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Started by Ave Maria, September 05, 2011, 10:30:01 AM

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Ave Maria

A must read before deciding to message Ave!
I need more roleplays. Please, read through and send me a PM. DO NOT REPLY HERE!
Also, if it takes me an abnormal amount of time to reply...You should probably begin to worry...just saying.
Also if you're looking for a 40 post game: GTFO NAO.
If you have your own ideas I'd love to hear them. <3 

Part One: Introduction [including Contact information]
Part Two:Requirements
Part Three: Turn On's
Part Four: Turn Off's
Part Five: Maybe's
Part Six: Pairings
Part Seven: Plot ideas
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Ave Maria

Part One: An Intro Into Ave Maria

Allow me to do a bit of introducing so that you're not surprised later in our conversation or so that redundant questions do not arise. I don't wish to speak anymore about myself than what is listed here. I rarely will give you insight to who I am and I'm not looking for conversation partners currently. Here we are:

Name: Ave Maria
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Occupation: College
Significant other: Yes

Allow me to explain myself, I am a very kind person. I wouldn't want someone to be cruel to me just because we don't know each other personally but please don't mistake my kind nature as anything but. I have no interest in talking with you any other way other than to roleplay. I do not wish to have your phone number, meet up or give out any information. I have been in a faithful relationship with my other for over a year now and I don't plan on changing that and you can't either. He couldn't get rid of me if he moved to Mexico and changed his name to Carlos. I expect idle chat but I rather not have personal questions.

Contact information: I would rather you tell me who you are and what you want from me before you attempt to contact me outside of Elliquiy. My contact information is up there and yes it's not hidden but a stranger is a stranger. If you attempt to contact me on my messenger I will ignore you. I'm very sorry if that hurts your feelings but it happens.

Updating: If we do have an ongoing roleplay I will get to it in due time. Don't think I've forgotten about you just because I haven't replied and I'm online. Just because I am being shown online does NOT mean that I am currently at my computer. I have several other roleplay's that are going on at the very same time as yours. I will get to you in due time. If it takes more than two days then send me a PM. If it takes longer than that contact me on my messenger.
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Ave Maria

Part Two: Requirements

This is a minimum list of things you should have before contacting me. I'm quite serious about this. If you don't possess these attributes before we begin don't be surprised if I do drop your game. I don't have time to be picking through what you're trying to communicate to my Character.

1) Literacy. No, apparently that's not something everyone has because I've seen quite a few without it. Theoretically speaking you shouldn't be asking me to define words for you and you should know what all the words in your post mean. If there is a misconception I will gladly point you towards Google.

2) Grammar. Apparently this is not a given either. I'm not perfect and I'm definitely not saying that you should be either. On the contrary I expect some mistakes but at least have the respect to re-read over your post once it is complete. A misspelled word or three considering most browsers have spell check will get irritating. I expect you to know the differences between words and not use the same thing over and over again in each post.

3) Maturity. There is a time to joke and then there isn't. Certain things should just be left alone and dropped when asked. Continuing on shows a lack of caring and respect for your partner. A few curse words isn't bad but certain things will not be tolerated. 

4) Ideas. If there's nothing on my list of ideas at least have some rough idea figured of what you want. I don't mean that you have to have everything worked out and the first post ready, though that would be nice just that it should be something a bit more than, "I want a vampire roleplay with a friend." If that's all you have for me then maybe you should be doing some form of mulling before you PM me. A rough idea is better than no idea because if we both have no idea then we both have nothing.

5) Intelligence. I don't have time to constantly explain something to you nor am I looking for someone to teach.

6) Skill. I have been roleplaying for well over seven years and I expect the best. If you're new to roleplaying there's nothing wrong with that but you have to come with something better than, "Addie sat down at the bar and smiled." Remedial, boring and outdated roleplaying won't keep my attention and won't give you a quick reply. I should be excited for what's next not dreading the next response I get from you.

7) Sex. If you're planning on five posts in sex then you're definitely barking up the wrong tree. Sex comes in due time but there's also a story that should be played just as well. It shouldn't be sex scene after sex scene because that leaves nothing but smut and belittles both of our writing abilities. I don't want that and I don't see why you would either.

