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Author Topic: Henry and Amelia - Part I  (Read 672 times)

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Henry and Amelia - Part I
« on: August 30, 2011, 09:18:14 AM »
A young woman sat at a bar her black hair pulled back into a bun, her blue eyes focused on the whiskey that had been placed in front of her.  Her cloths were tight fitting, a black lace top that seemed to resemble a corset, at least in style... a leather skirt that was cut high along the thigh, did come down to cover her knees in the front and back. She wore a long black silk cloak over top, concealing most of her form from the people behind her.

A few seats down, also at the bar was a young man . he was younger then he looked, at the age of sixteen. His hair was dirty blond, and just covered his eyes, for the most part he looked unkept. His hair was ragged covering his ears, like was long over due for a hair cut. He looked like he.d not shaved in days, but given his age it was more likely weeks. He worse loose fitting cloths, mostly in brown tones.

Behind the pair of strangers at the bar was a local gang, they had pushed together three tables... and were well on their way to passing out drunk . a nightly tradition, according to the bar keep.

.I want that one.... a man in the middle of the group said aloud, nearly shouting his intentions to the whole bar.

The boy turned around, as the men parted ways, he noticed the man pointing to the only female patron  in the bar . the young lady sitting two stools down from him.

The woman seemed unaware, or unaffected by the man.s declaration . and took a sip of her drink.

The man slowly made his way up to the woman, .You should consider yourself lucky, you have the pleasure of spending the night with the leader of the Ga.Sun gang....

The woman turned and looked at the man, for a brief moment, then looked back down at her drink. She took a quick sip of the whiskey. .Maybe in your dreams..

The whole room went silent, as the man.s face slowly turned red with anger. got a little fight in you . good, I find that more fun anyway..

The man grabbed her by the back of the neck, and pushed her forward into the bar. .Maybe we should start right here..
The boy unable to stand by and watch some thug have his way with a woman right in front of him, pulled out a hand crossbow.

.Let her go. the boy demanded, as he pointed the crossbow at the gang leader.

The woman turned her eyes to the boy, who out of no where was seemingly ready to die to defend her.

.Kid, not needed....

As the words escaped the woman.s lips, the boy looked shocked.

The leader smiled at the boy. .You see she wants it, like the dirty whore she is!.

The moment the leader took his focus away from the young woman, she acted... sliding free from his grip. She found herself along side of her would be attacker, without hesitation or mercy she acted... a swift kick to the side of his knee dropped him to his knees, an elbow to the back of his neck, drove his neck into the edge of the bar.

The man.s lifeless body feel to the ground, dead.

Two men immediately jumped up, ready to come to their bosses aid.

The woman turned around, clearly ready for a fight...

Suddenly two crossbow bolts hit them men, one bolt in each of their throats, their blood spraying out onto the floor.

The woman stood there looking at the men as they lay dead on the floor of the tavern, in a pool of their own blood.

She felt the boy.s hand slip into her own and pull her towards the door. Running as fast as his legs could carry him, the boy slammed into the thick wooden door. It gave way, and swung up as he ran though pulling the young woman in toe.

He looked around, for a means of escape . his eyes finally resting on a single large black horse. He ran over, keeping hold of the woman.s hand as he drug her along. He climbed up onto the horse, and pulled her up as well.

His first words to her . .Hold on tight, it.s going to be a bumpy ride..

She had no idea how true those words would ring; she wrapped her arms around him resting her head against his back. It was only a moment, before the horse was at a full sprint running as fast as it could from the town, taking a pair of strangers away from danger.