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Author Topic: Plaything of the Goddess [Strategy Roleplay] [Need 5 players]  (Read 821 times)

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Plaything of the Goddess [Strategy Roleplay] [Need 5 players]
« on: August 27, 2011, 10:48:17 PM »

In the beginning, there was darkness and void.  From the void emerged a goddess of light and power, who looked upon the void and saw nothingness.  Plucking a strand of her flaming hair, she coiled it into a ball and created a star.  Around this star, she took another strand of hair, cut it into thousands of pieces, and blew it to create the twinkling stars in the night sky.  The sight was beautiful, but still the Goddess was not satisfied, and she plucked a third stand of hair and shed two tears, one to extinguish the flames and create the earth, the second to give birth to the oceans.

Walking upon the Earth, she realized that it was bleak and barren, and so she knelt and used her hands to shape every animal and plant from the dirt and mud.  She was happy with her creations, but felt lonely after so much work with no one to appreciate it.  And so she created from the earth two new figures, a woman in her own image, and a man, to accompany her.  She smiled, finally content, and atop a cloud she built herself a palace to watch over her new world.  For a time, everything was well, and the Goddess passed her time creating new treasures, such as the moon from a shiny pearl, and the planets from other gems.

When she looked back to Earth, she was horrified that Man had usurped women as the rulers, and were content to wage war across the planet.  Furious, the Goddess bid her time, waiting silently in the sky, plotting.  Finally, after her humans had nearly wiped each other from the face of existence, she plucked them from the Earth and made them all bow before her.  She commanded, "For your actions, you shall pay.  The world is barren and desolate, and so I will rebuild anew, but you will be bound forever to it, until only one tribe remains.  That tribe will inherit a world of limitless resources, while the rest of you suffer for all eternity."

And so the goddess cast the five tribes down upon the world.  Each was given a plot of land to call their own, and told that it would be theirs until stained red with their own blood and buried beneath their own bodies.  That was six centuries ago, and thus Man fights to join the Goddess of the sky.  Some say the story isn't true, that the Goddess merely makes Men fight for her amusement for their treatment of women.  Whatever the case may be, the five tribes fight for their place at the feet of the Goddess, hoping to finally seize victory once and for all.

Basically I'm looking for a semi-strategic roleplay involving players who each control a seperate tribe.  Each will be given a plot of land (basically one continent each) and resources.  Each player will use the SPECIAL system to determine how many resources they gain each round, and they may make one attack move, one espionage move and one diplomatic move each turn.  The setting will be an early Industrial age planet with different perks depending on what continent the player chooses and what type of society they choose to build.  The SPECIAL system is ideal in this case because it lets you pick the specific skills you'd like your race to exhibit (note, all races are human).  Players that invest in different skills will get different bonuses, and that may make the difference in the long run.

Strength: How strong your people are.  Stronger races tend to prefer hand-to-hand fighting and swords, though they're not above using guns when needed. 
Perception: How perceptive your people are.  Perceptive races tend to do better in espionage and counter-espionage operations.  They can also spot weaknesses in other enemies better too. 
Endurance: How well your people stand up to punishment.  Races with high endurance tend to defend better than those that simply charge into battle.
Charisma: How charismatic your people are.  The ability to be confident and show others how well you can speak means people trust them more, leading to more diplomatic wins than others.
Intelligence: An intelligent race is a race that knows the value of an education.  Each individual is smart and can operate equipment better.
Agility: Agility is how well your people can dodge and evade.  This ability lets them slink around undetected.
Luck: Some call it luck, others the guiding hand of the Goddess.  Regardless, it's how lucky your people are, which will sometimes grant the power of the goddess to your endeavors.

During each round, the players will describe their actions (such as how the leaders react), and then will show their rolls.  Each roll will determine how well your operations against foreign powers goes, and will look like this:
Player 1 attacks Player 3, rolls 1d20.  Player 1 spies on Player 4, rolls 1d20.  Player 1 negotiates for Mercenaries (+1 strength next round), rolls 1d20.
Then, at the end of the round, I'll roll the counter rolls for each player (to keep things fair) or a player may choose to roll their own.  However, if a player rolls AGAINST another player (such as player 3 against Player 1), they can only do a DEFENSE roll.  So, in that case, Player 3 would roll:
Player 3 Defense against Player 1, rolls 1d20.  Player 3 sabotages Player 1, rolls 1d20, Player 3 negotiates for Arms (+1 endurance next round), rolls 1d20.
In this case, if Player 3's roll is less than Player 1's roll, Player 3 loses one Empire Point, but if Player 3 beats Player 1, they repel the invasion and Player 1 must wait 2 turns before attacking again.

