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Started by Miyu, September 09, 2011, 11:47:05 PM

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It was said to be something horrible, young woman from a city started to disappear. Slowly but surely more and more females were abducted by a unknown group. The kidnappings had no apparent pattern except the kidnapped were young woman of that could conceive children. One by one the girls continued to disappear until something happened, the princess. The most beautiful and kind woman on the city was kidnapped, the daughter of the current king. Adventurers came but never returned, the kingdom was running out of options, the kingdom needed to find worthy and strong people to rescue their people, and their princess.  Messengers were sent to all the towns and cities, from the elf land to the mountains where the dwarven people built stuff with all their might. From the small towns belonging to the Halflings and gnomes to the small barracks belonging to the allied Half-Orcs. Word was sent to all possible places as woman started to disappear from other towns as well.

However a little bit of luck happened, a woman managed to escape. She brought valuable information into the princess whereabouts. A old abandoned castle, a castle that belonged to a long forgotten and dead king. A Cult of people playing with dark rituals, sacrifices  and constant rapes of woman in the castle looking for someone in particular. Now with the face of what they are looking for the king summons more adventurers hoping that with the new information on their base of operations they can finally bring them down and rescue the woman that need them.


Info Thread-

Character Sheet-

I was wondering who here would want to play pathfinder. I am reading the books and so far I think I can gm one with some help for the basic stuff such a combat. I can come up with a story easy enough but I just want to see who would be interested in the game. Note I will make it NC, if you don't like that just pm me and I can get your character off the NC when it happens by some means. Hope to have peaked you interested and at least have a couple of interested people so I can start working on it


I'm quite interested in a Pathfinder game...I'd just need to know more about plot to decide.


i still have no idea on a plot yet, most likely a group of adventurers gathered together to go in a mission, from there on I can come up with more and more stuff. However this game will be NC heavy as most of the missions will have some sort of NC on it. From npcs to your characters anything can happen, a lot of battles will also take place. But yea for now it will be a group of adventurers gathered together to rescue some damsels in distress, I can come up with a more solid plot if the interest it's shown.


Well, consider me tentatively interested until I learn more.  And, at present, I've been running a Pathfinder game weekly ever since the Beta, and have most of the books for it.


Nice I am just starting up and I have all the books, but for now I will only accept the basic classes so I will not get so huddled with work at my first gming experience lol

Callie Del Noire

I'm interested.. was hoping to do the alchemist, but ti's not a deal breaker. What are you allowing from the books, feats/traits/ect? Spells form Ultimate Combat/Magic/APG?


Odd as it may seem, I'm more focused on the idea of a Rogue (I usually play mages of some type) and, if possible, the knife-wielder archetype from Ultimate Combat.  But that's just a vague concept...I normally build characters around the story.


I am making the story right now, it will be focused mainly on the mission gathering the pc's together. However from there it will go into more and more stuff depending on the pc's actions.


First post changed a bit to reflect the first mission.

Also anything that can be found here

Can be done, If you tell me the exact book of what you want and I have it and approve it then it's fine by me. I think I have all of the books but I want to make sure


Okies, I am interested, and likely would be playing a basic rogue.  Don't want to lose Trapfinding with that intro.


nice nice here we go

Starting lv: 1
Stat system: 4d6 - the lowest dice
Classes: All found on the site except gunslinger
Races: The corebook races
Starting Gold: lets start with 1,500 gold

Character Sheet: (Any online character sheet resource, I use Myth-Weavers)


i would be interested if

Combat was more the storyteller setting the scene, players talking of their intentions and the storyteller resolving it quickly - god-moding characters in some minor regards to keep action going (her god-moding would be based on  what she feels the characters can do / what they outclass / what they dont). And stats and dice rolls etc are minimal (or even non-existant - ie the storyteller roles for all) or even god-modes some aspects to best fit the storyline.

The reason why is mechanicals of resolving rounds of combat can make it so drawn out the immediacy and plot dynamics is can stop having the right energy for the story to be gripping. (making some actions scenes more free-form), characters people sheets etc can be true to pathfinder though, and what they can do, what they have fits in the mechanics of the game. Still I know this is not for everyones taste and views on what suits people varies greatly.

I can understand if others (storyteller) prefer it more strictly system though.


