A Woman in HFIL (Fandom) [M/F or ??/F] [Light-Exotic]

Started by Jag, September 03, 2011, 05:58:11 PM

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I've always enjoyed the idea of a Namekian. Not just in a romance story, but just the Namekian species as a whole. Save for three Namekians, their whole species was nearly wiped out before King Piccolo's generation. One stayed on Namek to repopulate it. One was sent to Earth for safety and spawned Kami/King Piccolo. And the banished Namekian named Lord Slug. Before the devastating environment change on their home planet, they were well known in the universe as space travelers and knowledgeable creatures.

While Guru started to repopulate the planet Namek, slowly, with a new generation of Nameks, the Nameless Namekian who was sent to Earth eventually grew to split his soul into two beings. King Piccolo and Kami. Meanwhile Lord Slug continued to travel the universe conquering planets as he went.

Other than their history and ability to survive on nothing but water, I've always found their reproductive habits rather interesting. Namekians do not have genders and reproduce asexually by spitting out an egg, but they possess physiques similar to those of Human males. The sons are not usually genetic copies of the father like with Piccolo; rather he appears as if the father has some control over what type of child will be formed. This is carried to the extent that they may be mutated and not closely resemble others of the species. King Piccolo was able to spawn demonic Nameks that did not resemble a Namek at all to help him in his quest for eternal youth and complete domination.

While they do not have to reproduce asexually (my idea, not canon), I don't think they possess much ability in the way of sexual attraction towards females of other species. Nameks don't possess the same kind of parental bond that humans or other species do, but they do show the ability to care (Guru cares for his children and Piccolo cares for Gohan) so the idea of love isn't too far out of reach for one that has spent enough time around other creatures that possess that ability (such as humans).

Anyway, enough ranting and rattling, on with the plot bunny!

Hell, also know as HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers) is where the evil entities of the universe go after their deaths. Despite that, it is not and overall bad place. While it is home to the evil spirits of the universe, it's also home to lost souls and those looking to repent for the bad deeds of their lives and hope to have their judgment changed and be allowed into heaven. If those who were strong enough in life to remain in their physical form in the after life do get out of hand, they are locked in HFIL prison by the guardians of the Underworld.

By the time Earth finally reaches a state when there could possibly be long term peace, HFIL is filled with the most dangerous of the universe. Not to mention the many, various, captains of the Red Ribbon Army, there is also Lord Frieza, King Cold, Perfect Cell, the allies of Garlic Jr, the Saibamen, Nappa, Raditiz, Brolly, the Ginyu Force, and many others. With so much evil now clogging the whole place up, the usual guardians (the Ogres) are unable to control them. They continuously overpower the ogres and attempt to take control of the Underworld. It comes to the attention of the recently deceased Piccolo that HFIL needs a more powerful guardian. Someone that can control these creatures and that is not so easily intimidated by them.

Deciding that he is the only one who knows these creatures well enough to put them in their place, Piccolo demands to be released from heaven and when his wish is not granted he forces King Yemma to send him to Hell by blasting away at Heaven and claiming that he is once again the demon King Piccolo. Even though King Yemma knows this is a ruse to get what he wants, he also knows that Piccolo will continue to destroy the peace and harmony of heaven till he gets what he wants. So he sends Piccolo to HFIL and designates him a guardian.

While there he finds himself with time to spare between fights with his Earthly enemies. He spends much of it training, even though he knows that progression of strength in HFIL is forbidden and/or slowly achieved. After many years of doing this, he finally decides that it's time to rest a bit. For the most part, there is peace in HFIL and he is even occasionally visited by his old friends from Earth as they slowly pass on from old age and enter the afterlife.

One day, while relaxing near the Bloody Pond, he hears some members of the Ginyu force acting up. He finds them pushing around a woman who appears human, though he knows there are human like creatures all over the universe. He's been here long enough to know that anyone with a physical body that isn't an ogre was strong in their living life. He just worries that she may not be up to taking on several guys at once while so new to being dead.

I'm looking for someone to play the OC female. She would be in her twenties and much like ChiChi in power (not personality). As for the reason she is in HFIL (Hell), we can discuss in PM. I'd also like to discuss in PM how intimate the story would get. I'm interested in exploring the idea of a non-intimate romance and an intimate one.

Just so everyone knows, I don't commonly play games in the canon universe of DBZ. I usually prefer all OCs and in a completely OC setting, so while this isn't a complete first for me, I don't do it often. I just find Piccolo and Nameks in general so interesting.

If you're wondering why the subject says M/F or ??/F it's because I'm willing to make Piccolo have a male human-esque body or we can work out 'something else' for his body parts. They are obviously a masculine species, but that doesn't mean they have to have a penis down there.

Anyway, PM me if you're interested.

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