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Author Topic: Digimon: A Tamer for WereGarurumon [M seeking F]  (Read 1077 times)

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Digimon: A Tamer for WereGarurumon [M seeking F]
« on: September 02, 2011, 07:03:29 PM »
That's right, I am looking for a role play based on Digimon, more specifically the 3rd season.  Need a female partner to play the role of a tamer while I play the role of a male WereGarurumon.  So I'm going to need a writing partner who is familiar would Digimon.

Setting:  Digimon was always just known as a computer game, it was an Anime you could watch on television.  It was a card game that kid's from all ages and from all over could collect, trade and play.  It was just suppose to be fake, a franchise, a temporary fad like everything else.  No one was prepared for what was about to happen next.

The Digital World and the Human World started to merged, normally powerful lightning storms.  It started out small and was a rare phenomenon that started to spread throughout the world as gateways were created between computers.  The lightning storms would create an interference, making all things electrical in the area go haywire to a point where a Digimon actually slipped through.  They were just faded images, looking like large ghosts and monsters that walked silently through the city before flickering and vanishes.  They became rumors and hoax as the rare sightings were legends.  Surely enough governments actually denied such occurrences to avoid any panic and just explained them as illusions, figments of the imagination.

As the years went on and Digimon became even more popular due to all the rumors, the sightings started to become more frequent as the Digital World became unstable and so did the boundaries between the two dimensions and two worlds.  The Digital World was in trouble and in need of dire help, there was a dark force at work, a very powerful and evil force that was leaking into the real world.

It happened, all hell started to break loose as it seemed like it was the start of the apocalypse.  Digimon were merging in full form into the human world and causing havoc.  Some were lost and confused, others were under the influence of the dark forces that sent them there to destroy and conquer.  There were other Digimon that rose up to help fight and protect the humans, and through doing so some were able to bond and find a tamer.  It was a rare bond, but once there was a spark between a Digimon and Tamer nothing could part them, they were a force to be reckoned with.  They became code named Digi-Destine, a title used in the video games and shows for tamers and digimon that were paired up.  Now the fight for balance begins.

Plot/Story:  The starting point of the story I already have pretty much planned out and ready to role play.  I envision it as a dark and stormy night, a portal has opened up and a large, evil, Digimon comes through and starts wreaking havoc in a downtown area where your character, the main female role, just happens to be.  Weregarurumon has been in the human world for several nights, working the shadows of the city and staying out of site, working as a dark night as he comes out to fight the Digimon that come through.  The female character, your character would end up fleeing from the destruction and goes to the top of a very large building and stands on the roof thinking she is safe and out of sight.  Unfortunately the large Digimon knocks out the base of the building and it starts to crumble and fall.  Then here comes Weregarurumon, scaling the side of the building to catch her and carry her off to safety, only to put her down, turn around and defeat the other Digimon.

From there I sort of seeing it as Weregarurumon checking to see if she is alright, and with it being raining and all and her being thankful she offers him to come back to her places and stay the night and out of this horrible weather.  Hesitating for a moment, he can feel there is just something unique about this girl and agrees.  Once back at her place, well it can go in one of many directions but it ultimately leads to the two of them getting rather intimate and in the morning she wakes up sore, sticky, and cuddled in his warm furry arms and a Digivice is in her hand.  It would seem that Digimon and Tamers could hold a bond that went beyond what she dreamed of.

From there the plot would of course take them into many trials where they have to over come obstacles in both the digital world and the human world as the dimensional rifts and digivice end up taking them back and forth.  We would be able to flesh out the characters and their relationship over these trials.  We can also decide on a more in depth plot, as in who is the big bad guy that is behind all this chaos.

Now I was thinking that she could be about 18 -19, perhaps in college and just moved into her own apartment or something like that.  As for her appearance I was thinking like she is a bit abnormal, being a bit alternative in style...classified as a punk/emo/whatever girl you get the picture.  You just like maybe blue hair or something like that.

Here are a couple of example pics, one of them is NSFW:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Below is a list of some sexual elements that I could work with in this pairing and would enjoy, though not all of them required.  I could definitely do without some such as cervical penetration, cum inflation and watersports.  It just depends on what you are comfortable with really.  I myself and open to practically almost any kink or fetish so if you have something of your own that you want to try then let me know.

Size difference - Obviously he will be taller than her, maybe by two to three feet.  It will make it easy for him to pick her up and carry her.

Large Penis - Going along with size difference here his cock would seem pretty large in comparison to her or the average human.  We can justify her being able to handle his size difference and large endowment due to their bond and unique connection as a tamer would with their Digimon.

Cervical Penetration - Unrealistic of course and goes with the large penis, though it's optional.  Personally I think it's sexy.  This also goes along with stomach bulging, as in due to the penis penetrating the womb the head makes her stomach bulge like she is slightly pregnant.

Excessive Semen - A large package calls for a large load, right?  How much he can produce is up for discussion though I usually don't like it going to such an extreme that she can bath in it.  That would be too messy and too much of a hassle.

Light cum inflation - Going with excessive semen, filling her up so much with the load that it stretches her womb, causing her stomach to bulge and inflate a bit...temporary of course.

Deep Oral - Also on the unrealistic side since we will be dealing with a large endowment, though once again we can justify deep throating to their powerful bond.  Other than that though, it would be interesting to have him penetrate her nice and deep with his long, strong, thick wiggling tongue.

Anal - It can be fun to explore from time to time, also a bit on the unrealistic side since it will be a large insertion...rimming can be included and if you are a female that likes to explore a man anally as well then I have no problem with that.  I tend to keep anal play to a minimum though and don't explore it constantly.  It's just a fun alternative to adventure into here and there.

Squirting - I love female ejaculation, making it wet and messy, goes great with the excessive semen too.

Prenancy - This is another maybe, can definitely be left out and is open for discussion.  It does not even have to happen right away but down the line later in the roleplay.  I just think it would be kind of sexy and cute to have her laying digi-eggs.

Watersports - This is a maybe...I am open to it but definitely can go without it, depends what you are comfortable with.  I only really see this working since he is just a big canine, with him perhaps marking her and territory and what not.  We can leave it out without a problem if you want nothing to do with it.

So that's the idea that I have.  Somethings can be changed of course here and there according to preference.  I am looking for someone to discuss some of the details with me before we jump into it.  Also looking for a partner that can type a few paragraphs per post and be somewhat detailed and descriptive.  If you have any questions I am willing to answer them as well.  Send me a PM if you are interested. 

Also I do have an image that can be used as a good size comparison and even reference to his penis size, though it is NSFW and also yaoi.  If you want to see it I will PM it to you upon request, just remember that this is a M/F pairing but the only good picture out there was yaoi.
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