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Author Topic: More funny ideas (Humor; humiliation; MUL) (seeking M or F characters)  (Read 2304 times)

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Offline Achmed the MadTopic starter

I have a preference for light and slightly humorous stories.

In the following, I'm happy to take either the male or the female role (I actually prefer to take the female role), and I don't care what sex you are in real life. I prefer Light, but I'm willing to try any level including Non-Con (though see my Ons & Offs for Non-Con in particular).

Details are always negotiable. I'm also happy to consider any game idea incorporating similar ideas to these.

They shrank in the wash! (Modern, or any period from 60s on; probably light, and more explicitly humorous)

Jessica's jeans shrank in the wash...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It all started when Jessica, a college freshman, used the campus self-service laundry to wash several pairs of her jeans. She didn't suspect that an older student with a liking both for mischief and women in tight clothing had rigged the machines so the washing and drying temperatures could be changed remotely. Now, her jeans have shrunk uncomfortably tight; on the positive side, she's met this pleasant older student, who seems keen to help her...

When things shrink the second time she uses the laundry, she knows it wasn't a fluke, and - fancying herself a bit of a Nancy Drew - sets out to find the culprit. Will she succeed?

I'm looking either for someone to play the mischievous older student (who can be of either sex) or someone to play Jessica; I'll play the other role. The prankster might throw in some other pranks to distract Jessica.

Unfair Advantage (Modern, stripping, light to NC)

Jennifer thought she'd found an unfair advantage in her bet with her boyfriend, but he was about to turn the tables...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It had all started with a silly, drunken row while watching wrestling, and had turned into an equally silly, drunken bet. Jennifer had bet her boyfriend that he wouldn't be able to strip a bikini off her or make her give in within 6 minutes.

When he sobered up the next morning, he expected her to call it off, and was a little worried when she instead fixed a time and a place. After all, he didn't really want to hurt her. Still, he was completely confident he'd win, and it would be sexy fun.

Jennifer had her own plans. She was finding their relationship flagging slightly, and wanted to spice it up and feed a few of her own fantasies. But pride meant she didn't want to lose either.

Her boyfriend only began having real doubts when he arrived and found an audience: Jennifer had invited several of their friends. And there was plastic sheeting and a cardboard box on the mat.

Only after he'd changed into his trunks did Jennifer appear. Wearing a wetsuit, complete with diving booties and gloves.

"I never said I would be wearing only a bikini," she said with a sly grin. Then she opened the box to reveal bottles of cooking oil.

He knew he'd been set up. In that wetsuit, if they were oil wrestling, he'd never get a grip or even see her bikini. His only consolation was how the suit fitted her with skintight perfection; he guessed she'd had it since college, and had been skinnier back then.

It was then that one of his friends whispered to him.

"I think she's taken an unfair advantage. Would you like to take one of your own?"

He thought for a moment, and smiled. Yes, on reflection, there might be possibilities. The zipper down the back of the suit was a weak spot, especially since the suit was so tight he was sure Jennifer couldn't pull it by herself and had needed assistance getting into it. And those gloves and booties would provide no traction once they were covered in oil. If his friend could provide a little help...

The basic idea is that the tables are turned on Jennifer, either in the fight or afterwards, and sexy fun is had by all.

I'd prefer to play Jennifer in this. I'm looking for someone with a fun, mischievous streak, keen to turn the tables on Jennifer; it's written as a boyfriend, but it could be another woman. I've left the details unspecified: my Ons & Offs include examples of the sorts of things I'm thinking of, but original ideas are fine too.

The 'friend' is basically there to provide whatever is needed: he'll just happen to have conveniently brought it with him. This can be played for laughs!

The Costume Party (Modern, probably light)

Melissa Kwan thought she'd face nothing more embarrassing than wolf-whistles. She was wrong...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Melissa Kwan is off to a New Year's costume party. The last time she went to a costume party, she wore a costume with a very short skirt, and spent the entire evening dealing with guys thinking it funny to flip her skirt up. So this time, she's decided to play safe, and go with a Catwoman outfit. Sexy - she bought it too small on purpose, and the shiny black latex clings to her figure like wet paint, yet without revealing any skin. With a pair of equally sexy boots, she's confident that this time she'll face nothing more embarrassing than wolf-whistles. She's wrong...

