What a Handsome Man (Fxf)

Started by Transgirlenstein, September 09, 2011, 10:37:12 PM

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This is based off a fantasy I've had for some time.  I want to play the domme, I need someone to play the submissive role.  Nothing is decided yet as far as story goes, I just know what I want to explore.

Essentially, I want to do a forced masculization story.  My character takes your character and forces her to dress and act like a man or at least a very butch female.  Perhaps she is willing and wants this to happen, perhaps not.

I'll listen to any story suggestions based of the above.  Just post them here or send me a message.
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  We are a pair of 16yo girls who attend the same school and have been friends since middle school. I know you're bi, but heavily favor girls. I think of myself as straight tho I have kissed a girl, or two. When this fantasy would start I would have a bf. I know you are hot to get into my pants, but we are such good friends that it really doesn't bother me. And anyway, I like the attention.