crane dispute. Isawa Asahina, the Phoenix Master of Air, who was violently obsessed with the Phoenix's war with the Lion when the Crane wanting to end the conflict brokered a peace treaty. In a response to the accord, Asahina turned his wrath upon the Crane for having the audacity to meddle. His rampage ended in the village of Kimura when Doji Kiriko, the Crane Clan Champion's daughter, threw herself repeatedly in front of Asahina's attacks thereby saving the lives of hundreds of villagers. He was so moved by her bravery that he realised the grievious mistakes his rage had driven him into. He left the Phoenix and nursed Kiriko back to health, renouncing violence forever. When she was fully healed, he married her and was granted his own family within the Crane. The two of them founded Shinden Asahina and started the pacifistic Asahina family.[2][3]
Isawa Asahina forsook the use of Fire when he forswore violence and joined the Crane. He turned his talents to Air, the element of healing instead, and now it is common for many of the Asahina shugenja use this element.
During the War of Spirits the Asahina denied the lands of the Crane cutting the bridges into their lands
"Knowledge must be earned, not simply learned." [1]

Crane Clan Families: Daidoji “The spear waits not for its master, but rushes forth to guard the way.”
The Daidoji family were the support troops of the Crane. They train the yojimbo used by Crane dignitaries, and their Harriers were the elite forces that most samurai -- even within the Crane -- did not even know exist. They also contributed the most men to the rank and file of the Crane armies, the Daidoji Iron Warriors.
The Daidoji were renowned throughout Rokugan for their unusual tactics and stubborn defense of the Crane Clan lands. The family was founded after the youngest son of Doji and Kakita, Doji Hayaku entered the Shadowlands after the Day of Thunder in search of his sister Doji Konishiko. Three years later he returned, his hair completely white and his speech lost due to a scar across his throat. In his hand was the blade Shukujo, which his sister had carried into the Shadowlands. Hayaku was given leave to found the Daidoji family, the "Defender of the Doji", and his children followed the duty to protect their kinsmen. To this day many Crane would dye their hair white as a tribute to Hayaku and a mark of loyalty to their clan. [2] The highest and most glorious part of that responsibility was to serve as the personal guard of the Crane Clan Champion. [3]
he two most well know instances of the Daidoji military in action were the Battle of Tidal Landbridge where the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Masashigi stood alongside the Hida defending against a Shadowlands attack, and the Swordsman's Last Stand when the Crane lost Shiro no Yojin to the Lion Clan. [4]
In 1132 the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Uji defied the orders of his Lord Doji Kuwanan, beginning the Crane Civil War. [5] Even at that dark moment, the Daidoji personal guard of Kuwanan was not dismissed. [3] Eventually both leaders met and put their differences aside. [6]
On of the most secretive schools of the Daidoji, the Harrier, were disbanded in 1169 when the current Champion, Doji Domotai knew of them and their illegal activities, which broke the Imperial law. [7] The last remnants were finished by Daidoji Fumisato and Domotai's Daidoji personal guard, led by Daidoji Kimpira. [3]
After the defection of the Yasuki family in the fourth century there were many of the Yasuki who refused to dishonor their vow to the Crane. Those Yasuki joined the Daidoji and since then the Daidoji had openly despised the Yasuki. The good relations between the Hida and the Daidoji was all that held the shaky truce between them, and it was often commented upon how the Yasuki and Daidoji are like two sides of the same coin. [4]
“The spear waits not for its master but rushes forth to guard the way.”
Vasssals of the Daidoji:
Hiramori family (no information found so far)
Hiramichi family (no information found so far)

Crane Clan Families: Kakita “For the coward there is no life, for the hero there is no death.”
The Kakita family were descended from the children of Doji and Kakita who decided to take their father's name. They comprised a great portion of the Crane Clan's armies and were arguably the finest artisans and duelists in the Empire. Many Kakita would often train in the Doji schools as well.
he style of Kakita became the famed Kakita Iaijutsu school, and he passed on his knowledge to any who had the ability and discipline to learn. He created their first dojo, and taught his students the way of honorable combat. All of his five children excelled at dueling, and his son Kakita Shimizu became the first Iaijutsu Master of the Kakita Dueling Academy. Training in the school was hard, and graduates of the school have become some of the finest duelists in Rokugan's history. Since it's founding each Emperor had also sent their sons to study both the physical and intellectual teachings of the school.[2]
The Kakita mon was a crane's wing outstretched around an unsheathed katana. The unsheathed katana was a symbol of war and a reminder to the Kakita family that they must always be prepared to defend the Crane house and Imperial line from their enemies.[1]
“For the coward there is no life, for the hero there is no death.”

