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Author Topic: An Ancient Vampire in a New World  (Read 830 times)

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An Ancient Vampire in a New World
« on: September 08, 2011, 03:53:35 pm »
I know I have lots of roleplays going on solo and group but I adore this character that I created almost a year ago now but the group game she was involved in died a death before it even had a chance to start and the last solo game she had is now on hold.

I want to do a game with her, end of story - she is not a sparkly vamp, she is not a weak submissive creature that will let some fool walk all over her for love. She doesn't believe in love, she's been around far too long but when you read the history of her sire and herself, you'll see why.

I am open to building a world where vampires and humans co.exist, that it has come to the point where like in True Blood and Anita Blake, the vampires have made themselves known. I am very open to brainstorming a good plot with someone because let's face it - writing partners input is essential.

I will warn you however - I do have lots of games going on and I have a busy work and social life, I do post to my solo games but ask my writing partners to be patient with me and I in turn respect and will be the same in return.

Character Type:
Elder VampireA particularly old vampire.

Character Background:

The Sire
Ireland late 4th century and early 5th century:
The country was bloodthirsty and volatile. The High King ready to pass his crown on but choosing instead not to give it to his eldest son but to host games of skill amongst them. At last Niall of the Nine Hostages becomes revered as the High King and his legendary reign begins. Druids hold much store amongst the people and many men take more than one wife.

In the midst of the tumultuous lives of these Celts lingers a threat they are unaware of. Side by side they have battled together, the humans not knowing that the man beside them could also be a blood thirsty vampire. A small clan of traditional vampires survived from the dawn of time on this war faring Island and refused to move. They had all the fresh blood they could ever need and as every so often a new war was raged or a fight broke out, they were never short.

They were the 'Siúlóirí na Lá' - the Day Walkers. Over time however their numbers dwindled and yet still they abhorred the idea of mating with the human women to bear half-breeds. It was unthinkable. By 430AD there was only three males and a single female left. The human wars had taken their toll on the lives of the clan. Wooden spears used in battles had pierced many while the bloodthirsty Irish famous for tearing the bodies of their enemies in quarters and burning them or burying them away from each other, did like
wise when confronted in battle with the vampires.

Fionn Cuan was many moons old and yet had stilled his bodily aging so that he appeared to resemble no more than twenty years. An old age in human years even then as many died swiftly in battle or with disease or from wounds. Often he considered relinquishing the life he had lived for so long, he could sense something approaching and did not like the omens he saw daily. His brother Daithi and his woman Una felt it too and moved from their warring home in the North to a quieter part of Ireland in the very South. Fionn
stayed on, for one reason and one reason only. In all his years - all 1,800 of them he had fallen in love perhaps twice. Once when he was but a young boy of 16 years and again much later when he had turned a century.

Now he felt the stirrings again but was dismayed that he of all people had fallen in love with a human woman. Not just a woman but a young girl. She was fourteen and yet he saw the promise in her of what she could be. He did not court her but in his own way strives to protect her from others who might pursue her. But even he could not foresee the coming of Christianity to the shores of such a barbaric country. She who had not fallen for the charms or wiles of any man fell in love at the age of sixteen with the Word that Patrick spoke. A young priest sent by his own visions and the pope to turn the people of Ireland to the one true church.

Fionn Cuan was disgusted, he had seen religious fools before and thought this one more deceptive than all the rest. He watched from afar as the man blessed and preached with one hand but annihilated the druids with the other. Listened as he preached about love and peace while he bloodied his own hands with the murders of those who opposed his faith and church. Fionn hated him and all he stood for and it broke his heart to see his Fianna falling daily into the clutches of the church. She idolised Fionn but as a guardian, as a friend and nothing more. Besotted she announced one day to her family and Fionn that she was joining the church and being baptised.

Anger filled him like nothing ever had before and a bloodlust so strong tore through his very veins. If Fionn could not have her, he was certain that no man or god for that matter would either. In the dead of night he snatched her silently from her home and taking her far into the mountains, first raped her and then bit her. His intention of course had only been to drain her but his desire for her had overcome him and then his love for her did. Hating himself for treating her like an animal, hearing her screams and cries of mercy has he had torn his way through her, Fionn knew there was no where left for him to go. As his fangs sank into her he drank from her enough to taste her innocence and then cutting his own arm fed her (unwilling as she was) from his own blood.

On the mountain tops he witnessed her change, her anger and frustration. He witnessed her fear at what she had become and what he truly was. Never before meeting Patrick had she thought of such things as hell or the devil but now was sure that Fionn Cuan was this exactly. Tortured daily by her view of him, Fionn could not go on. He warned her not to return to her family and to stay from the light which seemed to affect her greatly compared to him. He understood this was because she was not a true vampire as he was but sired not birthed. As the Samhain festivities approached he lit a huge fire and entering the flames pushed a stake into his own heart. Falling to his knees Fianna was the last face he saw before the true death took him.

The Sired

Fianna screamed and fought as best she could but she had been no match for Fionn, he took her innocence and her virginity and gave her immortality in return. She had hated him greatly then but as time moved on slowly for her and she had to move around from place to place, she grew to hate him even more. She had watched her family from afar growing old, saddened by her sudden disappearance, angered that she had never been found and had also to witness them moving on. Living their lives as if she no longer existed. Watching also as Christianity spreads like a plague across the country, time also opens her eyes to the duality of this religion among others. Soon she shuns the human villages altogether only coming near them to feed. At first her appetite is so strong that she cannot resist the urge no matter how disgusting her mind at times tells her it is. She feeds off the helpless children and elderly until she herself is strong enough to demand more, until she is wiser through time and learned knowledge to seek out others like herself.

Her travels take her from Ireland to England and from there to Europe. Every decade she moves on again, never staying where she might be recognised until she after spending some time amongst a powerful coven in Spain, she desires to create her own. Her accent slowly changes, a willing student absorbing different languages painstakingly until she is fluent in all. Time takes her to China and Japan, she ventures to Russia and as it is so vast finds a home here for quite some time. Feeding grounds are plentiful and she becomes known through the vampire circles. She is older than many and respected because of it. This she uses to her advantage, aligning herself with a pure blood vampire Damien who falls madly in love with her on first sight. Fianna uses him mercilessly to acquire land, money and prestige. She cannot love, refuses to think it even exists. Love for the god she had wanted to give her life too had not saved her or her soul. Both damned to walk the earth for eternity!

Damien is killed twenty years later in a brutal vampire war between East Europeans and Russians. With his death she becomes the queen of over 8,000 acres of frozen land but plentiful with humans. The Europeans did not stand a chance fighting the Russians on their own turf.

She moves again placing trusted members of her coven in charge of her lands in Russia and ordering them in turn to sire. She wants an army of vampires for she knows the wars are not over and she will always be ready. But time wages on and as she finds herself traveling back to England. She will never return to Ireland even after all this time it is too painful a memory for her. Fianna feared and loved, revered and reviled by her kind walks the earth still draining humans still trying to find a peace she knows does not exist, still convinced that love is an illusion, still hating the one man she can never kill ... Fionn Cuan.

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Re: An Ancient Vampire in a New World
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2011, 02:33:31 pm »
Dangit girl... I want a vamp player tooooo..... for my own O.C. Vampworld.... curse my lack of ability to take on a man's role in rps!!!  *hugs you*