I agree, some stuff have to be taken for granted in forum rps. I totally understand that I will be asking for rolls only if I see it necessary for example: Initiative, Attack, Damage,Spells (if any rolls are needed) or the use of a skill in particular. I won't be too strict on combat but the dices are necessary in my opinion.


Don't know how you wanted dice rolled, but I rolled a set just now.  Did fairly well (after exiling the three sets of dice while trying to find ones that weren't threatening to give me straight 6's).


And I'm fine with minor problem is when someone does something with literally no chance at all to defend against it.  Let me know if the stats are allowable, if you would.


The stats are fine and minor godmodding will be acceptable under certain conditions of course. I will decide if they are worth rolling or godmodding at the beginning of the battle.


is there any chance that the starting level could be higher / strange races/creature races be permitted (that have level adjustements etc)


As i said i am new at this so lv will be 1


Here's my character...spoilered to make it a bit easier to scroll past for others.

Adyriana Silverbow

Ruleset: Pathfinder
Player: Myrleena

Character Name: Adyriana Silverbow
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 5'6" & 114 lbs.
Hair Color: Flame-touched Gold
Eye Color: Sapphire
Deity: Calistria

Class & Level: Rogue 1
Race: High Elf
Init: +4
Speed: 30 ft. Base

XP: 0

Str: 12 (+1)
Dex: 19 (+4)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 19 (+4)
Wis: 11 (+0)
Cha: 12 (+1)

HP: 10 (1d8+2)
AC: 18 (+4 Armor, +4 Dex)
Touch: 14
Flat-Footed: 14

Fort Save: +2 (+0 Base, +2 Con)
Ref Save: +6 (+2 Base, +4 Dex)
Will Save: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Wis)

BA: +0
CMB: +1
CMD: 15

Rapier +1 (1d6+1/18-20 x2)
Dagger(thrown) +4 (1d4+1/19-20 x2)

Acrobatics                +8 (1 Ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class)
Bluff                     +5 (1 Ranks, +1 Cha, +3 Class)
Craft(Jewelry)            +8 (1 Ranks, +4 Int, +3 Class)
Diplomacy                 +5 (1 Ranks, +1 Cha, +3 Class)
Disable Device            +11 (1 Ranks, +4 Int, +3 Class, +2 Equipment, +1 Trapfinding)
Disguise                  +7 (1 Ranks, +1 Cha, +3 Class, +2 Equipment)
Escape Artist             +8 (1 Ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class)
Perception                +9 (1 Ranks, +0 Wis, +3 Class, +2 Race, +3 Feat)
Perform(Dance)            +5 (1 Ranks, +1 Cha, +3 Class)
Sense Motive              +4 (1 Ranks, +0 Wis, +3 Class)
Sleight of Hand           +8 (1 Ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class)
Stealth                   +8 (1 Ranks, +4 Dex, +3 Class)
Use Magic Device          +5 (1 Ranks, +1 Cha, +3 Class)

Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Goblin, Sylvan

Skill Focus(Perception)

Special Abilities:
Low-Light Vision
Elven Immunities (Immune to magic sleep and get +2 vs Enchantment spells and effects.)
Elven Magic (Useless to character)
Keen Senses (+2 Perception)
Weapon Familiarity (Proficient with bows, longswords, rapiers, and treat any 'elven' weapon as a martial weapon.)
Trapfinding (+1 Perception to find traps, +1 to Disable Device)
Sneak Attack +1d6
Favored Class: Rogue (Skills)


8 gp, 7 sp, 2 cp

1,100 gp Mithral Shirt
100 gp Masterwork Thieves Tools
100 gp Rope, Spider Silk
50 gp Masterwork Backpack
50 gp Disguise Kit
30 Courtier's Outfit (Courtesean Clothing)
20 gp Alchemist's Fire
20 gp Rapier
10 gp Acid Flask
10 gp Small Steel Mirror
10 gp Sunrods x5
8 gp Daggers x4
8 gp Ink
7 gp Rations, x14
5 gp Artisan Tools
5 gp Gold Earrings
1 gp Belt Pouch
1 gp Caltrops
1 gp Flint & Steel
1 gp Grappling Hook
1 gp Parchment x5
1 gp Waterskin
1 gp Wooden Holy Symbol (Calistria)
5 sp Sewing Needle
5 sp Soap
2 sp Iron Spikes x4
1 sp Bedroll
1 sp Inkpen
3 cp Earplugs
2 cp Whetstone
2 cp Powder
1 cp String
Free Explorer's Outfit


