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Author Topic: Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror - Need 2 Males]  (Read 691 times)

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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror - Need 2 Males]
« on: September 04, 2011, 07:48:42 PM »
Deep Space

I wasn’t planning to make an elaborate introduction for this game because this game was based on a character I created for an alien game. I think the character was too much for that RP’s story line so I decided to make a small survivor game out of it. Feel free to read the introduction and the alien’s villainous profile to get a feel for how dirty this game is going to be.

Excavated report from a research vessel known as The Stargazer.

Interstellar Report #1:

I have stumbled across a mysterious mass that I think is an asteroid. Wait…the scanners are picking up signs of organic matter. Am I to believe that this mass of…it’s like a black, spiny exterior…I can’t describe it.

Strange. I have the ship at a safe distance, but I get the feeling that the asteroid is approaching the ship. I must keep my distance.

Damn! I can’t believe it. It’s chasing me. The asteroid or whatever it is, is actually chasing me. I must warp to escape it!

I’ve lost it. It’s gone. My hands are still shaking. I don’t know if I can go back. It’s definitely something to be studied, but I’m just…

[End of Report]

Interstellar Report #2:

There is a crackling radio transmission before the voice of a young man scrapes from the speakers:

We’ve found it.

(voice in background) What the hell is that?

I don’t know. It’s a weird asteroid or something.

It’s safe I assure you. Go ahead and land.

[End of Report]

Interstellar Report #3:

It’s pretty quiet in here.

It’s like walking through an ant nest.

What are the walls and floor like?

Spongy, sometimes hard and smooth.

Like flesh? Perhaps even bone?

You saying we’re walking through some organism?

No. I was just thinking aloud. Please continue.

[End of Report]

Interstellar Report #4:

He-help me!

What the-!?

There’s a woman up there.

Help me please! Get me out of here!

What’s going on? Is that a woman? What’s wrong with her?

We’re in some chamber and she’s stuck to the ceiling in some slimy webbing.

Jesus Christ! Is this a spider’s nest or something?

Hurry! Before it comes. Hurry, get me down!

A low, croaking growl fills the speakers.

What the fuck is that thing?


What is it? Officer Trent, please respond!

Marino don’t let it get near you! Fuck, shoot it! Shoot it!

(agonizing screams followed by a bone-chilling crunch and splatter fill the speakers, and then the panicky blasts from a plasma gun, the screams of the mysterious woman, and Galactic Investigator Officer Trent's shouts.)

[End of Report]

Interstellar Report #5:

I haven’t heard from Officer Trent or Marino, and so I’m assuming they’re both dead. The woman, however, is still alive and so is that creature. I have heard only moans, cries, weeping, and the snarls of the beast. I have perhaps sentenced those men to their death at the cost of my curiosity.

I am still curious…

[End of Report]

The Spatial Nightmare

Habitat: Asteroids or other floating masses.

Species: Parasite

Height: Roughly 7’

Length: 15’

Width: 6’

Physical Description: The Voidisite is a black creature covered in cilia that resemble hair follicles. On the cilia are microscopic cilia for purposes unknown. It is theorized that they improve the creature’s sense of feel, allowing it to feel as well as touch deeper than any other organism. The creature holds itself aloft with its abdomen often buried in the walls, floors, or ceiling of its home. Its bulky head is lined with needle-like rows of teeth and within its mouth are two extra and smaller rows of teeth. Long tentacles dangle from its abdomen, sprouting from the fusing of several cilia into bigger appendages. The appendages may be used for reaching objects out of range of its two, slender arms. There are five claws on the alien’s hands as a result of a recent evolution.

Behavior: The Voidisite inhabits only the darkest areas of space. It starts as a tiny parasite that drifts through space and upon colliding with other objects, invades its carrier through rapid assimilation. Soon a vacant ship or asteroid could find itself converted into organic matter and thus a home for the Voidisite. The parasite feeds off the matter it comes in contact with often matter that is rich with minerals and vegetative substances. The asteroid or mysterious, black mass that becomes its lair also becomes the parasite as it has shown the characteristics of a predator, hunting down curious ships to have them wreck upon its surface. From there, the Voidisite proceeds to assimilate the ship, forcing the passengers to flee into the tunnels that lead to many chambers that comprise its lair.

