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Author Topic: Destiny's Unknowns (SGU OC RP)  (Read 384 times)

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Offline dakabnTopic starter

Destiny's Unknowns (SGU OC RP)
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:59:38 PM »
I have a few episodes to watch yet, so if you have info I don't, go ahead and let me know.

Please PM before joining the RP in the roleplay section. I want to be sure things match up right.

This is an OC (original character) fanfic RP based on Stargate: Universe. There were more people on the Destiny than the main or even nameless speaking parts we viewed. So, unless we get into triple digits, I think we can safely say you can just create a person that went through the gate and now stuck on the Destiny. We are starting having woken up from the stasis chambers. I'm not sure if they're intended to be back at Earth, but if they are, we'll say that they didn't make it. And for my indulgence, we'll say that Eli fixed his chamber and survived and is in the background along with the rest of the canon characters.

Rules & Guidelines
- Though we are not starting there, flashbacks and discussions about how your character reacted to certain events (lots of "we're all going to die!" moments!) are perfectly ok.
- For now, let's stick to humans that came through the gate.
- You are allowed to play more than one character. So if I ever decide we can have a few Alliance members, you still have a chance.
- NO ONE will be playing a canon character. You can discuss them (gossip FTW!), but there will be NO interactions with them. They're busy trying to keep us alive and I'm sure they don't have time to be chummy with many lower-rank military or common civilians.
- Be aware of where your character was and whether or not he/she would have been evacuated before the planet exploded. No children. You can be a secretary, scientist, military, etc. Maybe even a janitor or welder or something. Even if you WOULD have been evacuated, I'd accept the "What HAPPENED when I was in the bathroom?!" sort of incident to force you into our plot. :) The only "jobless" character was Chloe. There can be exceptions if you provide a -really- good, feasible explanation. Also note what's been stated in the series. We know there are no doctors or counselors/psychiatrists or the like.
- You may play ANYTHING if you want to play a family member, friend, etc. of someone on the Destiny that they visit. (Even their lives outside of those visits is welcome.) Again: stay away from canon characters.
- Play ONLY characters you created. Don't assume reactions or words from another character.
- Common sense and courtesy. Follow this site's rules. Not sure? Err the side of caution. This is in the Extreme section, so I don't want any complaints about things going to far. Enter at your own risk.

The IC Thread. REMEMBER: You must receive a PM from me saying you can start posting.

Offline dakabnTopic starter

Re: Destiny's Unknowns (SGU OC RP)
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 05:02:44 PM »
This will be a mixed-medium game using threads to post solo and joint posts. Reactive solo and joint posts only. No interactive replies intended to interact with anyone within the thread. If you wish to interact with another character, please create a joint log outside the thread and once finished, you can post it in the IC thread. The thread is not for direct roleplay, you can post your character's reaction to the events going on here, but if you want to interact with other characters, please do it elsewhere (through PMs, IM, or chat-play) and then post the final transcript.

I reserve the the right to have final say. This is scifi so details may be sketchy. The beauty of scifi fanfic is we can come up with our own stuff if the show doesn't say anything about it.

Anyone interested, PM me the following Character Sheet.

Character Name:


Standing: (civilian, military, scientist) (I think I will only allow a few scientists. I think the majority was civilian with a handful of military and a few scientists from what I saw in the show.)

Gender: (Player Gender does not need to match character gender)

Hair Color:   

Eye Color: 

Build: (Height and athletic, average, skinny, overweight, etc.)

Background Summary: (Information that could be included in a background summary: Birthplace / Family / Hobbies / Skills and Talents / Education / Occupation / Medical Notes / Personality / Appearance