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Author Topic: For the moon never beams...  (Read 705 times)

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For the moon never beams...
« on: September 11, 2011, 08:58:53 PM »
...without bringing me dreams...

Hello and welcome.  Thank you for stopping by to take a look at what I've got in mind.  These ideas and lists are going to be updated and changed about as things come to me, though just because something's been up for a while doesn't mean I have lost interest in it.  Much of what I post I am very willing to change about to suit the needs of the other person I'm writing with, but if I've got my heart set on something, I'll be sure to say so.

What I am and am not interested in is all listed in my On/Offs, so please thumb through that before contacting me, and I'll give yours a go before we start planning much.  I'd hate to get all set to go and find out there is something heavy that would clash down the road.  If there is something I have listed as not hugely interested in, I won't be the first to suggest it, but if you've got some good ideas, I'll probably give it a go.  So don't be afraid to suggest anything (unless it's a big no on the list).

I tend to lean towards Dominant characters, though I will play a switch or sub in the right circumstance.

I enjoy a good challenge, so I willingly write gender and sexuality with no second thought, but that also means I like a good plot.  I want something we can both sink our teeth into and watch the characters grow and develop together.  The plot itself might be light hearted, but I don't want something so froofy we will both grow tired after a week and drop because it's gotten old.

I will play multiples, and many NPCs that pop up here and there.

I like to write, and I like to have something to write with.  Please be able to write at least a paragraph.  I tend to prefer more, but I understand sometimes the moment is stuck and you're stuck with a shorter post.  I tend to write a few paragraphs myself, and have been known to write a full page in response, however I will usually match what I am working with.  But please, give me something to work with and not just a line or two.

If poking through here inspired any ideas not on the list, by all means, share!  I love to collaborate ideas.  Feel free to message me here or PM me and we can work something out.

General Pairings
Bolded means I'd like to play the part.  If nothing is bolded, I'll do either, though I am flexible.

Asylum Patent/Hallucination - Taken
Deaf student/Interpreter
Dance Teacher/Dance Student
Teacher/Single Parent
Military Male/Almost Anyone
Undead/Human - Pending
Stalker/Stalkee (No kidnap) - Pending
Musician/Fan (not star, but popular musician, preferably not in a 'band')
Music Instructor/Student
Best friend/Best friend

Native vs Newcomer
Basically the same idea as Pocahantis and Avatar, though genders and all that are flexable, as is setting.  I sort of like the idea of someone in this world traveling to another time and running into a native of the Earth as they try to communicate and survive, however someone coming to a new land is perfectly fine as well.  I'm open for either role and any gender

An encounter between human and alien.  I'd like the alien to not be too humanoid, and I don't care if it even has a recognizable human gender.  I'm open for either role and any gender(s).

Think merperson crossed with an octopus meets an overboard sailor.  I have no plot formed in my mind, really, nor any sort of characters, but I just love tenticales (but not really in a sexual way, so not too much tenticalsex) aesthetically and I LOVE the idea of some tentically snuggles.  I'm leaning for M/M on this, and I'd like to play the sea-creature, however variations on this are welcome.

'Fandom' and Inspired

Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass
Alice/White Knight - AU - Post Looking Glass
I'm really interested in this, but I don't know how many takers I'll get since it doesn't involve the Hatter...  It is heavily based on real events (if you're not up-to-date and like the idea, I'll fill you in happily) however I am not sticking exactly to reality as it is an AU.
It has been years since Alice Liddell read the final pages of the books written for her, to her, about her...  She was turning 18, on the brink of womanhood and engaged to a handsome young man.  She had never truly forgotten about Charles, who cleverly changed his name for publishing reasons, yet in the past years he had slipped further and further into the relms of Wonderland, deep in the back of her mind.  The crazy adventures of a small child with her name, the people and things she met along the way in that wonderful story of fine summer nights had become just that... A story.
She had nearly forgotten how Dodgsen had asked her parents for her hand, but when he showed them his art, his photography of his beautiful princess, they saw simple scandal - an old man falling in love with a young child.  They would have none of that!  He then slipped out of her life and let her move to the final square, to become queen and to become a woman.  Alice had moved on from the loss of her childhood friend, and now it was the night of her wedding.
Sitting in her room, tucked neatly into her bed as the snowflakes gently kissed the windows, her eyelids became heavy and she caught something in the mirror cross the room move.  She jumped, sat erect in her bed, scared something was there.  Creeping through the dark, pressing her face against the glass, she saw nothing but her own room.  Her own room, her own face, yet something moved...
Plot basic:
Alice Liddell, on the eve of her wedding, falls through the looking glass again, back into Wonderland, where her long lost friend has kept himself safe.  The White Knight returns to save Alice again, as he always did, yet in this world that is so old to her suddenly is so new and so different.  She wishes to explore, find old friends and the Knight only wants her.  The Knight, however, is not how she remembered him.  All those years ago, he was old and batty; yet now, as he is an imprint of her old friend the way he saw himself, he is fit, younger, perhaps still a bit gone in the head, but who isn't?
This follows them from when Alice falls through the looking glass, through when the Knight meets her, and through all their adventures and mishaps through Wonderland together.
What I'm looking for:
Someone to play the Knight.  He is older than her, nearly by her lifetime, and has always loved her.  When he wrote the stories of the little girl, he truly was creating another world, a world that he could imbed himself for eternity, though his physical body may age, he never would.  He loves her fiercly and has waited over ten years for her to return.
What I'd like it to involve:
Romance of some form.  I would like that to build, however, as she is engaged to another.
Fantasy - as it is in a fictional world.
S/m - I am thinking the relationship would build between the Knight and Alice, the Knight being naturally submissive by character, Alice outgoing and a go-getter, but sexually their roles reverse, and I'd imagine that'd play havoc with their non-sexual lives to some degree.
I'm pretty open from there where it goes.
I feel like I'm asking the world for someone to fit all these, and I usually am not this specific, but this idea has been plaguing my mind for a while now, and I'm dying to try it!  I'm open for interpretations and to toss ideas around, so let me know!
I would like to play:
Alice.  And any other characters that pop up along the way

Harry Potter
Lily/Serverus - AU - Marauders Era
Low Interest, Currently
Plot basic:
Starting from just before the 'Mudblood incident', and through mending the relationship.  She perhaps realizes it was a heat-of-the-moment thing, and he realizes he would rather give up the life of a Death Eater for her.
What I'm looking for:
Someone who knows the story enough to have a clue, really.  I'm not looking for a hard-core Potterhead, so if you've only seen the movies, that's fine with me.  I'd just like you to have a basic grasp of the characters.  I'm willing to work with you, or even just fudge things a bit as we go.
What I'd like it to involve:
Anything really.  I'm very open on this one.
I would like to play:
Either is fine with me.

Remus/Sirius - AU - Marauders Era
Plot basic:
James is always off with that Evans girl and Peter is constantly sucking up to everything that moves.  That leaves the studious Remus to watch after the troublesome Black boy.
Be it one night, Sirius is alone with Remus on the full moon and sparks fly, or a slow and burning fire that finally consumes them both, or a spur of the moment thing, ideas are welcome.
What I'm looking for:
Same as above. Someone who knows the story enough to have a clue, really.  I'm not looking for a hard-core Potterhead, so if you've only seen the movies, that's fine with me.  I'd just like you to have a basic grasp of the characters.  I'm willing to work with you, or even just fudge things a bit as we go.
What I'd like it to involve:
I'm open to suggestions, though I'd really like some bondage scenes, some Dominance, some blood play (if you're down), etc...
I would like to play:
Sirius, however if you make a convincing enough Padfoot, I'll play Moony.
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