Male organisms are then hunted down and devoured, and from them, the Voidisite slightly evolves to mimic its prey. Female organisms are harvested, fed a sweet, honey-like secretion from its tentacles that causes them to salivate, lactate, and exude a liquid food source through orgasm that its organic home uses to thrive. A female is ready to be juiced when her breasts are large and swollen and she shows an uncontrollable desire to mate. Females are usually lost to madness and new ones must be harvested to ensure the Voidisite doesn’t shrivel and deteriorate back into the tiny organism it once was. The male organisms are suspected to be an alternative way for the Voidisite to survive as it attempts to evolve into a new species.

The Voidisite, being a parasite, has shown parasitic tendencies as it can also take the form of its prey by invading its brain. The Voidisite possesses its host and uses the hosts it creates to travel to space stations and planets, drawing prey to its home.

If that character got your interest, then you may have what it takes to delve a little further. Take a look at what I got planned for this game.

The Explanation

This game will be permitting only four players: 2 female characters and 2 male characters. I will allow other players who are greatly interested in this game but didn’t get a chance to fill the surviving slots to play expendable characters. I will be NPCing an expendable character to go along with the four, and obviously, I’ll be RPing the Voidisite to keep the game moving and full of excitement.

The four characters are a crew sent by the Galactic Defense Force to investigate the disappearances of ships and personnel in the Gaddis system. The GDF is from a solo game I’m running, it is simply the headquarters of the space police. Your characters don’t have to be human. They can be alien, but I rather them be an alien that closely resembles a human in physique and genetalia.

The Mission

The point of this game is simply to survive. The ship is going to crash upon the asteroid, and your characters will be at the mercy of the predator that lurks within. You might get separated, might not, you won’t however come out unscathed. Your characters might lose something—either their mind or their innocence.

You can expect humiliation, tentacle rapes, forced strip, constriction, licking, biting, forced threesome, embarrassing positions, growth, lactation, and nothing too dirty because nobody likes that. This game will have gory scenes where some expendable characters just might die in crazy ways (whatever way they wish to). This isn’t for anyone because this will be going in nonconsensual but it’s supposed to be a fun survivor, horror adult game.

Basic Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
Basic Description:
Basic Appearance:
Basic Personality:

Once we get the four participants, I might ask you guys to discuss the relationships that are between your characters. What does your character think of characters A and B? How do they get along? You never know. It may just create more drama if two characters start off hating each other. In the end, they may just see each other differently.

Further Explanation

This game will have a posting order, so I expect players to be decently active so we aren’t waiting a week for you to post. I want this game to move at a comfortable pace that keeps things alive and doesn’t kill off anyone’s muses. I can only do so much as the GM, the rest is up to you the player to make this exciting for yourself and perhaps everyone.

If you are about to be absent, let everyone know. We’re a small group, so we’ll be more manageable. As the GM, I can cover for you until you return, and if we agree to pause the game to wait, even better.

The only rules I have for this game are the ones below:

1.   No OOC in the IC. Keep OOC in the OOC.
2.   Please use proper spelling and grammar.
3.   Do not post pictures in the IC. Usually they are huge and in those cases I rather you just post them in the OOC.
4.   200 words minimum. No one-lining. This is an adult game yes, but this game is for decent writers. The time, patience, and work you put into your posts can paint a lovely picture for everyone to read. It can also determine the survival of the game and your muse. So please use description and detail in your work.
5.   Respect each other’s O/Os. Please take the time to read them, and if you’re concerned about a certain detail, PM that player to discuss it.
6.   Remember to communicate your absences.
7.   If there is anything in the RP that you’d like to discuss, you are welcome to do so in the OOC. We’re going to be planning some of these events together so I hope the players who join this game are flexible and imaginative. As the GM, I may putting you guys through some situational irony, unexpected events, or reveal certain hints in the game that will require you to use some strategy to figure it out.
8.   No Futa.
9.   Have fun and be creative.
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Offline Behemoth

Re: Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror]
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2011, 06:54:19 PM »
Hey Dark Deception. I like your concept. You okay with a male playing a female character? PM coming your way.

