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Started by YourDreamGirl, August 31, 2011, 07:05:39 AM

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Well I thought that would  just throw my bid in and get something happening. I've had a few ideas lately that I think I want to try out. Most of them could be worked into long-term or short-term things, it really all depends on what kind of vibes I get from my partner and how well we can work together. I would really prefer a male partner for these ideas but I'm sure some of them could be formatted to fit (fxF) standards. A lot of these themes were based off of short stories I've worked up in my own spare time and I've just come to a stalemate.

I currently have idea Horror/Romance type story line, among others. I should let you know that even though there would be some blood and gore, maybe a few deaths I don't want anything that can be compared along the lines of the "Saw" series. My horror idea is as follows:

1.)Forbidden After Dark
Forbidden After Dark is a prequel of sorts to a rp I'm doing titled  "Guess who's coming for dinner". It's the story of a vampire named Kira and mortal love interest. In the story line she had been left in the town of Salem by her creator to be her own vampire. In the process of doing so she meets Luke, her very much alive lover. It started off as game of cat and mouse to her and he was only supposed to be dinner but instead she broke the rules of engagement and brought him home.

The story line is about her creator Kristain and how he began. Eventually it'll lead up to his meeting her, and their separation. The bulk part of the story is set around the year 1875 in Paris, France. This is around the time the impressionist movement in art started up in France.  Kristain is really into the art and that has brought him back home to France after his chase for the woman who cursed him disappeared. When he returns to his family home using the identity of his fictional son he meets Amelia. Amelia is almost the exact replica of Elise, the vampire who turned him and murdered his family. Amelia is also the head of the staff that managed his large estate while he was away. She had gotten the job after her mother retired from it. Her family had been taking care of the place for over the past forty years in Kristain's absence. 

Just for your note: I would like it if the Kristain character were Dominant or at least able to switch between the two. Amelia is naturally submissive but may switch back and forth between them. I would also like it if my partner were able to play some supporting roles as we need them. I will also be doing the same.

For More info I have posted my opening for the story and here's a link for your convenience: Forbidden After Dark

My Scifi Themes As Follows:

1.) This theme would be loosely based on the television series "Doctor Who". You can choose to be any reincarnation you want. I'm partial to the tenth incarnation (David Tennant is soooo hot!!!), but you can even choose to create your own.
This would be a Scifi themed thread also involving time travel. This idea isn't really formed so bare with me lol.

2.) I really want to do a "Stargate: Sg1" theme centered around Dr. Daniel Jackson leading his own team of archaeological scientists. They'll travel through the stargate on a mission to decipher some ruins that could have been left behind by the "Elders". The elders are a highly evolved race of humans just in case you didn't know. Some how during the mission Daniel and one of his team members, Dr. Jerrie Conner get separated from the team. They are forced to fiend for themselves in the wild until they can be found. After studying some of the hieroglyphs in the area he comes across what seems to be something safe to eat. The problem is, Daniel only was able to read half of the ruins. He didn't realize that the food was safe but had some adverse side affects like delusion's and intense sexual desire.

He tries some of the fruit for himself before taking it back to Jerrie and he realizes the affects of the fruit. Days go by and he keeps the fruit a secret from his companion. Jerrie and Daniel seemed to be doing fine the first few weeks but eventually Jerrie starts to work his last nerve whining about their situation. With no help or anyone to punish him in sight, he decides to slip her one of the fruits to teach her a lesson. She is then turned into his plaything until the fruit eventually where's off and she passes out. Jerrie wakes in the morning thinking that it was all a dream and acts exactly the same as she did before. Daniel keeps this up until eventually she becomes his sex slave of her own free will. Eventually they're rescued and returned back home, neither of them telling what really happened on the mission.

For your note:I would like this thread to involve some light BdSm, Daniel being the dominant. Jerrie's a bit annoying and an amateur to this kind of field work so Daniel is always on her ass and that's sort of the relationship between them. Jerrie is also a submissive type and will not be dominant in this game at all. This game will end when they are rescued or it can be augmented to go on longer depending on how I feel. The type of environment on the planet would be a tropical forest which made it easy for them to get separated from the team.

If interested in any of the ideas I've listed above check out my On's/Offs . If there's no problems there, do feel free to pm me as I will be posting more of my ideas here and I would like to keep the thread clean. Also, Some elements to my ideas can be altered if necessary

Thank you for reading,
   Your Dream Girl.
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