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Started by Chaosdagger, September 07, 2011, 12:06:59 AM

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Hi, I'm a newly accepted 23 year old female looking for something fun. I don't really have any ideas at the moment just hoping for a one on one, one shot rp to get me started.

Let me know if your interested and any ideas you have thanks and I hope to enjoy you soon!


Good evening Chaodagger. I hope your well tonight.

I may have a few ideas if your intrested.

Here are my Ons and Offs.


looking forward to hearing back.


Well, Chaodagger, welcome to the forum. =)

I have two forums with RP request topics. Let me know if either one catches your interest.


As of 1/18/13, I am inactive on Elliquiy. I may return someday. This signature will change if I do.