Adyriana is slender and short among most elves.  Her golden hair has a number of faint strands of fiery copper woven through it, and when not braided it falls to the middle of her back in gentle waves.  Her eyes are a deep sapphire that sparkle with mischief and determination, and seem abnormally large in her fine-boned, beautiful face.  Her skin is pale, as if she doesn't get much time out in the sun, and her arms and legs are fine-boned as well, showing that she's a pure-blooded high elf.  Her body is fairly curvacious, and she has slightly larger breasts than would be expected for her build.

Normally Adyriana wears an outfit of black leather and satin, which has a set of mithral chain nested in between the layers of the torso portion.  At her hip she carries a slender rapier with a black leather and steel hilt, which appears to have seen a good deal of use.  She also carries a set of four matching throwing daggers which she secrets on her person, as well as a set of thieves tools that are tucked into various places on her person.  When traveling she carries a matching backpack into which she puts most of her equipment, though she keeps another outfit of white silk which she wears when she needs to be in more polite company.

Adyriana's personality is a bit odd, though.  She's distant and sometimes cold to others, yet haunted by her own past.  She is comfortable in the city or in ruins, yet almost never in the outdoors.  Unlike most elves, she's jumpy and nervous when in the outdoors.  Yet in spite of her apparent indifference to most crimes and villains, she bears a seething hatred for those that have been kidnapping women of late, and she has been trying to track down the abductees for as long as she's known about the disappearances.


Adyriana doesn't know who her father was.  Her vague memories of her mother were from better than seventy years before, and her mother spoke of him as a traveling noble who met an accident.  Perhaps she would have learned more later, but her mother died of the plague when she was only ten years old.  Adyriana and her twin sister, Syriana, were taken in by the temple of Calistria a short distance outside of the kingdom.  The pair spent their days playing in the woods around the temple as they grew up, but tragety struck when they were nearing their fiftieth year.

Syriana was separated from Adyriana when the human raiders struck.  The band of raiders were also slavers, and they saw the young woman and the temple as perfect prey.  They did not expect the stiff, deadly defiance of the priestesses, and many of them died while Adyriana was out in the woods.  But the humans persisted, and managed to kill many of those in the temple, and captured the remainder.  Knowing that they couldn't sell such dangerous individuals, the raiders took their pleasure with those that they had captured, and then they killed every single one of them.

Adyriana had been off with another priestess named Everette at a nearby town gathering supplies when she felt the sudden pain and fear from her sister.  She continued feeling it for two hours while she and Everette hurried back toward the temple, and then it ended with an agonizing suddeness.  Reaching the temple took another hour beyond that, and when they reached the temple, they found the aftermath of slaughter.  Adyriana snapped, taking a blade from one of the dead, and she had learned her lessons well.  The raiders had split up to loot the temple, and the pair of elves moved through the temple like ghosts, killing every last surviving member of the raiders.  Only then did they turn to cremating their own dead, and only then did Adyriana shed the tears for her sister, her only family.

The next ten years saw Adyriana move to the capital of the kingdom.  She finds lost individuals for those who have the coin to pay her, and she assassinates slavers when the chance reaches her.  Her loss of her sister has made her paranoid about the outdoors, and she prefers to work in cities or tunnels.  Better yet, she prefers to move at night.  But when the king put out word for adventurers, she responded.  She would love nothing more than to put a blade through those who had been kidnapping women, and is more than willing to work with others if it will give her a chance to do so.

Adyriana is a lesbian, and distrusts men after her sister was raped and murdered by human men.  She is evasive when approached about relationships, and tries to avoid any contact with others for personal reasons.  (This is not to say that other such things can't happen.  Simply that Adyriana will not willingly have sexual relations with anyone initially, and any interaction with a male would have to be unwilling.)

No scat or waterplay, nor blowjobs.  Otherwise, almost anything is acceptable with some discussion.  This includes death of the character.