Strange as it may sound, I'd really like to play Melissa in this. I'm looking for someone to play a character of either sex with a fun, mischievous streak, keen to embarrass Melissa and prove that her confidence is mis-placed: the tone I'm looking for is more raunchy sex comedy than heavy BDSM or NC, though it could stray into those areas.

I've left the details unspecified: my Ons & Offs have some examples of the sorts of things I'm thinking of, but I'm open to original ideas too. Other details are also open to discussion: for example, is Melissa innocently unaware of what might lay ahead, or is it more in the nature of a naughty game between her and a friend?

I'm happy for the other player to also control the environment, and what might be called the 'fickle finger of fate': random misfortune can befall Melissa, either playing into her tormentor's hands, or adding a further complication (for example, if she goes to hail a cab, it's fine to declare that none are available).

Batgirl and the Earful of Cider (Superhero, stripping)

The Joker makes a bet... one that Batgirl shouldn't have accepted.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"One of these days in your travels, a guy is going to come up to you and show you a nice brand-new deck of cards on which the seal is not yet broken, and this guy is going to offer to bet you that he can make the Jack of Spades jump out of the deck and squirt cider in your ear. But, son, do not bet this man, for as sure as you are standing there, you are going to end up with an earful of cider." -- Damon Runyon

Batgirl burst in on the villains just as the Joker finished lowering a bound and gagged Batman and Robin into his latest deathtrap. In her painted-on purple costume, the dominoed dare-doll was a magnet for all eyes, and with her martial arts training she was sure she could tackle the Joker. Beating the Joker and all his minions, though, would be tougher.

"Tonight your crime spree comes to an end, Joker! Release them!"

The Joker just grinned.

"Looking sexy, Bat-babe. Why don't you show us that beautiful Bat-body?"

Behind her mask, Batgirl blushed at the crude remark, and glared at him.

"You're disgusting."

"Let's have a wager. The prize is, I release Dratman and the Boy Blunder and surrender. For that, I bet that you'll take off your costume and show us your tits and hips within the next half hour."

Batgirl - or rather, Barbara Gordon - had read all of Damon Runyon's stories, and remembered the warning about not taking certain bets unless you wanted an earful of cider. She tried to see the catch.

"You think you can strip me?"

The Joker struck an exaggerated pose of the mortally offended.

"Now what would be the fun in that, Bat-babe? No, I don't need to. Nobody will touch you unless you ask them. I said you'd remove your costume."

"You're going to threaten to kill someone unless I strip?"

"You wound me! No, for the next half-hour, the caped clowns are quite safe. Oh, and so are my minions."

Batgirl considered. She couldn't see any way for the Joker to win his bet... and the Joker was just crazy enough to make a bet he couldn't win. She grinned.

"You're on. In a half-hour, you'll release them and give up."

Even seeing Batman's frantic shake of his head didn't dent her confidence. But it should have done. The Joker had boasted to him of his scheme, then gagged him to prevent his warning Batgirl.

"And what sort of forfeit if you lose?" asked the Joker slyly.

"What, getting me out of my costume isn't the forfeit?"

"No. You'll be doing that by your own choice."


The Joker looked smug.

"Not afraid you're going to lose, are you?"

* * *

Clearly, The Joker has something up his sleeve that will force Batgirl to remove her costume. Given my Ons & Offs, something that makes her itch is an obvious possibility, but there may be other ones (though not mind control or similar).

And what will Batgirl's forfeit, her 'earful of cider', be?  :-)

(Obviously, this Joker is more of a raunchier version of the Joker in the old TV series, or possibly the DCAU, rather than Heath Ledger's version.)

This Cat is a Cougar (Superhero, various)

Catwoman comes out of semi-retirement... and regrets it.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Catwoman had been a successful arch-criminal for as long as Gotham City could remember. Initially a jewel thief, she now commanded a legion of goons who could do her bidding, and a team of 'kittens' to be her personal servants. She was as beautiful, successful and dangerous as ever.

At least, that's what the world thought.