An Empire Point is how many points each player gets.  There are 50 points total, and as each player conquers the others, they either gain or lose points.  If a player completely conquers another, they gain all their Empire points, but if another player jumps in and helps conquer, they get Empire points too.  In the event that there's only one point left and both players attack, the first player to invade gets to make the move first, and if they lose the attack, the other player can still get it.

To ATTACK an enemy, it's going to be based on the following:

To SPY or SABOTAGE an enemy, the formula is:
Attacking Player: 1d20 + AGILITY + LUCK = TOTAL SPY POINTS

To NEGOTIATE to third parties, the formula is:

Notes on attacking: When a player attacks another player, they are committing their army/navy against them.  It takes a long time to turn around after an attack, so stopping a campaign requires a two turn wait on attacking.


Different Civilizations get different perks, due to how they treat individual citizens, and different continents get different perks too.
Continental Perks
Northwestern Continent Due to the small mass of the continent and the large glaciers covering its surface, this tiny continent doesn't have the same strength of other nations, but makes up for it by being hard to attack. (-1 STR +2 END)
Western Continent Being the largest continent means your tribe is more diverse, granting greater strength against the others, but spies have an easier time slipping in without getting noticed (+2 STR -2 PER)
Central Continent Being confronted on two sides by large tribes isn't easy, so your tribe is always stretched thin, but you can easily disappear into the Dathic Jungles easily (-2 END +2 AGL)
Northeastern Continent The large mountain ranges require lots of mining for resources, granting your people greater strength and endurance, but the dangers take many of your tribe before they become old and wise (+1 STR +1 END -2 INT)
Southeastern Continent Pockets of civilization spring up all around, with long expanses between them.  Trade is much greater, but at a cost of being difficult to unify the tribe for an attack (-1 STR +2 CHR)

Civilization Perks
The Republic The vote is in, and the people want a strong leader to lead their tribe, and they're not afraid to voice opinions (+1 INT +1 CHR -1 STR)
The Dictatorship All hail your new chief!  Whips crack and slaves toil to build the machines of war.  (+1 STR +1 END -1 INT)
The Theocracy Bow before the might of the Goddess and we will perhaps let you live (+1 CHR +1 LUCK -1 PER)
The Monarchy Worship the crown as you would a God, but a God that can still be brought to heel. (+1 STR +1 CHR -1 LUCK)
The Confederation You are the chief of chiefs, but other chiefs may want your chair. (+1 PER +1 AGL -1 CHR)

Players have the option of researching new weapons and other tools every now and then.  Because I can't keep coming up with new ideas, I'll announce generally a few ideas and everyone can research them or just ignore them.  However, the research will generally be useful, as they'll grant temporary perks for up to three turns upon completion.  So if I drop the research for rifled barrels, the first player to research it gets to use rifled barrels for three turns, along with their unique modifiers.  Then everyone will have them and it'll be back to normal.  This lets players who want to get an edge with research use those INT points, without making it totally unfair for everyone else.

Character Sheets
Code: [Select]
[b]Ruler Name:[/b]
Insert Portrait Here
[b]Ruler's Country Name:[/b]
Insert Flag Here
[b]Ruler's Capital Name:[/b]
[b]Type of Government:[/b]
[b]Location of Country:[/b]
[b]S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points:[/b] 40 points total, max of 10 for each skill
[b]Brief Tribal History:[/b]

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Re: Plaything of the Goddess [Strategy Roleplay] [Need 5 players]
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2011, 12:52:41 AM »
This looks fun. I may not be able to post often once the game gets rolling, but I'm interested in playing.

Ruler Name: Rudy Derringer
Insert Portrait Here
Ruler's Country Name: Raubriter
Insert Flag Here
Ruler's Capital Name: Redwall
Type of Government: Republic
Location of Country: Northwestern Continent
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points:
S 5
P 7
E 7
C 4
I 6
A 5
L 7
Brief Tribal History:
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