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Author Topic: Flowery's Ideas :) (F/M and F/F)  (Read 603 times)

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Flowery's Ideas :) (F/M and F/F)
« on: September 02, 2011, 09:04:43 PM »
Okay, some of my role plays are moving a little slow which gives me time to take on more stories. First, I wish to inform potential partners that I can post several times in a day or maybe once every few days.

Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you.

Greek/Roman Mythology
I've been having a craving to play with the God's relationships with each other. Here are some pairings that interest me. If your favorite god/goddess is not listed below just send me a message and we can discuss it.

God/ Mortal

Hera/Zeus (M/F)
With this story, I would like to start the story at the moment when Zeus has assumed power from Cronus. This story would focus on their relationship, how Hera deals with the cheating and how her jealousy grows. The nice twist would be that she tries to get one of the other gods/goddess  to help her dethrone her husband. This is just one way I see this story going. Nothing is set in stone so I'm willing to change it around.

Aphrodite/Adonis/Ares/Persephone (M/F)
I'm not sure what type of plot this one might have but this relationship intrigues me.

Time Travel Role Plays (F/F or M/F)

Option one: Your character somehow travels through time and space to arrive at modern times. You're confused and scared but luckily you run into someone willing to believe that you're from the past. Together, we will try to figure out a way to help you return to your own time. When we finally do return you to your time, someone how I return with you. What a mess!

This was inspired from Jude Devouraux's Knight in Shining Armor and Diana Galabon's Outlander.

X-Men Inspired Roleplay (F/F or M/F)
For this, we would just create original characters or use canon characters (preferably not overpowered ) that somehow make it to Xavier's school for mutants. This will be fairly free form since I'm not the best person at x-men history. They don't necessarily have to stay at the school but just long enough to gain control of their powers before venturing out into the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Flowery :)
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Re: Flowery's Ideas :) (F/M)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2011, 02:53:31 PM »
Another random idea that popped in my head

Rise of the planet of the apes
Random idea

Internet Relations
This story would focus on the dynamics of an internet relationship between your character and mine. Maybe they met on a dating site or even World of Warcraft. Regardless, they proceed to communicate through a messenger or email, slowly progressing to talking over voice chat or even sending each other pictures of themselves. If the met on WoW, they might start off as friends, discussing the game before little tidbits of their own life starts coming into discussion. If they met on a dating site, they might start off talking about their lives and best "made up" qualities.

I'm not sure where this one might go but one idea would be for them to eventually meet (further in the story). Did they lie about anything over messenger? How would their relationship change in real life rather than over the internet. I'm fairly open to ideas on this one so please message me if interested :)

Survival Island
I read an short story the other day about the relationship between a man and woman that were aiming for money on a reality television show. I think it would be sort of interesting to create a reality survival show and invent the little task they have to do through the show to eat and build their own shelter.

Harry Potter Universe
I'm giving in to temptation and going to put this as an interest. I read all of the books years ago, but I didn't watch the movies since it didn't interest me. If I did create a character for this universe, I'm not sure if I would want her going to school at the same time as the events in Harry's life or if I want the story to take place after the fall of the Dark Lord. Even though I read the books, some of my memory for little details are a bit hazy but that can be fixed by doing a little research on the net. Anyways, I'm willing to discuss this with future partners

The story will mainly feature plot since I'm not really interested in making this story full of smut. This doesn't mean that romance will not spark with our characters but it will happen naturally as with young adults rather than just a glance that leads to sex.

My character will be a pureblood sixth year student of Ravenclaw, Paige Winters, who is a trouble maker due to her keen interest in all matters around her. Sixth year students are about sixteen years of age. I want the story to take place mostly at the school but I'm not opposed to them going off campus for some things or little quests.

I love this television series, and I would enjoy creating a story that weaves around the plot of gladiators and servants. The world of schemes to achieve more power for one's domus. xD

An Arrangement
A modern story about a woman that finds out her father has arranged a marriage for her despite her protest. She isn't allowed to do anything other than have brief conversations on the phone with her fiance to be before meeting him for the first time. Our female won't know how he looks, but her father would have sent a picture to him. In order for this to work, I think I want the family to live in the country but the daughter has been to college and recently returned. The only reason she doesn't revolt is due to her father's ailing health and his threats to disown her if she doesn't marry.

Burn in Hell
The last five years of our marriage have been a living hell. I can't take it anymore and have decided to file for divorce. It's no secret from anyone that I cheat and you cheat as well. We're to the point where catching the other with another person doesn't affect us at the time even if we curse the other person later. Things are getting tense between us as staying together is no long an option. We stopped sleeping with each other a long time ago anyways. There's one problem. We can't agree on how to split things up in our house which causes a lot of conflict. This will be the story of the breaking of a family and a marriage.

First attempt at an History Fiction
I love the Tudor Era in England due to constantly bumping into them during a semester of Shakespeare. Plus, I've always enjoyed the two sisters Mary and Elizabeth. I know a general basis of things like certain things that happened from the royal wedding of Arthur and Katherine of Aragon to the ascension of Elizabeth I. I'm slightly familiar with James' court as well due to reading on his boldness for sexual activities (I think it's James' the first). I'm not the best historian since I don't know specific names for certain things, but I'm willing to put in an effort. Let's put our minds together and develop a lovely story.

The Patient
This role play would focus on the interactions between a nurse and a severely ill patient in an old house. He can be burned, blind, or any other physical weakness that would make it impossible for him to leave or move without exhausting himself. They were waiting for transport to come pick them up from the building but help never arrives. The nurse is forced to make ends meet with the little supplies she has left while ensuring that her patient doesn't die.

One Shot Idea

Night With a Murder
I've been watching you for a while. Your comings and goings, both to school and work. You always forget something every morning when leaving up, and then rush back in to retrieve it. It's always so annoying to watch your lips and tongue push out those muttered curse words. You're perfect. No, nearly perfect. There's something missing from you. I want to give it to you. I want to help you. Tonight, we will begin the process to make you eternally perfect. The world will remember you as one of my works. A great work of art.

You're A Rat
You've just gotten out of prison early for accepting a deal from the police. Most of your friends are locked up, but you know the rest of the gang is watching you. The police offer protective services, but stubbornly you decline believing that you can make it out of the state on your own. Wrong, dumbass. The leader is waiting for you in your apartment. He is not pleased.

Merlin Series: Merlin/ Morgana
I have been watching this show, and I am really in love. I normally don't do fanfics because they always seem to be cursed with me, but I really love this story. It would be plot oriented if attempted. This plot bunny was also stirred by this video. Here
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