Help With Ratings?

Started by figliaperduta, September 03, 2011, 12:29:51 AM

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This may not be the place for such a topic--if not, please move it/inform me of the proper place?

I've noticed on this board in several places that US movie ratings are used to rate content.  I'm largely unfamiliar with these standards, having no children, and having not grown up in the US--I've only lived here just over a year.  I've seen a few movies in that time, but the ones rated PG-13 seemed incredibly varied to me, and some of the R-rated ones didn't seem to warrant an R-rating at all, whereas some of the PG-rated ones seemed very much more mature than a PG rating would seem to suggest to me.  Can somebody help me out?  An internet search has not provided much--indeed, has largely reinforced that these standards are not available to the public.

I just don't want to do something really wrong while I'm waiting to be approved.  Please help!


Beguile's Mistress

The threads you can access as an unapproved member are all rated PG-13.  As a rule of thumb you should avoid posting anything that would be inappropriate viewing for a young teen or a child younger than that.  When in doubt, don't post it.  As long as we see you are making an effort to comply with our PG-13 guidelines we're pretty forgiving.  Anything that is questionable can and will be removed by a staff member.

It's appreciated that you've asked for guidance with this.