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Started by LittleKitten, August 27, 2011, 09:17:26 PM

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Magic: Both humans and keidrens have magic and use roughly the same spells. All keidrens can use magic but they most store the mana in special stones. Each stone is only one use and must be recharged by shamans. Keidren magic is almost instant. Humans draw their mana directly from the earth and can do so at will. However, their magic takes time to build and prepare
Keidrens: There are 5 clans of keidrens, feline, wolf, bear, avian and shark. The avian and shark clans are rarely seen, both have retreated to hard, if not impossible places to reach. There are half keidrens, both have human and mixed clan. Those are often abandoned at birth or treated as outcasts.

The world is divided into two continents. One belongs to the humans and the other the keidren.
The humans have united into one kingdom. It's ruled by the King and by his army of powerful Templars. The king has been reduced to a mere figurehead by the powerful magic users of the Templars. Templars are taken at birth and raised in a secluded place, they are taught to draw mana directly from the earth to fuel their spells and to be master swordsmen.

The keidren world is divided. Each of the clans have their own territory and they often fight amongst themselves over it. The only thing the clans can agree on is that the humans are evil. Keidrens and humans have been at passive war for generations. There's never been a true or lasting peace between them.

The humans desire the exotic creatures as slaves, prized for their grace. The 'ferals' who can't be domesticated are put down. The keidrens desire complete free and see the only way to achieve that is through the extermination of the humans.

So, the two species war. The humans will attack a fishing village and take slaves, the keidrens  ambush a caravan and kill everyone.
Both species have built armies and stand ready, but both species do not risk open war. By unspoken agreement, they confine to raids and ambushes.
The keidrens have more to lose in open war then the humans. The humans have one cohesive army and the keidrens army is made of the individual clans. Each clan fight under their own leader and for themselves. They rarely ally and alliances do not last long.

A half human feline keidren
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A feline keirden
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I might have a  few stories in mind but they would have to be refined . If you are still looking for a partner to do this world I might have a few ideas so please just message me.