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  Velma in Peril [NC-H]
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Author Topic: What Makes Thoughtful Think?  (Read 599 times)

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What Makes Thoughtful Think?
« on: September 02, 2011, 08:10:31 PM »
All are -M seeking F - NC-17, Possibly Non-Consensual

My character is underlined, Dominate is UPPERCASE.

AbductionM/f - NC – abduction, BDSM, rape, reluctant, coerced or forced sex

You, an attractive female have been out partying after work with your friends. All of you are up to your usual tricks, drinking and having a good time. Engaging in you're favorite past time, flirting and teasing all the boys, leading them on with no intentions of fulfilling their fantasies or desires.

Maybe you begin to feel a bit light headed or just need a bit of air. You step outside the club alone and that's where all changes.

You wake up and realize somethings not right; your position is awkward? you're are not wearing the same outfit you were before?, do you have a gag in your mouth? are you in a dark, confined space?

Are you ready to meet my character?

Taken - Guarantor of the Peace? - M/f - NC – abduction, BDSM, rape, reluctant coerced or forced sex

Perhaps you have been sent by your father (a king) to another kingdom.

You believe that you have been sent as a guarantor of peace, to insure the treaty between your kingdoms is not broken. In reality you have been sent as part of the reparations called for in the treaty, you are in effect sold to the Prince. You are the spoils of war and his property

Their relationship will develop slowly, perhaps going from cordial distrust at first sight, winding it's way through hate, fear, domination and finally into love?

Mega Corporate Setting  - Mf/fm – Consensual and non-consensual, BDSM, and reluctant,coerced or forced sex

Your primary character a female, a switch, has a “special” relationship with my primary character her boss, she is a submissive to his domination. My secondary character, his administrative assistant will be submissive to both of them. The assistants boyfriend (your secondary) will be  coerced into the mix at some point.

A chance to write from both male and female POV for both of us, as well as the opportunity to for expanded solo sections.

Taken - Mean StreetsM/f  -  Consensual and non-consensual, BDSM, and reluctant,coerced or forced sex

My character is a former cop gone bad, he now runs one of the biggest syndicates in the city. His syndicate runs brothels & prostitutes, gambling, protection rackets, money laundering, major thefts and fencing operations. The one thing he detests are illicit drugs. He is damaged goods, with a flawed personality. He runs several legitimate businesses to facilitate the laundering of ill gotten gains, these include several dance and night clubs as well as the cities swankiest topless and nude bars.

Your character is an undercover police officer sent into his world, instructed to do whatever you need to do to gain his trust and enter his world.

Can you do your job and get out or are you sucked into his world?

The possibility exists for this to be a multi-character RP for both of us.

Teacher, teacherM/ff - Non-Consensual, coerced or forced sex BDSM

Both female characters are teachers in a public school who are discovered having a tryst in a classroom after school by the buildings custodian. An ultimatum is issued, you both must chose between your careers or disgrace.

You can write either both female roles, I could write one or we could make this a three way with another writer.

Please do not post in this thread, send all inquiry's via PM...Thank You!

Go to: for a basic character description.
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Offline Thoughtful SpankerTopic starter

Re: What Makes Thoughtful Think?
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2011, 04:00:44 PM »
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