Offline SablePaladin

Re: Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror]
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2011, 08:58:57 PM »
Name: Chastity Reynolds
Age: 23

Race: Human

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115lbs

Basic Description: Chastity is a Combat Communications Specialist 3rd Class (CCS3) with the Galactic Defense force. She specializes in establishing and maintaining communications between force elements of all sizes and in any situation, including all-out combat. She was selected for this mission because of the dubious circumstances the team might be entering, and they need to maintain comms at all times with their superiors.

Basic Appearance:

Basic Personality:
Chastity is energetic, hooked on adrenaline, and always eager for action. That being said, when under fire, she maintains a cool head and does her job very well. She tends to be very outgoing and friendly. On the flip side, although she has a great sense of humor, she often doesn't know when to quit cracking jokes, and under the wrong circumstances, that can get her on someone's bad side.

Weapons: Chastity usually has to lug around a lot of comm gear, so her weapons are minimal. She carries a .40 caliber pistol, and a 9mm light submachine gun. While other soldiers may carry frag grenades, Chastity usually only carries a pair of smoke grenades, either as markers or as a method of hiding her movements.

Other: Nothing at this time.

Offline Behemoth

Re: Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror]
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2011, 09:51:27 PM »
Name: Lieutenant Kristine McKenna
Age: 21
Race: Human
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155lbs

Basic Description: Kristine is a young officer in the Galactic Defense Force and newly graduated from the academy. She is confident, outgoing and not afraid to take risks in proving herself, particularly to her superiors. During her military training she specialized in astronavigation, leadership and tactics.

Basic Appearance: Kristine is an attractive fit, athletic young woman. Her natural gook looks is an asset she is acutely aware of and never fails to use to her best advantage, particularly to flatter men, if the occasion calls for it. Kristine is quite fastidious about her appearance (particularly her immaculate uniform) and spends a lot of time making sure she looks ‘just right’. She hates to be dirty overly long. Kristine has long golden blonde hair and crystal-blue eyes with a glint of youthful vigor. Her mouth often bears a slightly impertinent grin. She’s fit with a healthy glow about her. C cup bra. No body hair apart from on her head ;-)

Basic Personality: Confident, outgoing and ambitious, Kristine graduated near the top of her class and has aimed at positioning herself for fast advancement up the ranks. She knows that in order to achieve this she must prove her abilities, however she is yet to be truly tested in the field. Kristine’s greatest ambition is to one day gain her own command. Her tendency to use her appearance to influence men has meant she’s been labeled with certain nicknames on board. Some crewmembers describe her as an arrogant ‘princess’, particularly several female crew who took an instant dislike to the gorgeous young officer. Many male crew think she’s a tease, fueled by her flirty tendencies, which are bound to get her into trouble eventually. She has recently struck-up a steamy affair with another member of the crew, a hunky marine corporal <P.C?>. She’s keen to keep their amorous nighttime encounters a secret. She knows this is dangerous and could threaten her advancement, hence she would go to great lengths to keep her affair in the shadows.
Kristine’s mother was Diane McKenna, a decorated Captain in the G.D.F. She struggles to live up to her mothers towering reputation and distinguished career.

Weapons: M91a pistol, combat knife, 3x stun grenades.

Other: Commlink, data pad, armoured flight suit, dress uniform, utility belt.
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Offline Dark DeceptionTopic starter

Re: Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror]
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2011, 10:04:54 PM »
You're welcome to have futuristic weapons instead of just common modern weapons if you'd like.

Offline SablePaladin

Re: Deep Space [NC - Futuristic Survivor Horror - Need 2 Gents]
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2011, 10:13:01 PM »
I only specified the caliber and not model numbers of my character's weapons because I'm assuming that such calibers could still be used in futuristic "kinetic" weapons that would be the descendants of today's firearms. Besides, I like the "bang," the recoil, and the smell of gunpowder better than lasers. ;) But don't let my preferences limit anyone else! Lasers are cool too... And I could always make up "futuristic sounding" names for the guns, haha.