Sounds interesting, if there is still a slot I would be interested.
My roles are
Roll Result: grovercjuk rolled: 4d6, keeping 3 dice
Result: 1, 2, 4, 5,
Total: 11
Roll Result: grovercjuk rolled: 4d6, keeping 3 dice
Result: 5, 6, 1, 3,
Total: 14
Roll Result: grovercjuk rolled: 4d6, keeping 3 dice
Result: 4, 4, 6, 1,
Total: 14
Roll Result: grovercjuk rolled: 4d6, keeping 3 dice
Result: 6, 5, 5, 1,
Total: 16
Roll Result: grovercjuk rolled: 4d6, keeping 3 dice
Result: 6, 3, 5, 3,
Total: 14
Roll Result: grovercjuk rolled: 4d6, keeping 3 dice
Result: 2, 1, 3, 2,
Total: 7

So 11,14,14,16,14,7

Not too bad.
Is it OK to create a character with them?



I'm interested totally! ^^ I love pathfinder ^^

will roll up a character ina  moment XD
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Im always interested in some Pathfinder although the NC part does bug me a bit but as long as my characters dont have to be involved in it Im fine with it. If you need any assistance understanding how the system operates I can give you a hand too
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Limits: I do not, under any circumstances play out scenes involving M/M, non-con, or toilet play




OK Meet Katrina Stormweaver
Character sheet:
Hopefully she is OK.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Basic Information.

Name: Katrina Stormchaser
Age: 29
Race: Human
Profession: Archer
Gender: Female.   


Age: Early thirties.
Hair: Blonde.
Eyes: Blue.
Height and weight. 6' 1" 170lbs.
Physical description.

           If you asked Katrina what one word she would like to be applied to her then it would be professional. Not attractive or beautiful as many of her sisters would have liked. And she looks the part, her armour is cared for as are her weapons but there is no flash about them at all. From her close cropped hair to her sturdy boots she looked exactly like what she is, a professional mercenary archer.
      Her longbow is slung over her shoulder, two quivers of arrows easily assessable along with a workman like sword hanging at her waist. She wears a mail shirt, which she has covered with brown cloth to prevent sun flash.  Her leather trousers are hard wearing and travel worn, as are her leather boots. Other equipment is in a back pack that is easily dumped for combat.


Age: Acts older than her age.
Likes: Being professional, travelling, hitting the target every time.
Dislikes: Amateurs, flashy types, merchants.
Phobias: Magic, she really is not comfortable about the way in which magic brings forth something from nothing.
Interacting with others. When it comes to interacting with others she deals with people on a professional basis. You do your end and she will do hers. Social interaction is a whole new ball game. She really does not get social interaction, the whole flattery and white likes thing just baffle her. I mean why being me flowers? If I wanted some I would go and get some and what would I do with them anyhow?
Believes that: Her core belief is get it right, first time, every time and you live, piss around and you die, it really is that simple.


Weapons and armour.
       She wears a Chainmail with leather trousers and boots. A longbow and a Falchion are her primary weapons along with a dagger on her belt and a cut throat razor in a pouch at the back of her neck.
Other equipment.
         Bbackpack, rope,a plain brown hooded traveler's cloak, a bedroll and traveler's tent, dried foodstuffs for a week, waterskin and miscellaneous items such as a lantern, oil, fish hooks etc.

Other important stuff.

Deities. She worships the ThunderBird God of thunder and storms.
When scared: She braces herself and takes better aim as well as make unsavory comments.
The thing she wants most but would never tell anyone about is: A man who would love her for what she is.
She's lonely when: She is in a social situation and every one else is enjoying themselves.
The things you need to know about his past are:
      She grew up in a border stronghold where raiders swept in on a regular basis. One such raid left her mother dead and her father bringing up four sons and one daughter.  Not having a clue about how to bring up a daughter her father decided to treat her as a son who just had to sit to pee. Hence her more masculine outlook on life.
             Life was hard, she was drilled in weapons and had all the combat she wanted. But she had wonder lust, a trait she got from her mother, one of the rare comments her father said about her mother. The barbarian warrior who came and won his heart only to break it when she died leaving him with a family.
            So to indulge her wonder lust Katrina enlisted as a caravan guard, a good one but she grew sick of seeing good companions die whilst the merchant cowered in his wagon and then at the end getting all the rewards.