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Author Topic: Male mercs needed! (Fallout 3/New Vegas)  (Read 431 times)

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Offline kingsizedorkTopic starter

Male mercs needed! (Fallout 3/New Vegas)
« on: September 06, 2011, 01:04:19 AM »
Greetings fellow knights of the English language! (At least…I hope you are)
I am looking for testosterone fuelled males who can give me detailed posts of a min of 3 paragraphs, any more than you are <3.
You need to be able to carry the story with me other that leaving it all to me. I am a great lover of creativity, character development, twists and detail and I hope you are too

Mature Romance is mandatory! Over 18s only please.

Fallout3/New Vegas
(I have a pre-made female character. No I will not play a ghoul…>.<)
You may have one Perk from the game to be added onto your character.

My character is an interesting one and the cause of many laughs, and if you work well with her, the rp can be lots of fun.
Surviving in the wastes on your own is tough, and especially when become highly radiated resulting in agonizing headaches. Only Radx stops them. However, she does have the in-game perk - Rad Regeneration. Although skilled marksman with small weapons, if there was a way to choke on rice…she’d find it. She is a Pseudo-Nutcase. Insane in the brain? Not as much as you think. Its merely a defence to get the jump on you. A fools intelligence? Or just someone very silly?

Plot 1 – 100 years into the future, the planet is lush with green and flowing with clear water once again. Slowly, humanity is forgetting the horrors of the nuclear wasteland and radiation has been a thing of the past. Jesus has long since been forgotten as the name of a savour, and instead been replaced by two names as the Bringer of Regeneration.
Our story begins 100 years earlier prior to this glorious future to the Nuclear Wasteland. You are a greatly feared Merc with a great bounty on your head. You take shit from no one and do not hesitate to kill a man that look at you the wrong way. You like bars were you often drink yourself into blackouts and find yourself indulging in the local girls, however many are willing. Your life changes when you come across a woman in the wastes. Shes packing heat but seems a threat to no one and keeps up her crazy, insane and mad idea that she can make it rain by boiling a pot of water everyday. After deciding to follow your character, she ends up helping on missions and help you escape bounty hunters. Your life seems to change as you are constantly caught in unlikely and often humorous situations and events (as well as serious ones.) which would lead them into becoming the savours of mankind.

Plot 2 – Slowly but surely, Super Mutants have been growing in numbers and recruited feral ghouls for good measure. They are over running small settlements and set their eyes on the bigger cities, striving to become the dominant species. You've been traveling for awhile and seen the results of the Super Mutant hordes in small settlements. They dont leave much behind but mangled bodies. You meet a young woman while savanging an area previously destoried by mutants or have already been friends for alittle while. You team up but what is your next move? Join the armies against the Mutants? Form a duo and flush out mutant camps in the various buildings of the wasteland?

Also willing to hear your plots, but I will be playing the same character plus temps as required.
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