8) Respect. If you respect me, I'll respect you. I won't intentionally put anything inside of the roleplay that you don't like or want and I wish for the same respect. Accidents happen and if it does I wish for you to notify me. I'm very absentminded. I apologize for it but it's true. Please don't take anything to heart if it does happen.

One must remember if reality didn't exist fantasy wouldn't be make-believe.
~*I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!...In the library...on a Saturday...unless he's cute...and drives a nice car. Amen.
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Ave Maria

Part Three: On's

-Beautiful descriptions: A beautiful scene adds to the beauty of the Game. If everything was boring in fantasy as it was in reality I wouldn't be here.
- A well thought out Character: Characters grow over time. No one stays the same and I don't expect your character to. I simply don't want someone with two emotional fields being portrayed. Growth takes time.
- Sexy clothing: Everyone wears cute things from time to time. I love cross-dressers Male or Female. Spice things up and give life a bit more cutesy confusion.
- Male on Male action is sexy, I must say.
- Flexible partners make the sex scenes [when or if they happen] fun.
- Long Games
- Vampires
- Angels
- Demons
- Devils
- Lycanthrope
- Fantasy: create a beautiful world to escape this one.
- Anime/ Manga
- Seduction
- Domination
- Sadism
- Masochism
- Whips
- Chains
~*I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!...In the library...on a Saturday...unless he's cute...and drives a nice car. Amen.
-Blanche Devereaux*~

Ave Maria

Part Four: Off's

- Derogatory names or terms: If it's in Character that's fine but I don't deem racism okay at anytime. Even when it's not specifically directed towards anyone it still can hurt.
- God mode: Your character's not perfect. Stop interfering with what I just posted to make your character better. You're disrupting the game with your stupidity. Be happy if I think about replying. GTFO. Seriously, bro. 
- Lying: If you don't want to continue that's fine. Just tell me and maybe we can start a new roleplay or we can just drop it all together. Telling me you're busy and you're not just isn't acceptable. I wouldn't knowingly do the same to do you so give me that respect.
- Asking me personal questions: If I'm not in your business then you shouldn't be in mine.
- People who introduce sex within the first few posts.
- People who approach me for a Game but write like they're seven.
- Western styled settings.
- Humiliation. Just not my thing, I'm very sorry if it's yours. If you attempt to equip it anyway I'll drop you immediately.
- Castration: Sweet Jesus no. That just seems...no.
- Scat/ Urine: Never been there, won't do that. Sorry.
- Perverting nature and Lactation: Those seem very personal to me so no thank you.
- Disappearances without warning: At least tell me that you'll be gone. Send me a message, IM me something. Don't just go missing for two weeks and suddenly pop back up. Yes, Sorry would be needed but I don't know if I'd be willing to continue the Game with you afterwards.
- Systems: I don't deal with them and I don't understand them. No, I don't want to try and understand them. I'll stick with what I have already. Thank you though.
- Doctor Who: Who? I don't know anything about it so attempting to get me to do a Game without knowledge is like pushing you off a bridge and telling you to fly like a bird.
- Science: I'm not a technical person and I rather not get into something where I'm over my head.
- Super Hero: No dice.
- Military Fiction: I don't know anything about it and I don't want to try.
-Animals: If you're into that, that's cool. I'm not.
- Obese Characters/ Partners: Same as above.
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Ave Maria

Part Five: Maybe's

There are things that depending on my mood and flexibility I may be willing to negotiate with you. It does not mean that you keep asking it means that I'll either say yes or no to them. It's how I am and it is how I am going to be.