Catwoman knew she was getting older. She relied on her goons because, frankly, she wasn't the feline she used to be. Rich living had turned her into more of a purring moggy than a ruthless mouser. Oh, she still looked spectacular, easily capable of drawing every male eye in the room, but more and more that was down to her ever firmer underpinnings, the kind that were politely sold as 'shapewear'. Her skintight leather catsuit helped to squeeze her figure into its sexy best, but at the price of restricting her agility even further. Her kittens, who helped her dress, were sworn to secrecy.

But this was too tempting. A rich haul of gems, in a safe whose lock was easy to defeat. That was worth coming out of retirement for, to pull one last solo job.

Unfortunately, she hadn't considered that the weak security might be a trap... or that the owner might have a disgruntled kitten on his side.

The Reluctant Stripper (Modern, stripping)

A teasing young woman finds the tables turned when circumstances force her to strip.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She loved teasing her boyfriends with sexy outfits and behavior, but she had a limit. No guy ever saw her in her underwear, let alone naked. Most of her relationships broke up when she refused to go to bed with them.

Her latest boyfriend had a slightly cruel and mischievous streak, and resolved to find a way to get her to strip for him. Unknown to him, that was exactly what she was looking for - not aggression as such, more domination through mind games and deviousness.

His plan went into effect when he invited her on a picnic. She'd have to ride pillion on his motorbike to get there - and he knew she wouldn't be able to resist wearing that sexy leather jumpsuit he'd bought for her.

Though it looked like they'd stopped at the first convenient picnic spot, he'd picked it carefully. Although the field itself was grass, the path was the only gap in the surrounding stinging nettles, so there was no cover and sneaking away would be  difficult. That was sure to pose a problem once those sodas had worked their way through her system.

As if that wasn't enough, various bumps in the field were red ant nests.

One way or another, that jumpsuit was coming off...

The Camping Trip to Remember (Modern, probably light but could go up to NC)

A young woman goes camping, unaware she's the target of a notorious prankster.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Amanda is an attractive high-school teacher. A couple of years earlier, she caught the school's most notorious prankster as he was preparing his most epic prank at his own graduation ceremony. She could have had him expelled; after leaving him biting his fingernails for a couple of days, she decided he'd learned his lesson, and relented.

The prankster almost worshiped her for this, for being the only teacher to catch him and for letting him go. He fell hopelessly in love - all the more hopeless because he was off to college, and thought he'd never see her again.

By a quirk of fate, however, when Amanda decided to take a camping and hiking vacation, she unknowingly chose an area close to the prankster's college town. The prankster was startled to see his goddess buying goods in a camping store, and he burned with a desire to get to know her again - yet, conflictingly, to do so he needed a little revenge, to knock his goddess off the pedestal he'd put her on and prove she was mortal after all.

Fortunately, two years at college had changed his look enough that Amanda didn't recognize him. He made his plans quickly yet carefully.

The idea is that the prankster plays a bunch of childish practical jokes on her (such as itching powder, switching some of her clothes for a smaller size, or causing other 'wardrobe malfunctions') to embarrass her. Amanda, so alert as a teacher, is not expecting trouble while on vacation, and will be almost naively unaware.

Once he's got that out of his system, he'll try to befriend her. Of course, she'd better not find out that he was behind her troubles!

Corset Critter Crisis (Steampunk or period, stripping)

She looked so glamorous in her flowing gown and tight corset... until the beetle landed in her cleavage!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was a garden party, to which only the rich and famous were in attendance, and she was enjoying herself. What with the corset, and the low neckline of her gown, she found a lot of people interested in her... huge tracts of land. Just as she was preening slightly to the young count in front of her, and pretending to smell a flower, she felt something land in her cleavage. She glanced down, and her eyes bugged out when she saw a beetle. They bugged out even more when it vanished inside! To the count's amusement, she started to twitch and shift, as she felt the beetle moving around inside her corset. What was she going to do?

Fashion Victim (Modern)

Her outfit was a hit at the office, but an embarrassing liability when her car broke down in the country.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her outfits around the office never revealed more than they should, but they were always tailored and tighter than they needed to be. She enjoyed the effect she had on her male staff: the flustered faces, the strategically-placed folder to cover an embarrassing erection. They were under her control, and knew it.

