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Author Topic: Seeking some BBW to romance  (Read 590 times)

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Seeking some BBW to romance
« on: August 29, 2011, 08:08:49 PM »
For those of you that don't know, BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman.  It gears toward woman who are seen as "fat" (a rather ugly word) in society yet they are still considered beautiful.  There really is no set upper or lower weight limit, it's just a compliment toward a woman that is considered beautiful and is anywhere from slightly overweight to obese and it just depends on a person's preference really.  It is a visually determined concept and goes along with many other words that help to portray a woman's body such as: plump, curvaceous, full, voluptuous and ripe.

I currently got a craving for it thanks to the finders and seekers thread: No skinny girls allowed!

I have done a few role plays in the past involving BBW though mostly all of mine tend to involve more petite and "skinny" girls, not that I don't love the slender and sexy look but I need me some plump beauties as well.  I like large breasts and wide hips, though I also like having things being rather proportionate thus for a woman to have such excessive curves they need a little more meat on their bones and that is fine by me.  There are plenty of chubby girls out there that are beautiful, sexy and cute.

So all ideas I post in this thread will involve a female role that is BBW.  The appearance of the woman is up for discussion and I have many pics I can show you as a reference as well, I am not looking for a female character that is morbidly obese.  Females I don't care what your weight or size is in real life, whether you are skinny like a stick or BBW yourself it makes no difference all that matters is that you can play the role and love it.  Also if you have an ideas of your own involving a pairing with a nice plump woman then let me know, I may just like it.  Also if you wish to write with me please be able to type several paragraphs each post and be somewhat detailed and descriptive.

Oddly enough I also like the males paired with these woman to be rather well toned, lean and somewhat muscular though if you have any preferences of your own toward a male character then let me know.
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Re: Seeking some BBW to romance
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 11:00:59 PM »
General Pairings:

Step Brother/Step Sister
Step Father/Step Daughter
Step Son/ Step Mother
Boy Next Door/Girl Next Door

Realistic Settings

The Muse - A college setting where an artistic male has an assignment given to him in which he must capture the image of the human body.  This assignment requires the student to find someone to actually model for him in any pose or form.  The student can then either choose to sketch or paint the piece, but a picture must to taken of the model in the pose for comparison and to also show that the assignment was done correctly.  The male student has set his eyes on one woman with beautiful plus-size curves to paint, the only thing he has to do now is convince her to work with him.
-That's the basic idea, the rest of the details can be worked out amongst anyone who is interested.  The two of them could already be friends, or perhaps complete strangers...maybe they are in the same art class thus in exchange for her modeling for him he has to model for her as well.  We can also discuss where it goes from there and how their relationship blossoms.

Online Romance - They have talked and flirted online for months, telling things to each other that they never have to anyone else before.  They grow close and intimate and learn each others secrets and deepest, darkest desires.  They talk dirty to one another for the purpose of trying to excite each other with words and sexual role play, they have even experimented with phone sex.  Now he wants pictures of her, he wants to meet her and she wants the same thing, though she does not believe she is good enough for anyone due to her weight.  He is determined to prove her wrong.
-So this is an online romance that transform into something real.  I imagine this being a somewhat dom/sub relationship as the male tells her what to do or where to go and pushes her into new, exciting, adventurous and kinky forms of love making.  The details are open for discussion of course, this idea is sort of rough around the edges.

Window Frame - They have been living next door to each other for years, growing up together and going to the same school.  Secretly they are friends and rather close, though the social circles of school draw them apart and they pass each other like ghosts in the hallway.  He sees her getting teased by other woman and has stepped up a few times for her in order to stick up for her or just to pull her away, though he always tells her she needs to fend for herself.  Her self esteem is rather low due to her weight, she only hears what the other girls have to say and has always been alone, never attracting any guy...It sickens him the way she treats herself and views herself, she has become blind.  He has been watching her over the years and has always found her beautiful and one night he climbs up to her window to show her and giver her his own opinion.
-So a romance developing between friends.  Basically she is sort of an outcast just because the "popular" circle that consist of the very skinny and slutty girls pick on here.  My character is considered by other students to be in the popular circle but he could care less about conforming to society and trying to fit in.  He thinks your character is beautiful just the way she is and wants to teach her to look in the mirror and see it for herself even if he has to show it to her and convince her over and over again.

Fantasy Settings

Soul Mates - Taken
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She always felt out of place, like she did not even belong.  Her days in school seemed to just melt together.  Life just did not seem to make sense, something was missing.  It was boring and uneventful.  How come things could not be like it was in the books she read?  How come life was not like the adventurous and action filled movies?  How come nothing ever worked like those video games she played?  Why did romance not come to her like it always did to the woman in television shows?  This mediocre life was not for her.  Then he showed up one day.  It was fate, one she knew in her heart but had never consciously known.  He would change everything about her life and cast her down a road which she never knew before full of adventure, action, drama, romance, and rough...hard...passionate sex.  Yes, ever since he first looked upon her with lust filled eyes and gave her a grin it was clear to her.  He was so masculine, even his scent made her weak in the knees.  All the woman wanted him at school and yet he chose her.  Her plump curves attracted him, telling his animal instincts she would be the perfect mate...and just in time too for his kind were going into heat.
-This is a Werewolf/Human pairing if you have not figured it out yet.  By day my character is human, he can be sweet and caring, a bit of a romantic and is kind at heart though he is also a natural born badass.  His body is firm and soundly built, his eyes gleam dangerously and he has long, messy black hair with some scruff under his chin to top it all off.  At night his true form is revealed and so are his instincts as the animal is released...and while in heat this beast is lustful especially for a beautiful, curvaceous woman.

Repopulating the Establishment - It was the apocalypse, it was fall out.  All major cities and establishments were basically rubble now and lay in ruins.  A small group of surviving soldiers have come together, having round up some surviving citizens they formed a small establishment.  They build up a wall around it, creating a safe haven in which they can live and survive.  Every one is given duties such as building houses and living quarters, gathering food, hunting, cooking, salvaging and scavengers.  One more duty has been put into place, repopulate the human race.  Men and woman from ages 16 to 50 are to get together and mate daily.  Woman accept this as a responsibility, but it is not all that inhuman.  Rules are put into place.  Men have their choice, the youngest and the strongest get first pick but woman can respectfully decline a man but they must bare in mind that they must settle down and mate as soon as possible.
-So basically my character would be a young, strong and brave soldier who has his yes set upon your character.  I was thinking we can start it when he approaches her with the offer to be a couple, and of course mate.  We can discuss the details and what not of this civilization.  Perhaps they must have sex at least once a day to increase chances of impregnation...maybe someone else has to stand by and watch and make sure it happens, etc.  With such a setting while it may be possible for her to start out as rather plump...I could see her perhaps thinning down over time, become more petite and fit with the new life style they have to all adapt to.
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Re: Seeking some BBW to romance
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2011, 12:11:13 AM »
I'm all for the BBW with

Demon/Human pairing...

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Would any of these do for a great fantasy story along those high fantasy pairing options?

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Re: Seeking some BBW to romance
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2011, 11:11:30 AM »

Those two images are fantastic...the woman in the first one certainly caught my attention with her beauty.  In the second one there I noticed it was Chloe Vivrier on the side and I have seen some of her other works and she is just sexy all around.

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Re: Seeking some BBW to romance
« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2011, 04:41:25 PM »
Added a med idea: Repopulating the Establishment

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Re: Seeking some BBW to romance
« Reply #5 on: August 30, 2011, 06:22:36 PM »
PM'd you about Soul Mates.  ;D