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Author Topic: Current Ideas and floating characters  (Read 1277 times)

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Offline OdinSeraphinTopic starter

Current Ideas and floating characters
« on: September 07, 2011, 06:28:00 pm »
Already created characters; this is by no means the only ones I have, but they are some.

Character types: Assassin, Ranger, Monk, Summoner, Gunslinger.

Assassin: Medieval; The man stands about 5'10", clad in a black leather armor, the only really distinguishing item a plain white mask.
            Modern; Wearing a nicer suit, the man obviously takes care in his image. Suave, he keeps his kills closer

Ranger: Medieval; A man of the forest, using a bow and longsword, he hunts and sells to many of his goods to local towns.
             Modern; A military sniper, he takes his job and shots very seriously.

Monk: Medieval; A militaristic temple, focusing on the inner strength, helping people in their travels as he tours the world.
          Modern; Finding a balance, he trains others in ancient techniques from long forgotten times.

Summoner Medieval; Magic is all around people, for the summoner, he commands it and bends it entirely to his will, doing this with just a pure connection to the energies of the world.
                 Modern; Using a disk imprinted with the creatures of fantasy novels, he brings them into this world. Normally for entertainment.

Gunslinger: Medieval; The gunslinger uses a pair of pistols, whipping them around, a crazy individual to be sure.
                  Modern; Using revolvers he preforms many trick shots for entertainment.

Necromancer: Medieval; Odin Seraphin, the assumed name of a young man who left home to become a necromancer.

If you are interested in any character or storyline, just send me a pm, or even post in here.
Will update stories/ideas as I get them.
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Offline OdinSeraphinTopic starter

Re: Current Ideas and floating characters
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 12:08:20 pm »

Deus Ex: Human augmentation has been outlawed, the Illuminati have won the fight. What of the ones who are already augmented? Do they run, hide and hope to survive, or do they start to take the fight to their enemies? (Set in the Deus Ex Human Revolution part.)

The Slave: The world is run by only two corporations, one helps the elite stay at the top, offering careers, training and any 'entertainment' they wish. The second manages the slaves, those who can not buy their freedom, one of the top slaves was a young man named Derek, he had served under a few high profile clients, knowing their secrets meant that he couldn't be killed without there being some kind of backlash. But one young woman of the top tier wants into his head, and will use any method to get it.

Zombie Holiday: Been playing a lot of Dead Island, the idea kind of struck me, what do you do if you are stuck on a beautiful island getaway, loaded to the brim with Zombies? Do you ignore everyone for your own survival, find a partner and a defensive position to hunker down and wait for help? What happens when you get 'needs'? Can be 'realistic' or fantasy, either way is fine with me. Fantasy follows more the Dead Rising 'Bees' style. Realistic would be more like the old method of a 'virus' turning corpses to zombies and so on. Can be any setting (physical location doesn't really matter to me). No game experience needed, just a general idea, your stuck on a beautiful island, with zombies all over.

Nightmares made real: He fell asleep after a long night, only to have his dreams haunted by some creature. When he woke the next morning he thought nothing of it until he began to see his nightmares come to life. Seeking the stranger who always seemed to be near him when he woke, he wants the visions to stop. But the lines between his waking and sleeping worlds are becoming less and less clear.

Persona Series: There is normally only one wild card, what happens when a pair meet? What happens if one is working to open a portal and drag shadows and personas through to this world? What will happen then?
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Offline OdinSeraphinTopic starter

Re: Current Ideas and floating characters
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2013, 12:26:15 am »
Added a Persona Series story, still kind of rough, but I enjoy the series a lot.