TMNT: URGENT - Need a Mikey (possible NC/Inc M/F M/M and MMMM/F)

Started by midnightkitty, September 11, 2011, 08:08:49 AM

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Our TMNT RolePlay is in desperate need of a Mikey for this little plot:

Shredder is sick of being thwarted by those damn turtles, again and again they destroy his plans and yet never get caught by the ordinary people of New York. While he rages at the injustice of it all he receives a letter and a gift from his ally and one time fellow student in the arts of ninjitsu. Intrigued he finds a shapeshifting girl, the collar around her neck forcing her to do his bidding wether she likes it or not. Still she is a great martial artest and Shredder finds the opportunity to send her to befriend the Turtles and lead them into a trap which will surly be there doom.

I would recommend checking out the TMNT wiki linked here:

I know its not cannon but the characters will all be 18+.


Link to the OOC discussion and characters thread can be found here:

Link to the actual Roleplay itself is here:

If you would like to play the pizza loving, funny guy (err turtle) himself please send me a Pm.

Thank you!


Starting to get desperate, the roleplay is being kept on hold until we can find our Mikey.

Hopefully that is you! Can I bribe you with cookies?