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Author Topic: More Story Ideas (Wanting to write a male character)  (Read 876 times)

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More Story Ideas (Wanting to write a male character)
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:46:44 pm »
Just some more story ideas I had. I'm really wanting to explore writing a male character.

Embers (M/M)

This one I am especially looking for someone to play with, as it is a story that has been dear to my heart for a long time, but it doesn't function well in a linear format and I think it would do much better as a role play.

The story is mainly about two male characters, Drake and Kegan. There are dragons in Drake's lineage, so he can create fire at will, and also heal from wounds amazingly quickly. He has no idea of his true potential, though, and instead of living the life of respect and privilege that most of his kind would entertain, he has spent most of his life as a degenerate, eventually landing a job at a club run by vampires that caters to the supernatural crowd. For the most part, he lets people (and vampires, and demons, and other things...) kick the shit out of him for money, seeing how he can heal from almost anything in a matter of minutes. He knows it's a degrading lifestyle, but, having spent most of his life on the streets, he is addicted to the huge cash flow the job brings him. He isn't exactly a masochist, but years of standing up to torture has made him very, very tough.

Kegan is a half-demon, whose father was a Geel- a demon that feeds on pain and suffering. Kegan is constantly fighting back the urge to inflict as much pain as possible on those around him to quell his demonic urges. He will often turn on his own body in attempt to satisfy the insatiable hunger for pain. He comes to the club Drake works at in desperation after hearing about how you're supposed to be able to get *anything* you want there. He meets Drake, and an unusual relationship forms between them.

This is not supposed to be a standard love story. I want to show a relationship between two males that isn't "fluffy" and involving one or both them constantly acting like a girl. If Kegan cuddles with Drake, it's likely he tortured him first. Neither of them are even resolutely homosexual, but find that the strange bond between them works. Both characters can wind up in exceptionally violent circumstances, though both are what I would consider "positively oriented."

I also wouldn't be beyond developing Drake's relationship with some of the other employees of the club. There are many supernatural creatures as well as humans that either work there or visit frequently.

Another Vampire Idea (M/M or M/F...or random orgy...doesn't really matter)

This is another story I developed for some time. It is based in an alternate earth-like universe in what I guess could be considered Victorian times (possibly earlier...I don't really care as long as it's not 20th century).

Chalah's father pissed off a witch while his mother was pregnant with him, causing the witch to hex his unborn child. Chalah was born with stark white hair and strange, animal-like eyes. To a well respected, high-status family, this was a disgrace, and he spent most of his childhood being hidden away from the world as much as possible. After his mother had several more non-deformed children he was virtually shunned by his own family, abused when he made his presence known, and he took to living inside his own imagination.

As he nears his eighteenth birthday Chalah considers leaving home to try his luck in the world. However, his father makes yet another unwise decision and gets himself indebted to a clan of vampires. When he is unable to pay up, several vampires arrive at Chalah's house to collect personally. They threaten to take the children as slaves, but when Chalah appears they show special interest in his unique features. Chalah's father instantly offers him up as a payment and he is quickly ripped away from his family and enslaved to a nest of vampires that occupy a mansion in what seems to be the middle of nowhere.

I mostly want to explore Chalah's experiences with these vampires. He would likely wind up being owned by one vampire specifically, and they would decide who else had access to him. The relationship could go in various directions, but I would prefer not to go in the Twilight direction. No fluff, sappy love stories or "vegetarian vampires." These guys generally see people as food, not "soulmates." Chalah's character can be abused, but, as stated in my Ons and Offs, I'm not fond of overt humiliation (embarrassing costumes, having to act in a degrading manner) or hugely excessive violence (entrails being ripped out, genitals being maimed, etc.)

Any takers feel free to PM me!