Crane Clan Family: Doji “Be more concerned with good actions then with great ones.”
The Doji family were the descendants of the children of Doji and Kakita who took their mother's name. They were the Champions of the Crane, and are frequently, though not exclusively, the Emerald Champions as well. The Doji hosted the Crane's courtier and magistrate schools, although many of their number trained in the Kakita schools also.
The contributions from the Doji family throughout history shaped the civilization in Rokugan. They built the essential ceremonies and protocols that allowed the delicate political system to succeed, the Doji relying more on the power of the mind than the body. The Emperor's Left Hand have always been a member of the Crane, from the first Hantei to Kakita Yoshi and Hantei XXXVIII. To the Doji life itself was art, to be lived with finesse and without regrets. Their work in the Imperial Courts helped the people of Rokugan remember the purpose of living, to savor the finest of each moment. Many had no fear of death, because when you lived life to the fullest what could death take from you? The second son of Doji, Doji Nio, took his mothers name and followed in her footsteps. He served the Emperor as his mother had, and often traveled to the lands of the daimyo of other clans to facilitate communication and free trade between them.[2]
Since the founding of the Crane Clan the daimyo of the Doji family had also been the Crane Clan Champion. The only instance of this person not being a Doji was following the death of Doji Kuwanan in 1133 when Kakita Kaiten, the Kakita Daimyo acted as regent for both the Crane Clan and Doji family until the son of Kuwanan, Doji Kurohito, was old enough to assume the position in 1144
The family motto of the Doji were the last words spoken by Lady Doji on the night of her disappearance. It was said she came to the bedside of Doji Ochiba, the wife of Doji Nio, and revealed to her several secrets which had since been passed down from each wife of the Crane daimyo.[1]
"Be more concerned with good actions than with great ones."
Vassal families:
The Katogama family was a vassal family of the Doji. It was created by Doji Hejiko shortly after the Battle of Stolen Graves. Hejiko realized that the Crane Clan Champion needed a reliable source of information about possible traitors in Crane lands. Officially, the family kept the peace, monitored the land and reports back to the Champion. In fact, they were a spy network answerable only to their family daimyo and the Crane Clan Champion
The Tsume family was created by Doji Kigura as a reward to for having revealed a Bayushi's plot. "Tsume" (the "Talon") Kigura built a small stronghold in the Kintai Valley, sharing the valley with the Lion and the Phoenix. [1] Kigura's grandson, Doji Retsu was and aggressive and covetous man. He grabbed Kyotei Castle, the Damasu family castle, vassals of the Akodo, and wiped them out to a man. Ratsu also seized Toshi Ranbo, but conceded command to another Crane General and made Kyotei Castle the ancestral home of the Tsume. After Retsu was assassinated Tsume Takashi was made the new Daimyo. After the death of Toturi I, Takashi retired and his first son, Tsume Akemetsu, ruled the family. [1]  The Tsume had their own dojo, the Tsume Dojo, were the Tsume Pikemen were trained. [2]

Priestess information
Shugenja were not merely simple priests, but those who could draw power from the elements that surround them, causing the kami to manifest themselves in a very real and physical way. To be a shugenja required more than merely manipulating this power, but communing with it -- attaining unity with the universe and the willing assistance of the kami.
Kami interacted with the shugenja through magic. Some heard the kami more than others; some were even driven mad by the voices. However, the bond with the kami was what allowed the shugenja to develop. Powerful magic-wielders could even have several kami to help and serve them.
After a shugenja dies, the kami would try to find a new person, someone who closely resembled their former companion, often their son or daughter or a close family member. This in turn explained why the gift of a shugenja often appeared more frequent in certain lineages
A shugenja's life was usually quite solitary, as great meditation and study was always required, and most shugenja would spend their lives in temples and shrines. Those who wandered Rokugan were usually doing so to fulfill a specific command of their daimyo. Like all samurai, it was extremely rare for a shugenja to live among the lower castes.
Because of their special place in society, shugenja were often given special recognition or respect above equal-ranked bushi, but it would be most inappropriate for a shugenja to ever attempt to use his training to demand such treatment.
The worship of the gods and spirits called the Thousand Fortunes was known in Rokugan as "kami no michi", or "way of the gods". This was the ancient religion of the ancient Isawa family, a clan of shugenja who predated the fall of the Kami to the mortal realm and who had spread their faith throughout the lands of what would comprise the Emerald Empire along with their magical knowledge.
Rokugani believed that the world was an animistic place populated by countless spirits and deities, and that these beings had the power to affect reality and the course of their lives. These spirits ranged from beings who embodied such powerful and universal forces as Romantic Love and Strength like the Fortunes Benten and Bishamon, respectively, to those that embodied far more limited and parochial concerns, such as Kenro-ji-jin, the Fortune of Soil. Such divine beings also included mortals deified by the Emperor posthumously such as Osano-Wo who was declared the Fortune of Fire and Thunder after his death, to the individual spirits of the elements residing in the natural world all around. Every rock, river, tree, and mountain had its own mikokami -- "little god" -- protecting and watching over it.
These spirits, or Fortunes, each had two distinct natures. Their beneficial natures bestowed blessings on those who had earned their favor, whereas their wrathful natures cursed those who had earned their ire. Rokugani were very careful to stay within the good graces of all of the Fortunes, no matter how inconsequential the Fortune's position and divine portfolio might be. No one -- peasant nor emperor -- wanted to draw the wrath of any of the Fortunes.
Occasionally the Fortunes took human form. The appetites of the divine were similar to a mortal's, and sometimes children were born as a result of their desires. These children were mortal, born as they were from a divine parent who had taken on a mortal form, but they often possessed unusual abilities related to their divine parent's portfolio or fundamental nature. [1]

