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June 26, 2022, 06:13:28 pm

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Author Topic: The Black Tyrant's cattle (MxM, extreme, castration, vore)  (Read 1179 times)

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The Black Tyrant's cattle (MxM, extreme, castration, vore)
« on: September 09, 2011, 03:34:07 pm »

Based a bit off a dream I had.

The undead and monsterous hordes marching under the enigmatic sorcerer known as the Black Tyrant have conquored the nation and began their reign of terror. The skies have darkened, slowly killing the land so that the creatures of the night can roam free. The living have been separated by gender and put into ranches where they are treated as livestock awaiting their terrible fates. Those that resist too heavily are mindraped to be prisoners inside their own mind. Watching themselves obey without question while still being fully conscious of everything. A fate worse then complying with the pain and death that likely await.

The game focuses on a 'cattle pit' in the newly named city of Rivenheart, which the Black Tyrant lives. The male humans are kept in stalls, worked, and prepared to eventually become either personal slaves or food for the liches, vampires and driders or their food.  Some livestock deemed unworthy are simply thrown whole into a meat grinder and fed to the lowly ghouls that make up the bulk of the Tyrant's subjects.

The slaves genitals are inexplicably interesting to the undead. In fact they are treated as a crop of their own. The slave's sex organs are oiled, massages and put through rigors painful procedures. When not in pain the cattle are in a state of extreme arousal, but steep punishment is levied for masturbation. Their genitals grow in size which the undead call "ripening" until they are eventually "harvested" before the cattle are sent to their ultimate fate.

I take the role of the story teller and the Black Tyrant. The Black Tyrant is actually a very "pretty" male with youthful features. Id like to have my partner play a cattle or an human overseer that is being given the chance to rise in power and gain the tyrants affection by taking over managing and preparing the slaves for 'harvest'.  In the second case id probably use a simple system of modified dice rolls to add a little randomness into the operation.

The role of the "cattle" is pretty simplistic and entirely submissive. The overseer is a bit more complex role and naturally a switch. The "manliness" of either can range from a very femme skinny boy to a macho hunk of muscle. I have a slight preference for the more masculine end of the spectrum but either way their services will satisfy me.

The length of the rp is pretty negotiable since it could deal with a charactes stay in the cattle pits only or it could go on after or transfer between different characters. If i get an overseer and a cattle I may make it a 3 way game if my partners like. I see the rp being rather short, sexual and brutal.

Concept Image for the Black Tyrant

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Re: The Black Tyrant's cattle (MxM, extreme, castration, vore)
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2011, 04:29:57 pm »
Surprised noone responded to this. Hi! I'm David. I don't normally play male characters but I thought it would be fun to do something totally out of the ordinary. This is a pretty extreme topic but I think that's what makes it kind of exciting. I could play an overseer or cattle. I've never done any rolling or actual gameplay on here so I would need a little assistance on that end, but if you still like this idea and want to see it realized I am definitely interested. Short, sexual, and brutal? Surely we can do something fun with that. I like the idea of playing a very muscular man that has a prized cock that will be excellent when 'harvested'...maybe there is some kind of nirvana-like pleasure that comes from having your cock harvested...idk we can make some cool stuff up. Hit me back tonight I'm not doing anything and horny :P