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April 15, 2021, 09:45:50 pm

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Author Topic: New Idea: Dystopia! (M/F or F/F)  (Read 623 times)

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New Idea: Dystopia! (M/F or F/F)
« on: September 03, 2011, 01:08:20 pm »
Hello, everyone :) Here's an idea I'd like to try making into a story...

Basically, I'd like to tell a story built around two people meeting each other: a person from a normal society and a person from some sort of dystopian country / place. The way I see it, the story could go in two distinct ways:

1. Assimilated

In this version of a story, a person who has lived in a normal society is suddenly thrown into the dystopian setting. It may be a case of being transported into an alternate reality - or of the dystopian country invading its normal neighbour's territory... In any case, there's this person from a normal country being suddenly forced to adapt to living in a very strange and oppresive place. The second protagonist in this story would be a person who is actually the dystopia's native-born citizen... one who is now assigned to help (as well as oversee) the first character on adapting to the new living conditions.

2. Learning to be free

This version of the story goes the other way around. In this story, a person who has lived in dystopia is thrown into a more normal society. As in the previous example, it may be because of some kind accident, war etc. Understandibly, the new situation is a bit of change for the character - so, this person gets some kind of social worker assigned to help in coping with the new conditions.

In any version of the story, me and my writing partner would take on the roles of these two protagonists. Which of us would take on which role? This is actually open for discussion ;) In the first version, I'm equally interested in playing the person from the normal country, as in playing the native of the dystopia. In the second variant, I'd be more interested in playing the dystopian citizen - but I could try playing the person from the normal country, too. The sex of our characters is open for discussion, too :) Overall, I see it either as a story for a male and a female - or for two females.

When it comes to the exact nature of the dystopia in this story, I'm flexible, too. Overall, I like dystopias in the vein of 1984, THX 1138 or Equlibrium: societies which are strict and oppresive. The details are up for discussion, though: I'd love to hear my writing partner's suggestions!

That'd be all, I guess... anyone up for this? If so, please PM me! :)