A Knight Among Sinful Sisters (F/FF)

Started by Dhi, September 04, 2011, 06:16:26 PM

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Howdy forumers! I'm looking for someone to play the virtuous F to my depraved FF. I'm picturing a lady knight, or a pious priestess/nun, or a good girl who looked after her recently deceased grandmother- someone with religion who is charitable and chaste, just to give you some ideas.

What I want to play are a pair of evil temptresses- succubi, maybe- in the guise of inseparable sisters displaced by war. These sisters are secretly tasked with seducing your virtuous woman, all in order to win a wager between heaven and hell. To do this they appeal to her charity and worm their way into her repressed sexual appetites.

What I'm expecting:
Some resistance from your character is expected and part of the fun, but it is important that she ultimately be receptive to seduction. I cannot write rape scenes. The characters I play come as a pair, so steamy threesomes are the flavor here. It could be possible to mix things up and have your character redeem my sinful sisters, but any romance must be polyamorous, between all three characters.

Check out my O&Os thread while you're at it, and see if we click!


I'd be more than interested in this rp. If you're willing to have me (feel free to check out a few of my posts, my O/o's and somesuch), then I'm looking forward to this rp.


This sounds like it could be real fun. And I have been craving some ff lately. Let me know if you still have an opening for this.
In fear, I ran this way and that, the tastes of blood and chocolate in my mouth.

My yes please and not so much. ;)
And if you'd ever like to know why I was away for awhile


Erm interesting, I've never tried a pious character before now.


Grazie, everybody! The spot has indeed been filled. I hope we can do something else together in the future.