- Anthromorphs: Simply because I have never played a character like this before and I don't know how it would be or how well it would turn out. Depending on the day I may want to experiment and see my ideals.
- Hermaphroditic Characters: More likely you would get a no on this but it's worth a shot. If I'm up to it then we'll give it a go.
- Older Characters/ Partners: Typically my age limit for a Character is around 24. If they're older than that then I think things get a bit awkward. You know the saying, "I keep getting older but the girls stay the same."
- Large Breasts: If the character has them then they are there. I don't think it should be worshiped or brought up in conversation every three seconds.
- Short Characters/ Partners: Depending on the height I think it would be a bit awkward also. I wouldn't know what to say or do for my Character.
- Slim Characters: There's nothing wrong with being of small stature but when you dip into anorexia I need to be able to know that's it coming and be ready.
- Science Fiction: It's worth a shot.
- Police Procedural: I could give it a shot.
- Mystery: If you have a good one then I'll try for sure.
~*I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!...In the library...on a Saturday...unless he's cute...and drives a nice car. Amen.
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Ave Maria

Part Six: Pairings

Typically I stand in the middle of most things but this is definitely something you should consider before sending me a PM.

Male/Male: Is usually what I'm good at. I like playing the submissive one in the role and unless asked otherwise I will request it. If you're willing to switch than I will be perfectly comfortable attempting a dominate Character. Typically it's hit or miss for me. Sometimes I can have a really good Character with an amazing personality and sometimes I flop. If it happens I sincerely apologize and if you would be willing we can try again with another idea or the same one.

Female/Female: Depending on the day I'll be into this. It has to have a very interesting plot line and the idea has to come from you. I've only done about four of these in the past and the plot line was the reason. 

Female/Male: Not exactly my favourite but I can deal sometimes. I don't really enjoy it but if your Character is well made then maybe I can get into it.

???/???: If you have suggestions for other pairings I would be willing to listen but you would have to do some serious explaining. 
~*I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!...In the library...on a Saturday...unless he's cute...and drives a nice car. Amen.
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Ave Maria

Part Seven: Plot ideas

All of these can be played with male or female Characters. I prefer Male...as you will probably see a lot of he and him. If you like any of these send me a message. I promise not to bite.

Depending on my mood things will be added or taken away. If you see something that you like then PM me. Nothing is final and if you want to play a Character just tell me. There's nothing wrong with a bit of negotiation.

Plot One: One night [Character A] awakens to find the lights in his living room on and hushed voices echoing from the area. He peeks in to find that both his parents are sitting and chatting with what looks like a wealthy individual. During the conversation he learns that his older brother was sold to the wealthy gentleman and became his servant and that the same would happen to him. He accidentally alerts them of his presence and the wealthy man wishes to take him then. He begs his parents but they do not relent. He is brought to a large manor in which a party is taking place downstairs. He is cleaned and dressed accordingly and left in the room alone until the door opens hours later. Then he is introduced to [Character b] his new master and the son of the wealthy individual.

Plot two: [Character A] is an angel still working to get fully accepted into heaven. In the past all of his previous assignments have failed and he is given a final chance by St. Peter. If he doesn't help this final person he will be sent to hell where Satan is waiting for him to strip him of his wings. Out of fear [Character A] accepts the job even though it seems impossible. Enter [Character B] who is apart of the mafia and definitely not looking for a way out. He is the only one who can see [Character A] unless [Character A] decides to be seen. [Character A] has to convince [Character B] to change his way of life and repent.

Plot three: [Character A] is a thief working to steal priceless artifacts but unlike most thieves he has special powers and a familiar that can change form but usually resembles a normal pet in public. [Character A] is working to steal another artifact but during his heist another thief [Character B] stops him but he has more on his mind than just stealing. He is similar to [Character A] in power and he also has a familiar.

Plot Four: [Character A] is attempting to live his life normally but can't. Since he was a young boy he has had to wear gloves in order to stop the death around him. Anything and everything living that he touches dies. His aunt whom he lived with before attending College warned him to just stay home and live a secluded life but he couldn't do that. He decided to do it anyway where he meets [Character B] who he shares a room with. Initially [Character B] simply finds [Character A] strange and with his/her own problems [Character B] ignore it until he finds out the truth.

Plot five: [Character A] can see secrets. They come to him/her in visions. They're usually triggered by touching something of someone's or touching the person so he keeps his distance from people. Despite being popular he hangs with the unpopular crowd who keep their secrets on their sleeves. He finds it easier than having to desperately worry all the time. Enter [Character B] who moves in next door with a mind blowing secret that might just tear both of their families apart. [Character A's] mother is sleeping with [Character B's] father and the only person who truthfully knows that they're planning on running away together is [Character B] until [Character A] sees it. The only thing stopping [Character A] from telling and ruining the plans of their parents is the fact that whenever [Character B] touches [Character A], [Character B] can see all of his secrets also.