Until the day she went out to visit a customer with one of her staff, and her car broke down. In a place with no cellphone reception, too. Still, there was a house in the distance; they could telephone from there.

Her colleague secretly smirked. His boss's outfit included the tightest of tapered pencil skirts, and 5" stiletto heels. Between the car and the house was a muddy wood, no doubt with streams, fences, and similar obstacles. She might be very glad of his help before the day was out...

Trapped in her Jeans (Modern, Desperation)

She'd been delighted with her new jeans... until the zipper jammed!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She'd dressed in her new jeans for the journey, but it was fast turning into a nightmare: one too many coffees, and not a restroom in sight. Just woods; she was sure she'd taken a wrong turning. Finally, she parked by the side of the road, aiming to make use of the cover of some trees.

Only to find, to her horror, that the zipper on her new jeans wouldn't budge!

As she struggled to free it, she heard someone approaching...

A Ride in the Country (Modern or period, humiliation)

Young, beautiful and rich... she had it all, and knew it, and made sure everyone else knew it too. Until she went for a ride with her boyfriend in the country, and was taken down a peg or two.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This could be almost anything that's capable of disturbing her 'cool and in total control' demeanor. Itching powder in her underwear. Her horse throwing her into the water or a prickly bush. Her riding breeches swapped for a smaller pair. A combination of the above. Etc.

As a variation, a guy who hasn't met her but assumes she's an arrogant snob performs an act of sabotage, only to discover before it takes effect (but too late to do anything about it) that she's really very nice. Does he help her? Does he reveal his part in whatever happens?

Trouble in Store (Modern, humiliation)

Laura is the new sales assistant at the prestigious Harman's fashion boutique. She feels a bit smug with herself for landing such a prestigious job. Unfortunately, she's unaware that one of the other employees is a practical joker and into hazing new members of staff.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The story will start with Laura's first day and revolve around her suffering pranks such as itching powder, stolen or sabotaged clothing, and similar: Laura is likely to be going home at the end of the day with fewer clothes than when she started. The prankster could also be romancing Laura (all the better to get close enough to play pranks!). The prankster is probably young and male, but this can be changed.

Trapped in her Costume (Modern, Desperation)

Her sexy Catwoman costume had been a hit... until the zipper jammed!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She'd enjoyed the costume party. Her skintight Catwoman costume may have been uncomfortable, and her feet were aching from the sky-high heels on her boots, but the discomfort had been worth it for the way guys' eyes had followed her around all evening.

The only fly in the ointment was that she really, really, needed the bathroom. Thanks to the difficulty she'd had getting into her costume, she'd been holding on all evening, hoping to wait until she got home, but the signals coming from her bladder warned her that waiting much longer would be a bad idea.

Inside the restroom, she tugged on her costume's zipper, but her sweaty fingers couldn't get enough of a grip. Drying her hands and trying again, she gripped the zipper tab firmly, and tugged, but it wouldn't budge. Studying herself in the mirror, her heart sank: the teeth of the zipper were all crooked.

OK, now she had no choice, she had to hurry home. Trying to look casual, she left the restroom, biting her lip nervously as she felt another spasm from her over-filled bladder. And, as she did so, she watched the last cab leave the stand.

"No!" she wailed.

Maybe there was someone who could help her...

As a reminder, I'm interested in any scenario that involves my kinks  :D

My older game ideas are still available (some are previous versions of the above):
An Earful of Cider
Gym teacher humiliation
Itching for some mischief
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Achmed's Funny Ideas
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Edited a bit, and added 'The Camping Trip to Remember'.

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Added "Corset Critter Crisis", "Fashion Victim", "Trapped in her Jeans", and "A Ride in the Country", and tweaked the formatting.

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Re: More funny ideas (Humor; humiliation; MUL) (seeking M or F characters)
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I'd love to discuss your "Batgirl and the earful of cider" idea with you further. PM me if you're interested. :D

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Re: More funny ideas (Humor; humiliation; MUL) (seeking M or F characters)
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Added "Shark Attack" and "This Cat is a Cougar".

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Revised a few stories, and added "Trapped in her Costume".

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At long last, an update!

Added 'They shrank in the wash', 'Unfair advantage' and 'The Costume Party'.