It's Raining It's Pouring [M/M...M/F can be added]

Started by traci80, September 11, 2011, 05:30:27 PM

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Teenagers from neighboring trailer parks are not getting along. Rumor has that it goes back to a guy from West Park stealing a girl from another boy who lived in East Park more than a decade ago. Cutting thru the others territory, or just looking at a girl that was from the other park could get you your ass kicked.

So one day it is windy and the rain is coming down in sheets. A teenage boy from East Park thinking no one would be outside in West Park cuts thru to get home quicker. Tho already soaked he dashes thru the backyards. Then he sees another boy at the last second come at him from the right. The next thing he knows he gets tackled to the ground. There is more than just one of the East Park boys. In fact there is five. They all combine to punch and kick the intruder until he is just a sobbing mess laying in the rain soaked grass. He is stripped naked and dragged into a small shed behind one of the trailers. What becomes of him next is up for discussion. When they are finished with him they will call his buddies to pick up their beaten, naked and abused friend. Or maybe his girlfriend, sister, or other girl.

I can play either the boy, or everyone else.