Plot six: In the year 3048 humans have reached a scientific utopia though they still question the world and attempt to play God. Much to the dismay of [Character A] his understudies have awakened one of the sleepers in the building. A group of people who had contracted a serious disease in the year 2036. A cure for the sleepers has still not been found. The understudies took it upon themselves to free [Character B] from his/her pain and turned him into an Android. [Character A] fires his understudies and intends to go and permanently take care of [Character B]. Upon entering the Chamber he coaxes [Character B] from hiding and examines him/her only to find that [Character B] is no average android. He/She can feel emotion and pain also.

Plot seven: [Character A] is kidnapped from his/her home and taken to a deserted warehouse. The kidnappers demand a ransom but murder [Character A] anyway. He/She is immediately sent to heaven only to find that they were not expecting him/her yet. St. Peter tells him/her that he/she will send him back to Earth so that he/she can live a new life and save a soul that is currently set to go to Hell. If he/she saves that soul then he/she can make a place for him in Heaven. Upset [Character A] agrees. The condition is that while saving the soul [Character B] must turn over an hourglass around [Character A's] neck once a week unless he/she will pass again. When his/her soul is saved [Character A] can decide to remain with [Character B] or choose to go to Heaven then. During the trial period [Character A] is sent back and has to live  with [Character B] to save their life.

Plot eight: [Character A] is a demon slayer hell bent on relieving the world of it's vampire population until he is told he must take on apprentices. It is finally decided that he should take on two a male and a female. Unfortunately one has a bad attitude and the others a Vampire!
~[Character B] And [Character C] can be played by one person or if needed two.~

Plot nine: [Character A] is into dark magic and the tarot. After the accidental deaths of both his/her mother and father he/she is sent to live with his/her God fearing Aunt. She takes away his/her cards and anything else he/she uses as equipment. Renting the room out to a stranger for extra money she forces [Character A] to dress as the opposite sex refusing to let the neighbors know that it was him/her that was involved in all the circus the media put on his/her parents deaths. Enter [Character B] that's moving into [Character A's] aunts home. Now [Character A] has to figure out how to keep their sex from [Character B] and keep his/her aunt off of him/her while hiding his/her secret past.

Plot ten: [Character A] has very unique features that would go well on the black market. He is easily kidnapped from a side store while his mother isn't watching and taken to an auction. He is quickly bought and taken to a nice penthouse by a man constantly talking about his "brother" and his "dog." [Character A] is dressed like a doll and propped on the couch until [Character B] arrives. [Character B] is a busy and wealthy business man who was away on a trip and asked his younger brother to take care of his dog (the only thing [Character B] is kind to) only to find his brother let him get out. [Character A] is brought in place of [Character B's] pet and because of the fortune spent on [Character A], [Character B] isn't letting him go anywhere.
~To verify [Character A] is 16.~

Plot eleven: [Character A] is walking alone after splitting from his friends. He is attacked by a vampire, [Character B] and drained to the brink of Death but [Character B] does not kill him. Instead he leaves him there with parting words that he will one day come back and find him and that [Character A] will be his forever. Years pass and [Character A] is set to attend college.  He arrives before his roommate and begins to get settled only to hear a knock at the door. His roommate is the Vampire [Character B]
~Non-conventional vampire. No glittering or anything though.-

Plot twelve: [Character A] is a professional liar. The truth never slips from his lips but every lie he has ever told big or small is stored in a tiny black book. During a school gathering he places all his belongings into a locker and goes about his business. He returns only to panic and find that his book is the only thing stolen. Enter [Character B] with the perfect blackmail material.

Plot thirteen: [Character A] is a huge star and a bit of a Diva. He spends all his time harassing the people around him until his female manager finally quits on him. It is only then that she is replaced with [Character B] a no-nonsense man who is willing to do anything to get [Character A] back on track.
~*I swear with God as my witness, I will never pick up another man!...In the library...on a Saturday...unless he's cute...and drives a nice car. Amen.
-Blanche Devereaux*~