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May 23, 2018, 01:40:45 PM

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Author Topic: A Porn Adventure.. F looking for M (romance, bimbo, transformation)  (Read 2129 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

I'm looking to continue a game that started but had to be abandoned due to time issues. Something similar would be fine too. Basically an attractive, but otherwise normal girl tries to become a famous porn star. Look at my O/O's to make sure we're compatible.

If you are interested please message me. This game would be on the forums here. I am looking for a partner who has some fresh ideas to help drive the narrative and posts between 3 to 5 times a week.

Background: Didi Mc Adams was raised and grew up in a small town in the mid-west. Ever since she could remember, she knew she wanted to be famous. She was much more concerned with boys than studying during high school. As she blossomed into womanhood she started thinking more and more about becoming famous and decided that being the worlds most famous porn star would be the most fun and the most lucrative- since she loved everything about sex. She even dabbled a little bit using the internet to share her erotic pictures. She saw ten different guys during high school, recording and documenting almost everything she did with her guys. She turned her dalliances into a business, saving up money to officially break into the porn business.

She knew that she would need plastic surgery, laser hair removal, her teeth whitened, her navel, nipples, and tongue pierced too. She might need a lot of other things too, but she would worry about that when the time came. Her hair was styled, her nails manicured and pedicured- she was finally ready to get to work. She had worked at a coffee shop just to make money although she spent all of her time thinking about how to break into porn and how to get famous, too.

Didi would have the goal of being the biggest, most famous porn star of all time. She'd want to be recognized where she went, flirted with, dressing in sexy, revealing clothes, and everything that goes along with the quasi celebrity of fame/fortune

Name: Didi McAddams
Age: 18
Height:  5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair:  Dark Brown Hair, medium length
Eyes: Brown
Facial appearance: Didi has a classical beautiful face, with thick lips and a small nose.
Body: Thin and Lithe, like a dancer's body. She has a well developed butt and is in great shape. She has average sized breasts, but is hell-bent on having surgery to make her more successful in her chosen career.

Personality: Didi is fun, flirtatious, and driven to become the worlds most famous porn starlet. She is creative and artistic, dabbling in photography and even drawing- although she spends most of her time planning on how to get famous and rich while having lots of sex.

Turn Ons: Didi is driven to become the richest, most famous porn star in the world.  She is playful, flirtatious, stubborn, creative, and headstrong. She also has dabbled in fetish wear too, as well as BDSM, too.

First Post in the Game-----------------------------------
As she finished up her shift at Coffee World, she sat down on her netbook and was browsing the internet, doing some research on the best way to break into porn. She had made a small website and taken pictures of herself and also chatted with a few friends too, making barely enough money to pay her monthly server fees. She had an incredibly sexy boyfriend who she worked with exclusively, they spent all of their time eating healthy, working out, and having sex. She shared her dreams of becoming a world famous porn star. He was ambivalent about it, but loved the perks of always trying new things sexually. They video recorded a lot of their lovemaking sessions, Didi was always trying to push the boundaries.

One day everything changed when she saw an image of an incredibly buxom woman in tight leather and spandex, holding a whip. The man in the picture with her was tied up and restrained, while she had repeatedly whipped him and left red marks up and down his body. This woman's chest was massive, she didn't know how large, but huge. She wondered if it was real or photoshopped, after doing research she found in fact it was real.  She printed out the picture once she got home and was trying to figure out how to ask her boyfriend.

As they finished making love for the third time that Sunday, she smiled and looked over at him, "Hon.. I found this on the internet and.. I know we've talked about it a little bit.. I want you to help me.. transform into her.. We can both read up and.. I'll be the perfect student.. Hopefully we can find an excellent doctor, too.. Maybe we can charge my boob job.. or two or three boob jobs and work on the other stuff after.. Do you.. Would that excite you if I looked like her?"
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