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Author Topic: Naruto RP buddies wanted! XDirtyX ~Kitty~ Yaoi, Yuri, strait.  (Read 408 times)

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Offline KittyLana92Topic starter

My OC's :
Umeko: age: (can be decided later, same goes for all the girls) Special Ability: She can smell a clone from far distance away, even better up close, then can find the original, the real person. Bio: Her family was killed by Rogue ninjas, she was raised by them for certain "needs" and other things, including going after anyone who does wrong to them. She always wanted to escape and she might just succeed.
Ame: age: (up) Special Ability: Its like a loud screech, or a super sonic scream, that can either deafen, or kill who ever encounters it. Bio: She lives with her mom, constantly escaping the torments of her father, uncle, and grandfather as they try to kill Ame and her mother, for leaving them and re-joining the village.

Nayami (nick named black widow): age: (up) Special Ability: being able to control spiders, be friends with them, even the most dangerous or even the largest spiders out there. picture: (I drew this one so it might not be that great, can get the picture to you if you choose her) Bio: Nayami has her mom and her dad, but hates her village, so she is forced to move to the sand village. reason? shes blood thirsty, and isn't afraid to kill someone, especially if they get in her way, and or threaten her family in any way shape or form. She'd do anything to make sure they stay safe.

Kurai Tamashi: age: (up) Special Ability: speed, shes fast, she moves fast enough that if done right its almost like shes telephoning. moving fast enough to make a mini sonic boom. picture: (another picture drawn by me, can get it to you if you chose her) (again not that good but it gives a general idea) Bio: Kurai never knew her family, She was raised by Pein/Pain (spelling varies for where and who you talk to) then also helped being raised by the other akatsuki members. She became a proud member of the akatsuki when she was in her early teens, being sent on solo missions until they can find her a partner. She knows she could encounter danger.

MALE OR FEMALE: Arashi: age: (up) Special ability: Her/His family has a special ability to be able to turn anything, into, anything, even money. This ability can be dangerous, being able to turn a simple plate into a blade. Picture: no picture yet. Bio: She/he has her family, but they dont live in the villages. Her/His family lives out in the forest, where the ground can grow fresh fruit, and has a farm for meat and produce. buying the things they cant grow or make them selves. Arashi seems to find a lot of trouble.
New OC's:
Hibana Uchiha: age: can be created later. Special Ability: Sharingon. Picture: No picture yet. Bio: She was kidnapped by a group of rogue ninjas, although after she was taken she was never spoken of to sasuke, her brother. Only Itachi knew about her even then never thought of her. she was a beloved little sister and daughter so it pained her family to speak of her. Although Hibana is still alive, and one day escapes her captors to seak out her family. which of her family members will she find first? which creepy brother will she find? When will she find out about her family? questions my friend, questions.

Yuki Hyuga: age: can be created later. Special ability: byakugan. Picture: No picture yet. Bio: She's Neji's sister, always living in his shadow, never being as good as he is at anything. the only thing she was better at was being medic nin. and thats only because hes not one. She loves her brother, but hates him at the same time. She always wondered what it would be like if they had ever gotten along, if he treated her better.

Tsume Sabaku: age: can be created later. Special ability:  she controls a shape shifting animal created by her own chakra or the elements around her. Picture: No picture yet. Bio: The adopted sister of the sand siblings, adopted shortly before her 4th birthday. she wasnt paid much attention to so was able to do as she pleased. She was a master with her weapons and was said to have in-human abilities that was even hard for a ninja to do. Most people call her Neko-chan for this reason. is it wrong that she finds her sibling's hot? yes even Temari. Even though shes not blood related to them is it still wrong?

!@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*(!@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*() (READ BELOW!!)

(WILL play the already created naruto girls. Prefer Hinata, Sakura, Or Temari, but can play the others.)
(WILL play with any of the Naruto guys, good or bad, big or small, tall or short. w/e :D) !*!*!*!*GAARA FAN GIRL*!*!*!*!
(MIGHT play a naruto guy for yaoi. depends on the story line. :) )

Choose the character you want me to play, either one of the OC's or one of the naruto girls/guys already created, then choose the  naruto guy you want to play and get to me about them, also tell me if you have any ideas of your own.

Idea samples:
1: my character joining akatsuki/orochimaru
2: my character going rogue.
3: my character new to the village(any village)
4: Incest between any family member.
5: Yuri/Yaoi
6: Character gets kidnapped by one of the other characters, good or bad.
7: Has a crush on one of the characters, they also like her but are both are afraid to show it. (awe ^^)
8: Abuse? Rape? D:  :o  ::)  :-[  :-X  ;D between any maleXmale femaleXfemale or maleXfemale (my character being the submissive one T-T.


Made Arashi a boy or girl :)
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