Asashina school information
The Asahina Shugenja were the only shugenja within the Crane Clan, and the family maintained a pacifistic view of the world, shunning open acts of warfare and fighting. They spent their time devoted to astrology, meditation and creation of nemuranai, talismans and fetishes. The Asahina loved to create things, a influence perhaps of mixing with the Kakita bloodline. The magic came from their Isawa heritage, and they had come to combine both skills in their work. The Asahina had never been the most prolific nor powerful shugenja in Rokugan, but their skills in creating magical objects was unparalleled. Tsangusuri, the creation of talismans and charms, was one of the focuses of the Asahina school, and all students of the school were taught the creation of minor fetishes. The Asahina had also uncovered some secrets to Meisho magic, which was the magic used to control the spirit of a person as opposed to the spirit of an item. Studies into this had spanned centuries, and could be very difficult and extremely dangerous. [1]
Quiet and serene, the Asahina are among the more monastic of all samurai families.  They are also perhaps the most pacifistic, even more so than the Phoenix Clan, and abhor violence, seeking other means of resolving disputes at all costs.  The Asahina are also known for their devotion to philosophy and the arts.
(Personal note: This family was actually formed from a Phoenix shugenja that went on a rampage.  A Crane woman stood in front of him each time he went to destroy a village and took the brunt of his attacks to save others.  Every time he went to destroy another village, she was there.  She never attacked him but only took the damage from him.  When his rampage was over he married the woman, became part of the Crane Clan and vowed peace.)

The Asahina Shugenja School:
Much like the family as a whole, the Asahina sensei who teach at the various branches of the Asahina Shugenja School extol the virtue of preserving life over heedless destruction.  As much monks as priests, the Asahina focus on the scholarly pursuits and meditation as a means of finding their path in the world.  They conduct the same rituals on behalf of the Crane that other shugenja families perform but they use the opportunity to raise questions for those participating or observing the rituals.  The Asahina regard everything as a teaching opportunity.  Likewise they place great emphasis on the creation of artwork, an act they consider essential to the improvement of the world around them.
Above all else, the Asahina Shugenja School focuses on defense and protection.  Both its core Technique and its spell emphases encourage spells that reduce damage and protect others from attacks.  Other spells possessed by Asahina shugenja tend to have an emphasis on crafting or creating.

Benefit: +1 Awareness
Skills: Any one Artisan skill, Calligraphy (Cipher), Etiquette, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High Skill.
Honor: 6.5
Outfit: Robes, Bo, Wakizashi, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack, 10 koku
Affinity/Deficiency: Air/Fire
Technique: The Soul’s Grace – The Asahina have harnessed the power of the kami for art, not war.  You may spend a Void Point to reduce the total of all opponents’s damage rolls inflicted within 20’ of you by 0k1 for a number of rounds equal to your School Rank.  (Using this technique again before its duration expires “resets” the duration but does not increase the damage penalty).  You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Defense keyword.
Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Air, 2 Water, 1 Earth
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Some Shugenja questions for ya.  Can shugenja begin with rank 2 spells in their affinity still?  Is calligraphy used to scribe scrolls, if so what is the DC for it?  Can a shugenja draw a scroll as a free action then cast it as a complex action?

My 3 concepts are all almost done, and I will pick whichever one works best for what we have.

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How are things looking for the game?

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1.   I do prefer stories that are set earlier in the history, but in truth I have no real preference for an era.

2.   I am a big fan of playing warriors and so obviously do enjoy the martial aspect of the game.  That being said I do like courtly intrigue and politics.  One of my favorite aspects of the game is how even a great warrior must play the game of politics if they want to advance socially.  I think this is especially true for a female character that has to worry about marriage and producing children as a duty to their family and Clan.  I enjoy playing out those aspects.

3.   I am not a big fan of High Magic as in..Gods and Dragons coming down on high regularly.  I like those elements to be played as life changing events, not over sake and rice cakes.

4.   Multi-party is fine, but I do like group cohesion.  So characters need to be willing to at least work together.

5.   Fun for me is when I feel like my character has left something behind them.  Whether that be a budding legacy with a child they worked hard to get into prestigious schools, altered the future of Rokugan somehow or obtained a difficult goal.
yes, please.  And #5 in particular is the reason the CCG is the most awesome thing to hit non-roleplay gaming.  The opportunity to write canon as a tourney prize?  Brilliant!